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  1. Hi everyone, Has anyone got any 12b fibre wad recipes that they could help me out with? Ideally 30g - 32g no6 Been trying to find stuff on the internet but its proving difficult and nowhere is open until the new year now for me to ring up and ask. I'm based in kent and also looking for places to buy components from, if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks very much, AP
  2. I'm not looking at loading anything special, just like the idea of shooting with something I've made, I know I'm not gonna save any money but just looking to get a bit more enjoyment out of my shooting. Looks like I better start ordering some kit!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been trying to research the law on loading my own shotgun cartridges and from what I can understand I'm allowed to buy almost everything I need with my shotgun licence. Is this correct? I was told I would need an FAC to buy primers? Just struggling to find the info I need on the web. My FAC application is in the post bit will be a while before I hear anything and I'm super keen to give it a go. Many thanks, AP
  4. Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has any goose shooting available in Kent before the end of this season? Willing to pay and travel. I have my own guns and insuramlnce and I'm an experianced game shot. Please contact me if anyone has anything available. Many thanks, Adam 07943867438
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for a friendly clay ground in Kent to shoot at regularly again after a bit of a break from clay shooting. I'm not fussed about competitions just want somewhere to practice my shooting and meet some new people. I'm 22 and just In need of a hobby to keep me amused on my weekends when I'm not working! Thanks for any ideas.
  6. Hi there, I'm looking for a red cocker bitch pup, I'm a gamekeeper so it will be coming to a good home unfortunately I cant spend any more than around £350 pounds max due to other expenditures in need. Please pm me if you have anything to offer. I am in the Kent area.
  7. anyone at all interested? just had four guns drop out on the 26th april if anyones interested? remember all money raised goes to the gamekeepers welfare trust!
  8. Plumpton college, just outside of lewes in east sussex
  9. Hi there, My name is Adam Porter and I am a game management student at Plumpton college in Sussex. we are running some simulated game shoots in order to raise money for the gamekeepers welfare trust. here is a quick idea of what the day will involve. 5000 clays 5 drives £130 per gun lunch provided gun cleaning available some fast and exciting shooting with a real tester of a finale with a drive off the face of the south downs! I have fully booked two days already but still have places on the 5th may. if you are interested or you would like some more information then please email me at Adamporter51@yahoo.co.uk all money raised is going to the gamekeepers welfare trust. thanks Adam
  10. Hi all, ive recently purchased a hatsan escort and I would like to know what mark it is. ive heard there are about 4 different models and was just curious about which one mine might be. if anyone knows how to tell whether its a mk 1,2,3,4 it would be very helpful.
  11. Hi there, I am a gamekeeping student and am about to finish my second year studying a level 3 extended diploma in game management. I have plenty of rearing experiance with pheasants, partridge and ducks. I would be very keen to start a New shoot from scratch. Pm me if you have anything of interest Thanks
  12. Hi there, I'm thinking of applying for my fac, im a gamekeeping student and will be 18 in a few months time, I would like to get a rimfire for rabbit rabbit control but would also like either a .222 or a .243 for foxes. I already have my sgc and have my safe installed but do i need a seperate safe for the rifles? I know i need a seperate ammunition safe. Also would they grant me the calibres ive asked for, would they hold back because of my age? I have experiance with both rimfire and centrefire rifles and have suitable land to use them on and have Experianced rifle users to accompany me if needed Thanks for any answers that are given
  13. hi guys, was just wondering what the favourite kind of gun that the keepers on here use to carry around their estate on the quad bike and stuff? im looking for a cheap rough gun at the moment for carry around on the quad and getting covered in **** and scratched.
  14. hi there, I am a 17 year gamekeeping student and wish to keep myself busy over my summer holidays. I have experience in rearing pheasant, partridge for shoots and also poultry. I'm very hardworking have a good knowledge of the day to day running of a shoot including rearing, release pen management, Identifying and dealing with game bird diseases and pest control. I am willing to work for the national minimum wage which is £3.68 an hour or maybe willing to negotiate a wage. I would like to say I would work for free as I enjoy helping out anywhere possible as I like to gain every bit of experience possible, but im having to help pay for my college fees next year and many other expenses! I can provide references if wanted both from a shoot I have worked on and from my college. I can work full time if there is accommodation available. would prefer kent and sussex area but will consider anywhere. I can provide all my details through pm. if you would like to ask me any questions feel free to pm me or if you would like to talk on the phone I can provide you with a phone number. thankyou very much for reading and thankyou in advance for any replies
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