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  1. Possibly the best one I have seen was in Missoula Montana. The bar was a rough cowboys hang out back in the days and I found it intimidating. The slogan on the front of the building read, ‘Stockmans Bar, liquor up front, poker in the rear’.
  2. Any background to your picture?
  3. This afternoon I crept up on this hare in a spinney whilst it was happily chewing on bramble leaves. I got to within 3m of it. What was remarkable was that I had Barney my nine month old Sprocker on a lead next to me. I made him sit and together we watched it for fully five minutes before it ambled off. It was perfectly healthy.
  4. Same here. Mine have been used thousands of times.
  5. That all sounds good to me. It is not too late for beans to be drilled.
  6. MM, I don’t agree that rape shooting is coming to a close. I’ve seen lots of fields where the rape is no more than a few inches high and even fields with good growth have poor patches. Locally there are quite a few fields still to drill and until that seed goes in rape will feature heavily in pigeons diet.
  7. I had to pass up several chances at Crows this week. They were no more than 30m away but I just couldn’t find the 34gram no.4s at the bottom of my bag in time.
  8. JDog

    Six nations

    Congratulations to Wales. That was an impressive performance.
  9. Many years ago when I had young children to look after for the morning I used to plonk them in the car along with a Larsen trap and a captive and clipped Carrion crow. The idea was to look for Crow and Magpie nests under which I would place the trap and retreat to the car. The kids and I would try to guess how long it would take to catch a corvid. The record was less than five minutes. The process was then repeated.
  10. Just for once the weather forecast was spot on, thirty miles per hour winds. No self respecting pigeon would fly in that surely and no decoyer would be mad enough to be out in winds of that magnitude? Clodhopper and I had some unfinished business with pigeons as we failed miserably on drilling twelve days ago when we saw a lot. He did all of the leg work this time and we met at the appointed hour only to see hare coursers brazenly driving through the farm. The gall of these people astounds me. There were pigeons on a line but we had no choice but to set up out of the wind in a long hedge with a rotary, a flapper and pigeons on sticks. We were not far off the line and for ninety minutes pigeons came off it to our pattern and proved to be very testing indeed. In that time we shot 37 pigeons then the line changed so we packed up fully intending to get in a ditch but as we moved the line stopped. We scratched about elsewhere and shot another 6 giving a total of 43 for the day. This was excellent sport.
  11. Well done Muncher. As we haven't heard from you in a while I thought that PW had lost you in the ether.
  12. A difficult but enjoyable read. You were patient with the boy. Who would send a boy out with a gun that didn’t fit? As for ‘Deli belly’ you did well to avoid sharing a hide with him.
  13. Titter, titter. Those birds must have been testing today.
  14. If it is a long walk I take a decent net, secateurs, folding saw and fifteen shell decoys.
  15. I confess I have never seen the plant in the top picture. The one in the second picture is Campanula persicifolia and could be any one of a number of cultivars.
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