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  1. JDog

    what calibre.....

    Do you have any more pictures?
  2. JDog

    Corvid Bashing

  3. JDog

    Corvid Bashing

    Different but very good nevertheless.
  4. JDog

    Normal for Norfolk

    Good title, and indeed getting a hundred every outing does seem to be normal for Norfolk.
  5. JDog


    I don’t know a great deal about guns and I know even less about gun fit for other people but I will be happy to give you some time if you need some help. Visiting Derek Lee or Forest Lodge Guns together would be doable.
  6. JDog

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    PC, if the tash is the problem just peel it off and stick it back on after the photo has been taken.
  7. JDog

    It's not always a fib.

    Excellent work. That's the equivalent of 94 per hour. Some on this forum will not believe that that's possible.
  8. There is a mixed deciduous wood opposite my house. The wood is on a bank and measures 70m by 400m or thereabouts and watching this wood for the past three years has taught me quite a lot about pigeon behaviour. It helps greatly that I can watch the wood from my bed where I am now. One thing I have learned is that as soon as the easterly wind blows the wood is deserted by the two hundred pigeons which regularly roost there in the winter. It suddenly becomes too cold for them. Another interesting bit of knowledge (to me anyway) is that at first light in the winter the pigeons that are already there are joined by many others descending from a great height from who knows where. Whereas I may have watched two hundred pigeons go to roost maybe up to four hundred leave the wood to feed. The conundrum, and the question for those pigeon observers, is why are there so many pigeons still roosting in the wood in the middle of May? I was out at 4:30 this morning to listen to the dawn chorus and in a half hour spell to 5:00 upwards of one hundred pigeons left the wood. There are a few pairs nesting in the wood. Why aren’t all of these mature birds partnered up and nesting elsewhere?
  9. JDog

    Plant Killer?

    Dig them up. If the area is that small it wont take more than a few minutes.
  10. Yesterday Clodhopper (C) and I met up primarily to go and see the owner of some pea fields which had been receiving attention from a lot of pigeons. We both have some knowledge of agriculture so it was an embarrassment to inspect the crop closely only to find that the 'peas' were beans. Those fields no will be of little interest to pigeons until harvest time. We toured around, liaising with Mightymariner who was looking at some of his patch, but it looked like a blank had been drawn until we travelled way out of our way and found some pigeons on barley drilling. A phone call from C to the farmer and we were on. A deep and wide ditch divided two fields and with a strong wind blowing we had no alternative but to have the wind at our backs and shoot just the one field. A few decoys plus the rotary completed the picture. The rotary was soon discarded as it was putting birds off and the flapper broke so we relied on 'pigeons on sticks' again. The first hour was very quiet, the second a bit better and just when we had to pack up for the sake of our marriages the pigeons decoyed well. We shot 23 pigeons and six corvids. Today I had a lazy morning in the garden and went out to look for pigeons on peas (the real thing) at 3 pm. There were none but a call from C alerted me to pigeons he had found on another barley drilling. Twenty minutes later we met up. There were pigeons there but we were hamstrung by an instruction from the farmer not to shoot below his house. This would have been the best place. Another distraction was the lively company of C's eight year old son who joined him in the hide. As yesterday it was slow at first then matters improved a bit and a few decoyed nicely. We finished shooting at 7 pm with our marriages almost certainly at an end with eight corvids and thirty pigeons.
  11. JDog

    Nice weekend

    And I thought that whenever I have met Motty that he was wearing a mask. How wrong I was.
  12. JDog

    Trying again!

    Rumour has it that as you are a kitchen fitter you never use a spirit level for work so you might as well try to put it to alternative use.
  13. JDog

    Plant ID Help Please

    Despite the spelling it was quite clever.
  14. JDog

    Plant ID Help Please

    Your wife told me that you still have it.
  15. JDog

    Trying again!

    Good man. Shooting on that drilling may be short lived but there should be shooting on that rape for a while longer. As for the spring rape you should have fun next month.