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  1. Good photo but there is something unusual with that beast. It’s head and rack looks like a combination of Red and Sika.
  2. ClemFandango appears to have appointed himself the Pigeon Watch interpreter of the General Licence. I doubt that he is a Queens Counsel, Solicitor, Lawyer or anything quasi legal or have any real understanding of the Law. He may speak for some but I doubt that is very many on this Forum. He certainly does not speak for me and my own interpretation of the general Licence is different from his.
  3. ClemFandango has strong opinions. I don’t agree with his opinion in this matter. The pigeons on the flight line are either going to feed or have just fed and more than likely on a farmer’s crop. To me pigeons cause crop damage. Simples. Shearwater, flight lining is the best of sport. Go and watch. There may be a point where the pigeons are low enough to shoot.
  4. Great picture. I view Cuckoos in the same way I do Sparrow Hawks and Goshawks. Great looking birds, but very bad habits.
  5. The warning in my first post was far too gentle. Three hours later.............. My wife couldn't wait to make the first ones. They were truly delicious. Sweet with a hint of arsenic and Novichok.
  6. My wife recently got it into her head that she wanted to make some Sea Buckthorn possets. She read an article out to me which extolled the benefits of the berries so I had little choice but to be inveigled into a trip to the beach. The berries were extremely difficult to pick individually so I resorted to secateurs and when I had a bucket full of berries (plus leaves and branches) she only had a few berries barely covering the bottom of her bucket. I still think we will have enough for her possets with some left over for some SB vodka or gin. I wouldn't advise anyone else to get involved
  7. You chaps are all in good company. When Sir Alec Douglas Home (Later Lord Home of the Hirsel) was Prime Minister he used to shoot a lot of imaginary ducks and geese in StJames' Park. He said it used to clear his mind of political matters.
  8. JDog

    Forum change

    When I click on a topic I am taken to the first post rather than the last even though I am clicking on ‘unread content’. How can I change that?
  9. They are spectacular birds but so damaging to game bird populations. I fear there is little you can do to really deter them.
  10. Only Clodhopper could see the green fruit shaped thingies hanging down whilst he was taking a slash. Naturally I was looking the other way.
  11. I thought that I would put up a picture of my hide from which Jacko shot most of the footage. I like to break up the outline of any hide I build by using different types of netting. The dog is optional.
  12. In the near future Jacko will post a shotkam video showing some really wild shooting as the camera will be attached to my gun. Maybe after all these years it will show where I have been going wrong.
  13. No it is self sufficient. I believe that it is Lithops 'Flint Rudbeckii'.
  14. Most pigeon shooters look forward to harvest time only to be disappointed, myself included. 'Too much choice' I hear everyone say and that may be the case but they have to feed somewhere. I spend more time looking at this time of the year than shooting. Yesterday I watched for well over an hour before deciding to set up on a flight line to a field in the distance. My reward was 24 picked.
  15. This one in my garden is very similar.
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