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  1. Some difficulty but I believe I may have fixed it.
  2. In an attempt to trace the food source of some of the large flocks of migrants round here my master plan was to go roost shooting. The wood is within two miles of my house and I left a crackling fire at 2.30 and was at the wood after a fair walk downhill before 3. Two hundred pigeons left the wood at my arrival and another one hundred and fifty got up from an adjacent field. The wood is very long and it is not always possible to determine the pigeon's favoured roosting spot. The wind was good and I managed to shoot a few which was pleasing. The attached photo shows the crop contents
  3. This is an interesting thread for your first on PW. Good man for not taking either yourself or any of the negative comments too seriously.
  4. Despite the old adage of not seeing the trees when roost shooting I fear that many of us do and this may put us off. I am normally conscious that I am looking for spaces in the canopy rather than shooting when I should.
  5. Last week in a strong wind roost shooting at pigeons flying over tall trees I shot 8 for 27 shots. I felt as if I had exceeded my usual standard of shooting by some margin.
  6. Many Prunus cultivars have been bred to flower at this time of the year. There is a beautiful one out on top of the Wolds at the moment.
  7. Well done for getting out. Quite unlike your friend from Leicestershire.
  8. Agreed. I am not sure if I have ever seen such tackling before. Some of those Irish players will be very sore today.
  9. That looks like a red algal bloom. As Figgy suggested put in barley straw. The pond looks very enclosed with shrubs and vegetation. If that is the case the wind will not get in to move the water about. Clear away some of the vegetation to let the wind in. Those willows will respond well to being cut down to 1m or so.
  10. Would you really want to look like Nicholas Parsons?
  11. Jasper out roost shooting this week and Barney making the most of the comfortable sofa.
  12. The Stonechat and 24 Long tailed tits within 5m were the highlights of our session. As we met in the dark the Landowner pulled up thinking we might be quad bikers. We might be scruffy disreputables but never quad bikers.
  13. I much prefer the women's game. It is played how rugby used to be played. England were fortunate today.
  14. You are having great success at the moment.
  15. Teal, that was a good result. I bet you used 70 cartridges or more.
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