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  1. That is quite a post which puts into perspective some of the minor irritations some of us are having during these Covid times. I hope you are able to get through the tough times to enable you to enjoy your woodland again.
  2. Poor refereeing is spoiling this game. Who said Brexit was dead?
  3. Spring barley. They have done 300 acres so far.
  4. It is one of the few farms in the area where I cannot shoot so I haven’t spent time looking. Pigeons are still on rape round here.
  5. One farm here on top of the Wolds has been drilling for two days.
  6. Good luck with your day. You are always generous.
  7. I know ingrowing eye lashes as Entropion. You may be referring to something different. My Sprocker Jasper had this. It became obvious at five months or so. He needed an operation to cut away and stitch his eye lid. It cost about £200 at the time and the operation has been a complete success with no problems since.
  8. Probably the best report on pigeon shooting I have seen, one which contains all the ingredients of an exciting session.
  9. Over the last few months I have noticed that dominance has moved from my right eye to my left eye. I know this for a fact. I just accept that I will never shoot as well as I used to and this is not a problem for me. That may not be the case with either a younger shooter or someone just starting out shooting.
  10. Like me the other day you could see your house from your hide. Yours is much grander than mine though.
  11. This weekend it looked like I would be out on my own. No problem really but I do enjoy company occasionally. Jacko’s work wanted him to work both Saturday and Sunday meaning he couldn’t get out. However he had a cunning plan which involved getting all of his workmates to agree to work twelve hour shifts on Saturday and have Sunday off. I don’t know how he did it but they agreed. He turned up today looking exhausted. We were back on the 565 acres of rape in one block. There were a lot less pigeons about than of late but a reasonable line indicated where we should be. We had some good
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