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  1. I am trying to buy parts form Beretta in Italy when trying to fill out the details it is saying my UK postcode is the wrong format has anyone had this and what is the solution
  2. I can't work out how to post pictures but it was a sattelite tracker I gave it back to the guy that tagged the goose in 2016 in Lancashire he will let me know if it gets put on something else The goose had been up in Greenland and Iceland a few times and then down into scotland England
  3. I was messaging someone last night he found out not sure how it was put on in 2016 one of only 40 pinks with a tracker it arrived back in Scotland from Greenland 23 Sept 2018 but not sure where he managed to find this out from
  4. There are a few sometimes yesterday 2 on mud maybe 5 at hut thing they have I am in north east scotland I can't work out how to put a photo on here I am on my phone as don't have a computer
  5. Trying to put a photo on just now they are always there just trying to antagonize us but they mostly stuck to one area and I was further around but could still see them through binoculars
  6. I will hoping I get a fair bit of info back off the tracker
  7. Will try to put one up I have emailed the info to bto as that's what was on the metal ring couldn't phone they were closed until Monday They had walked out onto the mud and to there hut with high viz vests on and then the geese in that area lifted the small skein this was in broke off but then seemed to want to follow the larger skein back out onto the bay which brought them just close enough for me to get a single shot at bang on 0755 the usual time they get pushed off if it's low tide and protesters are out on the mud ad the rest were still in middle of the bay when I left around 09
  8. Was outvtgis morning and **** a pinkfoot with the normal metal tag and plastic tag number 70 on it as well as a big thing round it's neck looks a bit like a solar panel maybe GPS has anyone else had this and what did you do about the solar panel thing
  9. OK thanks I have been getting clean kills with the lyavale so hopefully the hull will be even better then
  10. Thanks for reply I have been using lyavale hunting steel same size and getting on pretty well the last couple seasons but that shop shut and this is what my local shop had in stock
  11. Hi everyone just bought a box of Hull steel game extra cartridges 32g 4s anyone used these how did you find them cheers looking forward to replies
  12. I live locally to Findhorn and have shot there with my dad for about 20 years he has shot there for 50 years I would say we are responsible wildfowlers and my dad has never gone to the Findhorn side or cowboy corner for these reasons the people complaining might have some valid points but need to do some research as saying people are shooting towards walkers and using bullets that's rubbish I for one would hate to see a ban
  13. I wondered if it could be the extra layers just this morning ever shot I took felt like and effort when shooting well it just seems natural
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