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  1. Wild flowers on Slapton Sands. This area hasn't always been a happy place. I urge you to read the link. https://exercisetigermemorial.co.uk/story-exercise-tiger
  2. In order to avoid scrutiny from JKD and others I have put this on my original thread. This 'parked' in the Estuary this morning. Oowee must have gone out flailing feathers for fish and this tall ship took his berth.
  3. JDog

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome. Don't let members step all over you.
  4. Sorry, I do appreciate my posts have been immodest to say the least. No more I promise.
  5. Another beautiful day here. The usual small boats and yachts then this thing turned up outside my bedroom window.
  6. Well it's been sunny and warm here all day today. Photo taken at 19.35hrs.
  7. I have had a fair few marvellous experiences whilst out shooting and fishing but I am quite sure that mine pale into insignificance compared to those of wildfowlers.
  8. By Jove you've got it. I put up pictures of its much smaller cousin Viper's Bugloss a couple of years ago.
  9. This is in the garden where we are staying on the Dart Estuary. It is probably 15' tall and 2' across, covered in blue flowers (and bees) and I have never seen anything like it.
  10. My wife and I were asked by friends of hers if we would like a few days away in "our little place in Devon". We arrived today. I am mind blown by this place with views over the Dart Estuary. The dogs will love it. So will we.
  11. Very good. Echoes of your days on Lupins last year. Those people who shoot decent bags of pigeons always put in the reconnaissance a number of times beforehand. These are presumably self employed (which I presume you are) or old and useless like myself.
  12. The wind was forecast to be 15mph. It was 20mph gusting to 30mph. I had to get out on some very poor rape. No time for watching, straight to my chosen spot. The pigeons were great on the wind. I took the semi auto and shot well above my pay grade picking 26 for thirty five shots including the first young one of the year.
  13. I am no gunsmith and freely admit I don't really know the full ins and outs of how they really work. I do however maintain all of my guns to the best of my ability. Chores all done for today so the semi auto gets the once over in the garden.
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