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  1. Your Sporter will be fine, just use open chokes and 9 shot and you’ll be good to go, great sport
  2. Not the version from the 80s I have been looking, thank you
  3. Looking for an ABS Blue Beretta Hard Case for a 682 Skeet 28” barrels if not a suitable alternative not too many pennies left to spend cheers Michael
  4. I have a Nikko Indy Shadow Skeet I never use, based near Norwich
  5. Would like to find a Beretta 682 skeet needs to be for a right hand shooter cheers Michael
  6. Looking to acquire a 10 m Target Air Rifle FWB Model 601, 602 or 603 in very good condition Thank you for looking Michael
  7. Based in Norwich i would love to acquire a 682 Skeet in good or better condition not adjustable stock thank you Michael
  8. Based in Norwich Following death of Father 2 years ago time is right to part with his three gun cabinets and create space in my shed best Cabinet is £50 and get the other two for free all were passed by Norfolk Police FAO as he kept his shot guns and rifles in them only one set of keys per cabinet collection only, I have no way of delivering cabinets each hold 3/4 guns thanks for looking, cheers Michael
  9. For SaleAs title, selling for my daughter Apple WatchRose Gold38 mmComes with two straps. Pink Sand Strap and Red Rose StrapComes with chargerWorking perfectly and reset to factory settings Good worn condition, very minor marks which you can not when in useNot sure but as straps are £50+ each £125 delivered RMSDI
  10. Just been lucky to have had a break in Devon.Whilst in Tesco the wife was buying some bits I was looking through the magazines.A ‘special magazine all about the Wild West caught my eye, but as the wallet was in the car I didn’t get it, it was £9.95 from memory I assumed I’d get it from another Tesco, but having visited another 5 no one has it and I have failed to locate it on line.A long shot but did any one buy one, see on, tell me the title ?Even better if I could buy one off someoneCheersMichael
  11. I am delighted to own this, love Dad still to be here as he would love to had arranged all the gear to shoot it. not bought to shoot, just keep it until time to pass on a little piece of shooting history and yes I consider myself very fortunate to live near enough to vendor. may have to research it more
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