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  1. Delayed replies, been away on holiday. Ive only used them the once, wasn't to impressed to be honest, i fount them uncomfortable after about 20 minutes they where digging into the tops of my ears where they sit so will be buying a different pair at some point.
  2. Nice one thanks for that. Just ordered a set give them a try.
  3. Hi, Maybe a daft/obvious question, but could somebody tell me whats the benefits of the different coloured safety glasses i keep seeing people where? Yellow Purple Orange Red Is there an actual purpose behind them or just a personal choice of colour?
  4. If you can afford it and you want it go for it.....Me personally i wouldn't spend so much on a first gun, not that i could afford to spend that much on a gun full stop lol. I bought a silver pigeon for my first gun, then a cheap lanber sporter on a whim. I use the lanber more and shoot better with it, cost me £300. Wish id bought the cheap one in the first place to be honest.
  5. This is my gun. Is brand new, not had 1 cartridge through it. After a new GoPro if anybody by any random chance fancied doing a swap.
  6. Very true. I agree though my gun was returned to GMK for warranty work was only a minor problem but they replaced the entire stock on the gun and returned it within 2 or 3 weeks and thats only on probably there lowest/cheapest o/u model so i was impressed with the service.
  7. Couldn’t tell you to be honest, mine came with my air rifle and had the fitting in the box. So not sure sorry
  8. You can get the ones that come with the gamo rifles new delivered for less than £40 and they get good good reviews (i have one seems as good as any to me for the money ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Stage-Stirrup-Charger-PCP-Hand-Pump-Air-Gun-Rifle-Airrifle-Gas-Filter-Gauge/232519652569?hash=item36234054d9:g:BVEAAOSwal5YIEuA Same as that i reckon.
  9. Hi thanks for the offer but got one in the end.
  10. Hi guys, anyone have any experience with a stoeger m3000? After a cheap semi and nothing close enough to me second hand local dealer has them in new for £370. He just said it’s a budget semi but as long as you clean after every use there spot on but can’t seem to find many peoples who got one to ask about ....
  11. eastlincs

    Torque wrench .

    If you find one you want on Halfords website, I can tell you what the trade price is and revserve it for collection in your local store and you just go pick it up and pay for it if that’s any good to you.
  12. Hi, I sent him a message last night asking if he had any after reading manyyyy posts saying contact him about guns lol
  13. After any one of the semis in the title not fussed which just after a cheap semi, ideally in Lincolnshire so can be face to face without treavelling to far.
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