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  1. Shooting over Christmas has been good at the new ground lots & lots of old faces turned up some from the old club too so we hope more will return soon .Weather not been great but very challenging a lot of good feedback to .the new year approaches some new thinks in pipeline to come
  2. Christmas shoot open to all seniors/ladies/juniors/veterans all are very welcome to come along on the day .High gun wins £50 pounds tesco vouchers plus other prices, Its 50 bird 25 skeet 25 dtl shoot well and win good look to all.
  3. Just a quick note,christmas shoot coming up on the 12/12/15 starts at 9am all very well come .
  4. Well the open day got of to a good start thank to some people, they stole all the food drink the fridges /batteries for the traps and fuel plus the grill to cook on. That said the day turn out well weather not too bad people turning up most of the day all had good time lots of good comments, lots of things to look forward to. Competition tomorrow new gun up for grabs for high gun
  5. 14 /15th are almost here so lets hope weather holds and we have a great day, most of all shooter turn up, some job to finish off it will be close, but the welcome will be warm GOOG LOOK TO ALL WHO SHOOT.
  6. From the 14/11/15 opening times will be, as i understand will be from 10 am till dark wintertime then later in summer.It will open Wednesday to Sunday closed Monday/Tuesday for maintenance.The prices are at for a single 25 are £5.50 But for 100 is £20.00. So i hope that as help.
  7. Had good day at new ground targets all good lots of people about all good comments shoot abt /dtl/ skeet look forward to next week and the open day 14/11/15.
  8. open day for the new ground at Sutton bridge. Is 14/11/15 Saturday opens at 10:30am all welcome Now called The Priory Clay Target Centre
  9. 18/10/15 Sunday i think go along and shoot will check and update later
  10. The ground is still a working progress we still have banks to tidy things to do but it is come nicely along so by November we should be about on top of the job.So was you happy with the ground to day in what you saw . great days to come.
  11. If all goes to plan it will open in late November or sooner if work is completed.
  12. shooting ground will have 3 skeet ranges 3dlt 2abt ranges sporting high tower 120 plus feet will be open mid week/sat/sun
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