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  1. Yes I have been fishing a few times. My best session, when I was surrounded by serenading Reed warblers, I caught nine tench, four bream and three crucial carp. Last time out I caught a few but was largely an enthralled spectator as I watched the only other fisherman on the pond catch some real beauties on cockles.
  2. I hope so. My moods are considerably improved on sunny and warm days.
  3. I have cut and pasted your post and sent it by text to your wife.
  4. JDog

    The dawn chorus.

    My guess is that it is a cock Chaffinch. I have been out at daybreak recently and the dawn chorus has been magical. There are no magpies in this village. There will be a perfectly good reason for that.
  5. Is that a Marshall’s pipit nest?
  6. JDog

    Oily rag

    After you have disposed of your wife rip up your best pyjamas and all will be well. I have shirts with tatty collars and jackets covered in unmentionables which my wife has been trying to throw out for years.
  7. You seem to be as paranoid as some other members of this forum. I thought you might know better. Wild Justice is merely a lobbying organisation, nothing else. It has zero credibility with me. The pity is that Natural England have been allied to it for some time through some members of both organisations. WJ will not and could not possibly use looking for pigeons 'against us' when it is a perfectly legal activity.
  8. Pigeons are still using this rape field in some numbers so where better to lay up and watch the line.
  9. The exclamation mark after PC’s second para should have given the game away. These crop contents just show how resourceful pigeons are. Not content with raiding a bird table this pigeon flew at least a mile for its fix of pea shoots. The other pigeon’s crops were empty but they would have been full of peas if they hadn’t been shot.
  10. This afternoon Mightymariner took me to an area which has several fields of peas all of which have been receiving serious attention from pigeons. Some fields had bangers on, some has numerous flags and some had both. No scarecrows nor lunatics flashing coloured tape were seen. MM chose a large field next to a rape field. Both had seen pigeons feeding voraciously in the past week. I chose a smaller field which had pigeons on it despite a sonic boomer of a banger in close proximity. The fact that any pigeons returned to the field with this contraption going off regularly just shows how futile they are as a long term deterrent. Conditions were perfect. I had a bit more shooting than MM but we both shot a few of the crop raiding hordes. I had a couple of nice doubles then ended the day with unequivocally the best pigeon I have ever shot, a long high crosser.
  11. I thought that at first but when I looked closely I could see separate photos.
  12. JDog


    Get on with it and report on your outing.
  13. Barney the Sprocker is one year old today. Seven months ago when he broke his elbow we could never have imagined we would have such a fit and very fast dog as we have now. To coin Ditchman’s phrase we have a Barnyard Rocket. As far as training is concerned all I have done with him is sit and stay and return on the whistle. There is no rush with the rest of his training as Jasper is my shooting dog and I would like Barney to be a puppy for a bit longer yet.
  14. A meaningless and pointless statement if ever I saw one.
  15. This particular farmer has only just realised that he can make more per hectare from the Government (at present the EU) by growing birdy mixes rather than conventional crops. He has gone to town on it too and as I write he is part way through sowing what appears to be many hectares. Less than 24 hours since he started sowing there are lots of tweety birds feeding on the seeds on the surface and depending on what is grown I can imagine that other larger grey and white birds will be interested in the growing crop. Pictured are three types of seeds found in most abundance on the surface. The larger ones look like parrot food, the mid sized ones look like the buckwheat eventually identified in PC's post and the smaller seeds are I know not what.
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