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  1. hi guys i went out pigeon decoying on clover and when i entered the field i saw atleast 45 pigeons so i whent up set up my hide and put out 12 pigeon shell decoys in a horse shoe pattern and they were facing into the wind.so i was sitting behind my hide for about 2 hours and not 1 pigeon in site !What am i doing wrong or why arent the pigeons coming back or coming down to the decoys Any advice would be great cheers !
  2. hi guys can you use pigeon decoys to decoy crows ?
  3. hi guys would a fixed choke make any difference ?
  4. hi guys went out decoying crows today on freshly cut stubble and when i entered the field i saw atleast 200 crows feeding on the stubble so i put out the decoys set up my camo net and sat their with an over and under shotgun usin 7.5 28 grm cartriges.This was my first ever decoying trip so wasnt quite sure what size cartrige to use.Wasn't long before i started taking shots, the crows where about 25-30 yards away and i had them lined up with the barrels perfectly and when i took the shot i was expecting them to just drop but they actually kind of swerved to the side and a couple of feathers would fall of but they would just keep flying like they were never shot.Are 7.5 28 grms any good for decoying at that type of range ? If not what would be suitable ? cheers.
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