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  1. SLWC

    687 Forend

    Not pretty! Only worth about £800 but great condition & great sentimental value to me. 21st birthday present to be, my first ‘proper’ gun after two years with my trusty Lanber
  2. SLWC

    687 Forend

    Stupidly cleaned my old 687 last night & whilst resting barrels down, it fell over & I’ve severely damaged the fore end. wondered if anyone had a spare one laying around. Mines from 1989 I think. Any help or guidance much appreciated. steve
  3. Resurrecting my original (very old) thread. I never did get to Cottondale following my origianl post but did get there this weekend. Very game orientated (many driven or long crossers) I was happy with that as its what I wanted practive on but just wondered if their layouts are changed & if so, how regularly. Couple of comments from other shooters like 'I've shot that before' suggests the layouts stay the same but as I'm likely to be in the area at least one weekend every month so looking for options. I will be in Brid & have been to Humberside at Brandsbuton a few times. Any advice would be great. Steve.
  4. Got the Enhanced version today so will try them out on a few clays tomorrow & see how they perform.
  5. Anyone going today & coming down the A435 from Birminghamx some idiot has decided to start roadworks on the roundabout just south of studley. carnage already with A’s at 8am!
  6. Just wondered if anyone had purchased the new Vario Novo product & their thoughts. plan to have a look at them tomorrow at the Game Fair
  7. I can supply them for £23 but unfortunately it’s the postage that kills it.
  8. I've just installed one of the Yale 'smart home' systems. Not cheap but simple to install & set up with the benefit of adding additional door contacts, movement detectors etc as requried. Controlled via a phone app or you can use a keypad. My only gripe with the ssytem is the notification when the system activates. Internal & external sounders are great but you just get a text &/or email message when the system goes into full 'Alarm' mode. The message is the same for all notifications so if you arm/disarm the system the message looks the same as the one if you actaully had an intruder. I would have expected my phone to buzz/flash etc with a message that really screams out 'INTRUDER ALERT'but it doesnt. It just says 'you have a notification from your intruder alarm. You then have to read what the text says. I use my phone all day & get hundreds of emails so its easy to miss. I have an iphone so am looking to see if I can get the phone to do something different if I get an email notification specifically from my intruder system. Hope that helps everyone. Steve
  9. Hi, I will take these please. Drop me a PM & we can sort payment etc. Steve
  10. **** law. I'm after a 30" multichoke!
  11. All, thanks for your replies. I decide to sit in a hide on a flight line between a pig rearing unit & a field of recently lifted peas early saturday morning. I had every type of target from slow floating in carrion crows to groups of 4 or 6 jackdaws doing their best impression of a stuka coming in & a teal going back out. After packing up with 110 in the back of the Navara, I still cant decide! What I did learn however is....never underestimate the potential of a good day & always go prepared for a red letter day. Ran out of cartridges with 88 down for 150. Nipped home for an extra 50 carts. Plan is to try on the pigeons this saturday & see if I can make a decision. Steve
  12. I'd be interested to know how much you get offered for your EELL if you part X it. I'm thinkjing of buying one so could be interested, wood & spec dependant obviously. Steve
  13. Just thought I'd ask the question. Who prefers crow shooting to pigeons? I enjoy both but somehow seem more 'satisfied' when i shoot a good bag of crows. Some are stupid & glide in but most are very warey & I enjoy the challenge of calling them in. Intereste in others thoughts. Steve
  14. I bought the Beretta. Will see we both perform tomorrow on some clays!
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