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  1. Mine too. It seems obvious to me, but then again I know nothing about it.
  2. Disappointing indeed. The diatribe by Erasmus clearly worked. The second ‘try’ was nothing of the sort.
  3. No rape is off on the Wolds but on the flat land near Lincoln some has been taken. Jacko picked me up at 10.30 and we were watching three weak lines into two hundred acres of rape stubble by 11.00. The obvious one would mean the wind at our backs, a nice change from our outings of late. Birds came high overhead from behind. Some turned back to the decoy pattern but most (about 300) carried on to a place in the field where we could not set up. We had shooting for 3 hours or so and shot some decent birds between us. We picked 90 pigeons. Yearling roe buck came to investigate.
  4. You don’t half give your boys a great life, something they will appreciate when they are older.
  5. If anyone asks for 'shooting rights' when looking for permission to shoot pigeons they will always be refused. There is a former PW member who shall remain nameless who didn't even have a shotgun certificate just over two years ago. Now he shoots over getting on for 20,000 acres. It can be done.
  6. Well, you are going to come up here one day and help me pick them and we can share the booty. I will then give you the formula for Bullace Vodka/Gin.
  7. Very good Muncher. You were clearly in your comfort zone with those birds which didn't actually decoy but which came close enough for you to shoot them. I think it unlikely that PW members will get bored of such offerings.
  8. I posted something very similar last year but I thought it worthwhile posting again. At Pyewipe near Grimsby there is an enormous gathering of very nearly 10,000 Shelducks. They are moulting and are likely to be there for some time. It will be well worth a visit.
  9. The way things are going WJ and the RSPB will be the only attendees at the Game Fairs.
  10. I note that Daley has been dropped.
  11. Yes quite an experience for both of you.
  12. It was a quite surreal result considering the first half performances. Daley will not start the next match. Watson hardly had a touch. The worst player was the South African tmo. The best as you say were the three named above.
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