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  1. Are you saying that the pigeons are only flighting between woods and not feeding on the barley?
  2. JDog

    Otter hounds

    Before otter hunting was banned I went out with several packs. It was great fun but I did start to feel uneasy about it so I stopped going. The mink hounds are a great alternative.
  3. JDog

    Spoiled For Choice

    Very good MM. You made the right choice.
  4. JDog

    nice day

    Very good. Yes I know what you mean about shooting the ‘wrong field’.
  5. JDog

    Barley stubble

    That lot is worth a hundred pigeons.
  6. JDog

    Word of warning..think twice

    I am spending time every day looking closely between Jaspers toes for grass seeds and short and sharp barley awns from stubbles. Today I must have taken fifteen pieces which had worked their way down and were piercing his skin. Yesterday I shot on rape stubble and I left him at home for the reasons outlined in Ditchmans post.
  7. JDog

    Ive gota' come clean...

    Cheeky boy. Glad you got out. It's been a while.
  8. JDog

    Grass field decoying and school boy error

    Well done. A bit of lateral thinking. Join the 'ran out of cartridges' club.
  9. A 6:30 walk across a new stubble. Well Jasper and I walked and Barney dawdled.
  10. JDog

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    Well done that man. Some lateral thinking helped you out.
  11. JDog

    A start to 2018 harvest

    A good session for the two of you. Your efforts to sell or give away birds on the internet are to be applauded.
  12. JDog

    Could have shot 100+

    Motty you old sentimentalist you. There are no better posts on this forum than father and son outings. Ryan is probably telling his chums that if he had been on his own he would have shot over one hundred.
  13. JDog

    Ditchman and God

    It’s all just one big excuse not to get on with his Landrover, my knife, various air rifles, mowing the lawn etc.
  14. JDog

    Vegan in the family

    My wife has a friend who declared that her six month old child 'didn't like meat'. It is impossible to deal with someone with a mindset like that.
  15. JDog

    First Stubble Outing

    Yes it was good to get out. Clodhopper and Jasper performed well after a few weeks out of action.