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  1. As long as new trees are planted to replace those cut down it will actually give an increase in CO2 capture, young trees when growing capture significantly more CO2 than mature trees.
  2. Both my dogs were insured through Agria and although they may not be the cheapest price the cover is very good, having had various claims they are very easy to deal with and paid out without issue. keep in mind, cheapest is not always the best.
  3. I collect, season, cut and split my own firewood. Stack it for min 12 months to season before burning. Trying to burn wet wood is a pain, difficult to light, difficult to keep going and little heat output for your efforts, plus your stove and lum just end up sooting up.
  4. I beat on two shoots, one you don’t get paid for and one you do. The one that doesn’t pay is 50 miles from my house. you are treated well, well fed, watered, full driven day inc lunch for beaters day plus a few rough days late season. The other shoot is 10 miles away and pays and your treated like skivvies by the owner. Lunch is supplied, if he bothers to make enough to feed the beaters, so need to take your own unless you want to go hungry. pay or not there’s one shoot I’ll be working on next year. It’s not all about the money, I do it for the pleasure of the day and working my dog. Looking after the beaters and pickers up is more important the a few quid at the end of the day.
  5. Sold pending payment. thanks all
  6. Can say without a doubt that there not a 36” waist! 😂
  7. I have for sale a pair of Harkila Ultimate Trousers, size 52 which I think is 42” waist, only worn a handful of times as they are too big for me. Very good condition, no rips, tears or snags. Same as these https://www.gboutfitters.co.uk/men-c5/trousers-breeks-c19/harkila-ultimate-trousers-p591 £80.00 posted. Pictures by email or WhatsApp if needed. thanks, bigmcg
  8. I had a BMW 3 series saloon as a courtesy car which went like stink! But couldn’t put the hound in the boot being a saloon so dog straight on the backseat. Also has a Mazda 6 Estate which was also very nice, but thirsty, nothing to do with my driving style in a hire car of course 😇
  9. I’ll keep my Browning 525 sporter. Mainly cos a shot really well on Saturday with it and was worse than useless with my Aya SxS the week before.
  10. Mate had the implant for his black lab, dog was humping anything and everything, legs, other dogs, tree stumps, car tyres, rolls of barbed wire. 12 month implant and when I saw him a week or 2 later wasn’t trying to hump anything. Not repeated the implant but still no humping (including the bitch he was meant too 🤣)
  11. If the steel is corroding then it sounds like you may be too late for a cure. Do you have pillars that are spalling but the steel is not exposed? Any sign of rust streaking? What is the area of the repair? You could try applying a zinc primer to any exposed steel then filling with a repair mortar, but as a minimum you would need to scabble back your conc to sound and ideally fully expose any steel. Pictures would help but replacement of pillars with exposed steel and repair of the others would probably be my advice. Fosroc do a good range of products that I have used on major projects before.
  12. I have an old pickup (2003 Mazda) that I use as a second car. I also have a company car (Nissan Quasqui) honestly I use the pickup more at the weekends than the car. Yes you need to think about what you put in the back, but stuff scatters over the boot of a normal car too. Just get a storage box. My mate also has a hilux as his only car, 2 sprogs, easily swallows buggy’s toys and other assorted child junk.
  13. In an independent Scotland we will construct a pipeline to sell water to England, import sunshine from England to boost tourism and Nessie has guaranteed to put in an appearance. It’s all sorted 😂
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