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  1. A good report. Maybe you should use Eley Crow Select.
  2. JDog


    The BBC has become more left wing over the past twenty years or so. The extreme bias shown by reporters and interviewers over the Brexit and General Election may be the last straw for this Government.
  3. At least you are trying and reporting about it. It seems that others just cannot be bothered to share their pigeon shooting adventures with the forum.
  4. The farm that Clodhopper and Jacko and I were on yesterday extends to 700 acres and every field is covered in well established rape. The same farming company has other well established rape but also some failed fields which will be drilled with various cereals in the spring. Long term the farming community and our political leaders will either have to lobby for the return of neonicotinoid dressings or face losing rape as a viable crop in some areas.
  5. JDog

    First Perm

    Good. Get a map of the farm.
  6. It would be hard to imagine two less likely nurses than this pair. Clodhopper is at least 6' 3'' and usually unshaven and Jacko is bald and bearded. However without them today I would not have ventured out. The weather was against us with bright sunshine in our faces from the off at ten. There was no other obvious place to set up. However I did think that some of the several hundred pigeons we pushed off the field would return. Some did but in very large groups. The first hour and a half were quiet and we made an executive decision to pack up and move elsewhere. Actually Clodhopper made that decision for us. No sooner had we dismantled the hides pigeons came in when we were standing in the open and we reversed our decision to drive to another farm. Confidence plays a big part in shooting. Clodhopper now shoots 7 1/2 shot cartridges and does well with them. Jacko is getting better at judging ranges and one good shot perks him up. Clodhopper left us part way through the session and Jacko continued to shoot a few including a couple of stormers and his first ever double. I need a pee so I will have to end this post quickly. No doubt the others will fill in some missing pieces. We picked 35 pigeons and 1 Jackdaw. . Jack with the results of his first double.
  7. You should ask one of the experts on the forum.
  8. All of my walks in this part of the world are covered in game and I have never avoided any of them. Jasper just knows not to chase game and as I said Barney just has it in his own head to return to me when has has flushed something. As for their exercise regime, they are at heel for the first few minutes, then they run free like mad things, then they return to heel to go back to the car. I am no expert in dog training but all of my dogs have given me exactly what I wanted from them including my Border terrier who was a better finder and retriever than a lot of highly trained pedigree gun dogs.
  9. If you knew my dogs you would eat your words.
  10. I never feel recoil but then again I never use anything over 29 grams in an over and under.
  11. I waited until my dogs developed a brain and I was in tune with them before I did anything other than sit and stay and return. Certainly over 12 months.
  12. Jasper is now six. A better marker of birds and companion I couldn't imagine. Barney is twenty months old. He is a very different dog from Jasper. His training has taken only a few hours and he is steady in the hide and on a peg. His nose for hedgerow birds is very good too and if he pushes one out he runs straight back to me and sits down. I didn't teach him that. Overall I am delighted with my decisions to get Sprockers. I cannot imagine how I ever did without one for the previous forty years.
  13. Westley very kindly sent me some right angled aluminium pieces for the feet which I have fixed on and they look good. If I am up to it I will have a short day on Saturday in the company of two PW carers and if the seat is used I will report back.
  14. Don’t forget the ‘scoticus’.
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