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  1. JDog


    It doesn’t matter if the blackthorn petals blow away as the flowers have usually been pollinated before they become loose.
  2. Agreed, and possibly done well below cost to the gunsmith.
  3. A good story Dazv. You were fortunate to find such mentors.
  4. A disappointing finale to a rather flat series. Of course ‘H’ is not Buckells, he is just another puppet.
  5. There have been huge flocks of 200 to 300 Lesser Redpoll here all winter. They are just breaking up now.
  6. JDog

    Bird id please

    I saw at least 30 Linnets today on the coastal strip along with 3 Cuckoos and several Whitethroats.
  7. Probably yes. When raptors are persecuted on moors who else other than a rogue gamekeeper would do it? Would someone hire a boat, give a name and address in doing so then carry out the dirty deed? I think not.
  8. Obviously someone with an interest in the fishing business.
  9. JDog

    Bird id please

    Looks like a female Linnet.
  10. I have two views on this. Firstly, the negotiations may not be concluded. Give them some time. Secondly, the Kirkella is a White Elephant. It is a £50m ship designed to plunder the seas and give nothing back in return.
  11. The Magpie triple was quite something.
  12. Cereal crops will miss out one growth stage due to this drought. This means the plants will shoot straight to producing one seed head rather than several. Yields will be greatly reduced. The rape field opposite my house was fertilised one month ago and again last week. The granular fertiliser from the first application is still standing around and has not been assimilated into the ground. If it ever rains again cereal and rape crops will put on enormous growth overnight.
  13. Interesting but no progress has been made in giving Wild Justice and Packham reduced platforms for their rantings.
  14. Harsh but true. Symonds is notoriously anti field sports and is in bed with the RSPB, Packham and his acolytes. Not literally you understand.
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