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  1. JDog

    ditchies wine quaffing club

    Save some for me. I am trying to get to see you next week.
  2. JDog

    Dog bed and paint

    In the rear lobby which we use every day as entry and exit with the dogs I used soffit boarding and edging. This can easily be wiped down.
  3. JDog

    Stans first full season

    I don't think he will let you down either. You have taken it steady with him and now you will have a good dog for years to come. My Sprocker didn't come out with me until he was two years old and when he did I made a point of picking all the birds around my hide which he could see by myself.
  4. JDog


    Isn't it amazing how many people have views on this incident without knowing the full facts?
  5. JDog

    Stewardship Scheme

    According to some commentators and even some on PW, this country will need every penny it has to run the country never mind paying farmers for grass margins and Stewardship schemes.
  6. JDog

    Stans first full season

    How old is Stan? I know that you have been helpful to Lloyd with some comments.
  7. JDog

    Where did they go?

    A very high percentage of pigeon shooters dive in without watching a field for returning pigeons thus wasting their time.
  8. JDog

    Weather over the Wolds.

    Yes a real storm came in at eleven. This morning at five I walked the dogs in driving snow.
  9. JDog

    Weather over the Wolds.

    The first picture was taken whilst I was waiting for Clodhopper yesterday morning first thing and the second was taken from my bedroom window this afternoon.
  10. JDog

    Beaters/rough day

    Thank you for taking the time to post such an excellent report of your day.
  11. JDog


    Is this thread going to go on for longer than your engine rebuild one?
  12. JDog

    Gun christened!

    Well done that man. That would have been some sport in this wind. What model is it?
  13. JDog

    28 in a 20 bore

    Snow White, you were fortunate. It’s easily done. Only yesterday I found myself about to insert a Vicks Nasal Stick in my chamber whilst out shooting pigeons.
  14. JDog

    Resource guarding

    This is something to get on top of quickly. My normal action is to growl louder than the dog and remove the guarded object immediately.
  15. JDog

    DIY red

    Well done Moor Man. There are easier ways to extract your prize back to the car. Guts out, haunches and head off (if it was your first and you intend to keep it then fine but otherwise leave it), then make two journeys. When I first shot red deer I was fine with the gralloch but gradually I began to dislike it. Being careful round the guts was essential.