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  1. JDog

    Small bird ID please

    By this time the chicks (if any) will have fledged. However they may still be in the field. My recommendation is to run a line of dogs through the field before the grass is cut.
  2. JDog


    This is sad news indeed. I watched him play many times and he always gave all he had, sometimes to his opponents.
  3. Red deer have antlers which are cast every year. Cows have horns which are permanent.
  4. Excellent...... apart from the reference to Marmite sandwiches. Surely it is an accompaniment rather than a sandwich filling in itself?
  5. JDog

    Golden plover.

    Whilst watching a pea field yesterday five Golden plovers dropped in for a feed. They were there half an hour before getting up and heading off. These birds will be fresh from the uplands.
  6. French Partridge and all of those eggs have been predated by crows.
  7. Good report. That wheat is a very thin crop and will hardly be worth harvesting.
  8. For those that don't understand these things the antler required is very specific. I sent Ditchman all sorts of antler including some from a Fallow deer and he threw the whole lot in the bin.
  9. Anyone who comes out with me will know it’s not about numbers as there just aren’t that many pigeons in these parts. The first bird I shot had a crop full of unripe barley, the second some sort of weed seeds, the third pea leaves and another had old rape and mustard leaves.
  10. Any towelling jacket will do as long as the fixings/belts/Velcro whatever they have hold firm against the dog wriggling about. I have found in the past that both of my dogs get out of theirs like Houdini.
  11. There is no question that you care a great deal for your dog and you will do whatever it takes to get on top of the condition. It may not be relevant but my Border terrier had seizures and fits in his second and third years, about three times per year. All I did during these episodes was to wrap him up in my arms until the problem passed. From his fourth year onwards he never had any more problems of this nature.
  12. I am not sure that you will need shell decoys in standing crops. The rotary should suffice.
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