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  1. Take a screenshot of it using print screen then paste it into paint, crop it, save as a picture then insert the picture into word. that’s how I would do it. hope it helps, Graeme
  2. Have used the pump at a local garage for adblue and they are good, clean and less risk of spilling on the paint which would be nasty. Bit more expensive than buying the containers but it’s only 10 ltrs or so every 3-4 months so not really worth stressing about.
  3. The mandarins and civil servants in each department never change, regardless of which party is in power or which minister is in the cabinet. That’s why there is never any real change, whoever is “in charge” is still fed the same nonsense by the same back room staff.
  4. You can make your own out of 2 cartridge brasses put together.
  5. Polsilver superirridium for me, tried most of the other blades mentioned but found these the best in both the safety razor (DE) and the shavette. Cut throats are good but the effort of sharpening and stripping the blade makes it more of a special occasion shave for me. Also have a rolls razor that I have used which is quite cool. you can buy packs on eBay where you get selections of different blades to try. But proper preparation makes a huge difference, hot shower, quality soap and brush followed by cold water rinse and alumn block to close the pores.
  6. Jacket and trousers now sold. jacket with waistcoat still available.
  7. Two Bob Parratt tweed jackets one with trousers one with formal waiscoat. Jacket size 50 and size 40 trousers, both unworn, pockets on jacket still stitched closed and trousers unhemmed. Dark green/brown tweed with orange stripe, possibly Partridge pattern £40 posted. jacket size 52 and matching formal waistcoat in Pheasant pattern green tweed with red stripe. £30 posted from smoke free home. Can email more pictures if needed. Thanks.
  8. Best fun with the “ you have been in an accident” calls is to say yes I have then spin them a ridiculous story. Chap I used to work with was a master at it, story’s about taking his pet donkey for a walk on his mobility scooter, the donkey is on the mobility scooter, he’s walking beside it. Great sport till they hang up!
  9. bigmcg

    Cold Lay Tar

    Viafix is excellent, but is more expensive. Colas used to do a good one as well but can’t remember the name. The big thing with a lot of them is getting fresh material, many are solvent based and can “go off”. Sourcing in small quantities is difficult as many are geared towards road maintenance and want to sell bulk. pick one you can get local but make sure you prep well.
  10. bigmcg

    Cold Lay Tar

    Not all monkey dung is created equal! There are lots of products and prices and some are a lot better than others. If it’s lightly trafficked then it won’t make a big difference, prep will be the key. Square off the edges, brush clean, seal with hot or cold bitumen and then fill and compact well, in layers if need be. 6mm aggregate will be big enough and will bind in better than a larger chip.
  11. Recently bought Grubbs Highline boots, I like them and I have big calf’s
  12. bigmcg

    20g RTO

    Yes for the 12g please will send pm. Graeme
  13. What load are you running over it? What’s the flow rate in the stream? A 900mm twin wall or 2 x 600mm twin wall pipes well back filled will handle a lot of load. Also considerably cheaper and easier to handle if access is poor
  14. Boot buddy Versa liner and dog guard from a 2017 Nissan Qashqai with the adjustable floor removed. Fits models from 2014 onwards. Really good at containing dog hair and mud, sand etc. Can send pictures via email or WhatsApp. £100.00 collected, can post at cost. http://www.boot-buddy.com
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