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  1. JDog

    Another plea

    I don’t believe that you took a lot of flack. Some queried your actions, that’s all.
  2. Good for you but be prepared to put your tin helmet on.
  3. I showed my wife the before and after and she said... ‘he’s just buffed it up a bit’. No fawning there then. Actually you are only only showing off your bureau and petit escritoire.
  4. JDog


    When I had to be admitted to hospital in December the initial diagnosis was sepsis. This was mentioned at the reception desk and I went straight to the head of a four hour waiting list, so serious did they take the doctors report. Thankfully my illness wasn't sepsis but a urinary tract infection which wasn't very nice but neither was it life threatening.
  5. Very nice. If possible you should try to add mud scrapers for the wheels.
  6. JDog

    Caught on camera

    There are several ephemeral insects it could be but I doubt it is a Mayfly.
  7. You saved me a post. In amongst a lot of rambling and gibberish the man shows that he cares about shooting. The large bold typeface tends to spoil it for me.
  8. Is this at all relevant considering the lockdown?
  9. Through the wonders of modern technology an email to your phone or several emails from several farmers would surely do the trick?
  10. The good thing about the reduction in the price of fuel is that it costs less to go nowhere.
  11. Agreed. It looks like B. darwinii. It can and should flower every year provided that if it is trimmed back, or even cut hard back, it is done at the right time. The shrub should flower until the end of April and then it should be trimmed or cut back. Like a lot of shrubs it flowers on the incremental growth from the previous year.
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