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  1. JDog

    What bird?

    Tame white pigeon.
  2. JDog

    More terrorism

    Far left is the fastest growing terrorist threat in the UK... discuss.
  3. Go and see Ditchman or meet up with Marsh Man. They will be good company I am sure and neither are far from Yarmouth.
  4. Whereabouts are you? Leaving a plot for Golden Plover in lowland UK is pointless as they only nest in upland places like the Pennines. You may though be rewarded by other ground nesting birds like Lapwings.
  5. This might be Sweden by the looks of the trees and vegetation. Despite the title this looks like a very good flight line to me. He should have taken more second shots.
  6. Those may not exactly what Cornishfowler was looking for.
  7. Colchicums are a member of the Lily family and have seven stamens. Crocus are members of the Iris family and have three stamens.
  8. Like other reports from yesterday this one could have had ‘unexpected’ in the title. Our favoured position was a no no due to the golf course. Our second choice would have been the flight line but the strong wind and the sun made that impossible. Our third choice was to try to pull birds off the line going to another field over the road which is what we did to some extent. There will be another day there even though the fields are being cultivated today.
  9. Great report. I am pleased you shot some.
  10. The Canaries and their supporters will be singing tonight. Well done to that team.
  11. Well done half of the Eminem’s team. One day Gerard will surprise everyone by doing his own looking and inviting you and Motty to shoot.
  12. I can just imagine those lines. A splendid afternoons sport. The dog looks good.
  13. On the fact that Perazzishot’s post was laughable.
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