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  1. bigmcg

    20g RTO

    Yes for the 12g please will send pm. Graeme
  2. What load are you running over it? What’s the flow rate in the stream? A 900mm twin wall or 2 x 600mm twin wall pipes well back filled will handle a lot of load. Also considerably cheaper and easier to handle if access is poor
  3. Boot buddy Versa liner and dog guard from a 2017 Nissan Qashqai with the adjustable floor removed. Fits models from 2014 onwards. Really good at containing dog hair and mud, sand etc. Can send pictures via email or WhatsApp. £100.00 collected, can post at cost. http://www.boot-buddy.com
  4. I use the standard pink call and really like it, sounds good and plenty loud.
  5. Just stick some gaffer tape on it, fixes everything 😊
  6. Bought a Lee loader on here from my ad in the wanted section, thanks all for your advice 👍
  7. Don’t think so, I remember looking at them a couple of years ago and there was a company online that were selling copies of the Lee Loader for about £50.
  8. I was carrying the bag on a cocker trial, hence the large number of bunnies. usually only carry my essential bits in the bag and a few birds. Have looked at the vest and they do look good, but I usually beat not pickup so not really worth it for me
  9. I think it was the monarch I went for, I had 13 rabbits in it on Saturday, it was pretty full, not to mention seriously heavy!
  10. Thanks for the replies, think my ad in the wanted section has found one. graeme
  11. I’m looking for a Lee Loader in 12g to home load some goose cartridges, but I remember there used to be a company that made a copy of the Lee Loader in the UK but after much google searching I can’t find it. Does anyone know who it was, or if they still exist? thanks, Graeme
  12. bigmcg

    Lee Loader 12g

    Hi all, I’m looking for a Lee Loader kit in 12g, the basic hand load kit not a press. thanks, Graeme
  13. Since the Montrose game bags are so fugly, and the Brady bags so expensive, I bought one from Quality Gunslips Ltd. Good quality and do various sizes to suit
  14. If humperdingle doesn’t want them I will take them. 👍
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