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  1. On the grouse just my usual Woodwards bored true cylinder and quarter. On the pigeons my old Miroku bored quarter and three quarters. I had to sell the trio to pay a large vet bill.
  2. JDog

    BREXIT - merged threads

    The EU has always had the upper hand in these 'negotiations' and it is quite obvious even to those like me who don't really understand the ramifications that the EU would only agree to a deal if it greatly benefitted the EU.
  3. Much to my surprise this thread is still running so I will add my own 'ten pennorth' for what it is worth. In doing so I will have to cast off my usual cloak of modesty. In October I was asked to shoot grouse by my Godfather Tom de Grey also known as Lord Walsingham. When I arrived to stay overnight he told me that there were plenty of grouse and that just he and I would be shooting. The following day with a full compliment of beaters and pickers-up we headed for the moor. We were to stand two butts apart to test our skills. Those people who have shot driven grouse will know how difficult it can be to shoot grouse in front and have them fall dead in front of the butts. We were both on form and had plenty dead at least 50m in front of the butts having engaged them at 90m. Some of those that we shot behind on a good wind landed dead in Ilkley. On one drive, whilst my host was browning yet another covey in the far distance a snipe flew over his butt which I shot. His loader Baldrick told me it was the best shot he had ever seen. 'It was 90m if an inch' he said, mixing metaphors as usual. When I plucked the bird later I found that one shot had gone through it's head and five more pellets had hit the tiny bird in the body. The last two months here on the Wolds have seen good numbers of pigeons and some really good flight lines have developed. In addition to my usual Pigeon Watch companions I have been out with Ralph Frankland - Payne - Gallwey, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and The Queen of Sheba. Whilst in their company I regularly and consistently shot pigeons stone dead at ranges up to 120m. These were no flukes. Should anyone doubt the veracity of this I will quite happily give them the email addresses of my companions so that they can check my story.
  4. JDog

    Get your dogs insured.

    Not especially as a gun dog. £100 per annum with Tesco.
  5. JDog

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    Does anyone actually know and understand the terms of Brexit which have been agreed?
  6. JDog

    Crop contents.

    No they are ornamental apples from the genus Malus. These might even be M. 'Golden Hornet'.
  7. JDog

    Crop contents.

    Lacking a formal education I am unable to recall the superlatives required to describe this afternoon's one hour session on a return line from which I have just returned. Instead I will post a picture which may interest some. These are the crop contents of pigeons shot on a return line. One had enjoyed some sort of Malus plus Hawthorn berries whilst the others just had berries in their crops. How one would ever set up to decoy birds feeding on such things I cannot imagine.
  8. JDog

    Get your dogs insured.

    I had it out with the vet about the pin and he bamboozled me with science so I backed off. I am pretty sore about it though. Thanks. I followed your thread about your pup and I did post. You may feel guilty at times but you did the right thing.
  9. JDog

    A few more 100m pigeons.

    My neck is much better thank you. I could only shoot these flighting pigeons with my old gun as it suits me very much more than the semi auto.
  10. JDog

    Strange Seed

    I would say bog standard wheat which has been lying on top of the ground.
  11. Five weeks ago our Sprocker pup Barney broke his elbow in a freak accident in the kitchen. He spent two days over the weekend under heavy sedation and was operated on the following Monday. After three weeks he broke one of the three metal pins holding his elbow together. He is on cage rest for another month but limps badly when taken out. Between the operation, returning to the surgeon vet and x-rays it has cost over £5,000 so far with more to come as he needs more x-rays and one long pin removing. We were not insured. It is easy to see the folly of this in hind sight. Jasper, who was not insured either is now covered for up to £3,000 per event.
  12. When the Autumn migrant pigeons arrive in these parts they have three favoured resting and roosting woods. The one I went to today to shoot an outbound line has such a definite line at one end that I spent a few minutes recently cutting some Salix stems and hammering them into the ground to form a permanent structure so that all I need to take when I go there is a net. When I got there today I arrived too late for the main flight as I could see them heading out as I drove down the farm track. They could all have gone for all I knew but it was worth an hour on such a nice day with a gusting 15 mph wind. It took 30 seconds to get the net up and as soon as I was ready my first chance of the day flew by and was shot at a good distance. When Jasper retrieved it needless to say it's crop was empty. I had an hour and a half there and shot twelve pretty decent birds with my old Miroku before duty called and I had to go home. The return line had already started but a long way away. It will be there another day.
  13. JDog

    Making the most of it.

    This was a very decent outing. My companion shot better than I have seen him shoot before at testing birds curling on the wind.
  14. A pattern plate cannot surely reflect in any way the shot string? Whilst there may be say ten pellets shown in a circle some will have arrived at the target before others. A moving target going across the circle might have been struck by three pellets whilst the ten arrived in the circle at different times.
  15. JDog

    Some very difficult pigeons.

    There was nothing cruel about Mottys post. He knows perfectly well that I cannot even see 100 yards let alone shoot pigeons at that distance.