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  1. There should be a Jacko3275 video covering both days at the end of the week. I have paid him handsomely to edit out my misses.
  2. When I first joined PW many more shooters reported on their outings, good or bad. It seemed to be a happy place. Nowadays there are a lot less posts in 'Talk from the field' and 'Sporting pictures' about the core topic and there are many more about shot sizes, ballistics, terminal velocity, pattern in a 30'' circle etc. I am sure those subjects are interesting to some but not to me. The forum is also full of protagonists and pugilists arguing over subjects a lot of them don't understand but which they have read about briefly on the internet. The forum is a less happy place nowadays. In an attempt to redress the imbalance I do try to put something up when I have been out shooting whether it has been a good day or a bad day. Last Saturday was like the Curates Egg as we had to wait for the sprayer to finish, them we did get some shooting. Today the one thing I said to Jacko when we were approaching the field was that there was zero chance of seeing a sprayer as the pre emergent sprays had been applied two days earlier. We had been there for ten minutes when the sprayer arrived, this time to spray for black grass. Luckily he didn't take long and we were set up for 12.30. There were good numbers of pigeons about and with the sun and wind on our backs we set about shooting a few. We had both tried cartridges that we were not used to on Saturday with poor results. Today we were back on Hull Superfasts 29g no.6. We both shot much better and killed some pigeons at a good distance. My companion has had lessons with Ed Solomons and his shooting at distance has certainly improved. We had hides 40m apart with rotaries in front of each hide and a space in between and we gradually built a decent pattern which any pigeon entering the four fields totalling 80 acres would see. We thought we had a decent number of birds flitting around but when a helicopter went over it raised what must have been over a thousand pigeons from another field nearby. In exactly three hours of constant but not hectic shooting we shot and picked 83 pigeons. Jasper cleaned up the runners. One photo shows crop contents to include beans, clover, old barley stubble and wheat drillings and a few Haws.
  3. Liverpool are running rings round Man.U. This could be Ole's last game in charge.
  4. There is a contingent on this forum who prefer to talk about cartridges, ballistics, shot size, velocity etc rather than getting out to shoot. Several threads are running on these topics even now. To me it is very boring. I know I don't have to read the threads but even so there must be a limit to what can be dissected about cartridges.
  5. I have never known pigeons to eat Rose hips.
  6. That behaviour is normal for pigeons in October. I put it down to flocks of young birds or freshly arrived migrants adjusting to their surroundings.
  7. No problems with my first two jabs (Astra Zeneca) but my booster which was Pfizer has made me feel pretty ropey even five days on.
  8. I used mine this evening too.
  9. A farmer with some outlying land 25 miles from home rang to say that there were pigeons on four fields of wheat drilling after beans. Would I take a look? My faithful manservant Jacko picked me up this morning and we drove to the field and followed the sprayer through the gate. The sprayer operator told us that he would be finished in an hour. It was two hours so we twiddled our thumbs until 2pm when he left. We set up and had an hour and a half of hectic shooting during which time we both shot very badly. My excuse was that I was only released from hospital yesterday with a suspected blood clot following a covid-19 booster on Monday. He had no such excuse. However it was enjoyable and we picked 39 pigeons and a Carrion crow.
  10. Why would you imagine the 32g no.6 20 gauge cartridges would not sell well?
  11. Had I known all of this technical stuff about cartridges and chokes I may never have taken up shooting. It's all too complicated for my limited brain.
  12. I would like to see PW end membership anonymity. The Trolls would soon disappear.
  13. This is a shot of the moon in the Western sky taken at 6.45 this morning. The sun clearly hasn't risen so where does the moon get its light source from?
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