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  1. My own experiences with using no.7 and 7 1/2 shot have been poor. Similar to other activities where a brain is needed it may have been all in the mind but I distinctly remember having less clean kills at normal decoying ranges than with my normal no.6 shot. My intention is to give these smaller shot sizes another go though their effectiveness may be reduced by my gun’s relatively open fixed chokes.
  2. I simply cannot take you seriously but before my views become entrenched could you please provide links to some of your posts reporting some of your shooting outings?
  3. Well I think that the OP was cerebral in his approach which is why he did so well. Don't be in a hurry to shoot the field again before harvest. The pigeons will still be in the area and if they use the field when it is stubble you should pick everything you shoot.
  4. Clodhopper has some land on which the farmer swathes rape rather than spraying it off which is the common practice. One field has been swathed for two weeks and the farmer made a start on harvesting last week before being rained off having gone round the field three times. Pigeons found this immediately. It was a long narrow field and we chose to be at one end of it making our hides on willow bushes 50m apart. Rotaries and plastic decoys completed the pattern. Pigeons came straight away but not from the direction we anticipated. In the first hour we shot quite a few and added them to the pattern, in the second hour things slowed up a bit then incoming pigeons just veered off for no apparent reason. Taking in the rotaries made no difference so we packed up. We picked 41 though we shot over 50. Quite a few landed dead in the uncut rows and we decided against looking too hard for these birds as the rape seed would have spilled out of the pods as we trampled around. We both missed a few and our tally should have been much higher. Knowledge of agricultural practices is an essential part of a pigeon shooters armoury so for those who have not seen swathed rape I will put up a couple of pictures. One shows the unharvested swathes on the right and the three rows of harvested rape on the left. The other picture shows a combine harvester with a special header on designed to take up one row of swath at a time.
  5. Good for him. He regularly shoots large bags and is a dedicated pigeon shooter. He obviously knows his stuff and I believe that he is a fine shot.
  6. JDog

    Very long shot .

    Ultrastu Many of the PW members know that you are an air gun buff and that you know your stuff. I believe that you did everything right to bring off that shot. The mistake you made was to post about it as it brought out the self righteous on the forum who have obviously never missed or wounded any quarry in their sporting lives.
  7. We went to Theddlethorpe beach this morning and at first thought that we were in the wrong place. The sea was actually out of sight, at least 1 km from where we normally find it. All very strange.
  8. On our walk along the beach this morning we came across this thing. It may be the remains of a tank as it had a circular thingy on top which I presume was for the turret to rotate. This will be perfect for the Master Craftsman's next project.
  9. Let your son sort this out for himself or he will always be dependent on you to help him out.
  10. Well done. Water Figwort it is.
  11. Yes that's the plant. Once the seeds have been left to explode once the plant becomes very invasive. However my initial ID causes me some doubt and I wouldn't know for sure until I could see the flowers. There is another tall plant that grows in water and margins which is similar but I cannot remember the name of it. See my further post below sent at the same time as yours.
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