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  1. The main defender of these 'extreme' pheasants on this thread has stated that he can shoot 80 yard pheasants dead consistently but admits that on a day of 250 to 300 birds 2300 cartridges were fired to achieve that bag. That is an average of 7.6 shots per bird at best and 9.2 shots per bird at worst. That is not something to crow about. If I shot that badly on pigeons and pheasants I would give up shooting altogether. The same man posted in September and said 'I have a few wine collections'. What does that mean? This is a credibility issue.
  2. Hedge, that is a very narrow view. Everyone in this country has the opportunity to be well educated. Many chose not to be. Education is a very great gift in a civilised society and it doesn't matter where that education is given it is a right and the opportunity should be grasped.
  3. JDog

    Recent Flooding

    That village is well known to me. That part of the river Don was artificially straightened in the early 1600s by a Dutchman named Cornelius Vermuyden. He didn’t quite get it right and in the 1630s there was extensive flooding in Fishlake, Sykehouse and Snaith. As a result a relief river called the Dutch river was built which runs for several miles as straight as an arrow to Goole. Both the Don and Dutch rivers are tidal even so far inland which is part of the problem. As a boy I shot many ducks along those river banks.
  4. What is needed is a comprehensive list of all MPs who voted against Brexit and who have done everything in their power to thwart it. That would include lots of Conservative MPs but so be it. This should be cross referenced with constituencies which voted to leave.
  5. Just caught up with this. I am looking forward to the chain saw rebuild.
  6. Without sounding immodest I reckon I am a fair judge of distance. When I took teams to shoot high pheasants in Somerset and Devon many birds sailed over at 80 yards and more. None were shot even by experts. Good shots were shooting them at 50 to 60 yards but not killing many outright. Not many of my friends would accept invitations to shoot 80 yard plus pheasants especially with those cartridge specifications.
  7. A rare failure. Any pictures of the regrowth?
  8. If I know it is going to be wet I place my cartridges inside a plastic bag inside my cartridge bag. As for getting a jacket wet, grin and bear it but take a spare jacket.
  9. JDog

    Feeling blessed

    The PSA test is not reliable. Some with low scores have prostate cancer and some with high scores do not. I have two tumours on my prostate and was due to commence treatment today but the hospital cancelled my appointment at short notice.
  10. Barney is a Sprocker, the product of two Sprockers. The brown on his head and body is very strong. The rest of his body is roan.
  11. Jack did a very good one with Arthur Cadman who I had the privilege to meet in Banffshire. He was a fascinating and understated man whose knowledge of migratory geese in his area was unsurpassed.
  12. Was your Weetabix man Bill Reynolds?
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