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  1. Cyrus1988

    whats it do

    Could be a microphone for handsfree phone calls
  2. Cyrus1988

    Yokel Mobile

    Early hilux
  3. Cyrus1988

    Ufc Liverpool

    Did they say the reason why he missed weight?
  4. Cyrus1988

    Nissan Teranno 11 Startup Problem.

    Immobiliser problem if it has one?
  5. Cyrus1988

    Hilux/Pick up insurance, who's competitive?

    Used Adrian Flux and A-plan in the past.
  6. Cyrus1988

    05 Navara

    What's your budget?, you might surprised what you can get a old hilux for.
  7. Cyrus1988

    5 months renewal

    I put mine in at the beginning of March, shotgun renewal but FAC grant, I'll be surprised to see it before September.
  8. Cyrus1988

    wheel nut gun

    What make is it?
  9. 5 x General Grabbers 245/70/R16 on 16 inch steel modulars PCD 6x139.7 fits Toyota Hilux and most Jap 4x4's 4 of the tyres are General Grabber AT2's and the spare is a AT. Tread depths are: 5.8mm (spare), 8.2mm, 7.3mm, 6.5mm, 8.2mm Tyres in great condition, no uneven wear and no repairs. Rims also in great condition, straight and no rust. Reason for sale, upgraded to 33 inch tyres. Located in Oxfordshire. £250 ono Viewings and test fittings welcome.
  10. Cyrus1988

    tvp police

    Put in for my FAC and did my shotgun renewal at the same time, posted it off 1st week of April and they've just cashed the cheque today so will see how it goes.
  11. Cyrus1988

    Hilux Lift Kit

    Bigger tyres wont increase MPG, it'll decrease if anything. Engine has to work harder to turn the bigger wheels/tyres and the weight as well. I think for a mk7 you might just get away with 31" without any modifications.
  12. Cyrus1988

    Hilux Lift Kit

    There's two different main ways to lift a hilux, as you've said, a body lift or a suspension lift. A body lift is generally cheaper to do but requires a bit of fiddling. The gear leavers can foul on the body, the fuel filler pipe will need extending, the steering rod may need an extension, the cowl around the fan for the radiator will need modifying or removing, the brake lines should be okay as the hard lines have coils in then which extend when you lift. A suspension lift is usually more expensive and if the kit doesn't drop the front diff, it can create some dodgy CV angles. You may need extended brake lines for this but there's a few places that do nice stainless steel braided ones. There is a third way to fit bigger tyres which I did. There's a fabricator down in Somerset who's done a few like mine now where he will fit the bigger tyres and then just cut and re weld the areas where the tyres come into contact with the body work. I have 33" tyres with no lift, so no annoying mods and no dodgy cv angles.