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  1. I love to watch lapwings that would of made my day on its own
  2. Sorry for delay im in worksop
  3. Codeye

    Call from Mymbai

    My father had the same call a while ago after much dumming down they hung up when they heard the microwave go ping
  4. In reply to all ive had a pm waiting for a reply if not first come first seved paul 223 id love to have been in the area and you would of been first pick after your hospitality in days past but alas im too far away at the minute so first to give a ďefinate I can pick them up there yours
  5. Free for collection only with cert approx 50 26.5 gramme no 6 eley vip 16gauge cartridges or feel free to give a small donation to pigeon watch charity Forgot to add these are fibre wad
  6. Id like to see aj win this at a canter but charles martin is no mug and can dig a bit too , im hoping for a really good night off all our boxers with the big boys to top it all off , roll on tomorrow night
  7. very jealous give quigg a shout for me ive been waiting for this forever it seems , I hope it lives up to all the hype its only 20 past three and im already getting settled for it
  8. nice comments especially the get out clause at the end could go either way but ive backed quigg
  9. Sherwood forest shoot is now closed but copper beaches is open every sunday 10 till 2 at nether langwith nice little friendly shoot can get busy but if you leave it a bit later you should be ok
  10. Cracking read mark of all your days I thoroughly enjoyed all your posts and hope you carry them on next year a special thankyou for the day you donated to ryan and I hope to see you at the charity shoot again this year
  11. Thats fantastic I can only imagine how you must of felt to hear that so many different emotions all at once thanks for sharing
  12. Me and lad again I suppose night before sounds good too
  13. lies all lies everybody knows you need 50gm aaa to shoot a pigeon at more than 20yds
  14. Cracking write up mark sounds like youve been having fun , on a more serious note next time your in the 110 can you see if you can find the parts of my knee that are missing I seem to still have a large hole in mine:)
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