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  1. So simply answer is no safe required, 2nd question can a 2nd safe for a Bolt be bolted within a garage?
  2. Still no pigeons about the Co Armagh area, They diff running late this year and its doing my head in as Im busting to get the hide build and freeze to death waiting on them :(
  3. Looking some info on where .22 rimfire ammo has to be stored in N Ireland, Can it be stored on the shelf within the cabinet or does it require a seperate safe ? Cheers all and if any of the N Ireland boys find the pigeons can they send some my way as my poor shotgun has seen very little action this year :(
  4. Yep mate, Get knocking and when your find the pigeons sent them up to Moira
  5. I am toying with the idea of selling my m/c Beretta 682 supersport with 28 inch ported barrels. Gun is in super condition and tight as should be but my problem is how do I go about selling it local here in N Ireland as I dont think I could be bothered with the whole RFD posting. What is best method for me to sell the gun but keep the slot opened on my perm?
  6. I have one, they are also used for turkey in the states, The crow sound makes the turkeys gubble and then they can be found. Its the right product mate and a great piece of kit at that.
  7. What are the noticable difference you find mate?
  8. I have heard constantly on videos about using good cartridges but what deems them to be good or bad. And what makes a £9 box of 32g 6's better than a £5 box of same size etc? cheers all
  9. what size does the army trousers = in normal sizes m8?
  10. I have a kestrel 12g and love it, enjoy it mate as thats all that matters * * * * * = skeet or cylinder * * * * = 1/4 * * * = 1/2 * * = 3/4 * = full
  11. nope it only went there on wed night mate You fancy a bit of sporting some evening?
  12. Tannyoky mate, They have a few nice browning up there.
  13. No mate, Browning gone and a beretta supersport in its place. I must say I love it and have been at some sporting clays etc and seems to be a lot better for me
  14. What about the paint ? Are you taking it as well
  15. gorgeous pups and parent, goodluck mate and Im sure the new owners will not care what they are. Typical of the fashion crew to mouth off at things that aren't perfect. Bet they dont hit perfect scores at the clay grounds
  16. cheers colin. I am aiming for more of an eye cam mount somehow.
  17. just a quick vid to test my chilli cam, not even close to being as good as I wanted for I reckon with a decent head mount it should be better.
  18. Mr Rizzini


    It can only add to the excitement and will bring through more riders
  19. What I wanna know is what you where doing in the middle of the bushes in the first place?
  20. Went to Tannyoky tonight and they have a new sporting outfit with about 8 different traps and I must say it was awsome, The looper trap was extremely hard to get right. check them out if you already haven't. I also came home with a beretta 682 supersport with ported barrels.
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