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  1. Difenacoum. But alternate every so often so they don't build a resistance. Neosorexa Gold is the best of the lot. QS
  2. You probably want to think about 'leasing' the shooting rights off of your farmer - provided he owns them. That way you will have complete control. However your farmer may not wish to do so unless there is a clause in the contract allowing him to shoot pests as inevitably you wont always be available to do so. Have a word with him, and if you are a member of a professional organisation then maybe seek some advice from them, they'll be more than happy to chat to you. QS
  3. Could it be this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corn_smut
  4. Probably looking at £3.20 or less for this time of year... Remember an 8 week old poult now will only really be ready come the middle to end of November.
  5. As with previous post, ours is 7-8 foot, but full of thistles and one patch in particular, red shank. Unfortunately couldn't spray it out this year due to under sowing with millet. Will see how it goes, but looking forward to having proper cover this year! QS
  6. Has anybody used any of the Southwold fishing boat charters? The other half has a house down there and i would like to go out for a bit if i could. Any recommendations well received. Thanks, QS
  7. Anyone know why the Collins Nets website doesn't work at the moment? QS
  8. I wouldnt put pellets in the pond as they will just swell up and make a stinky s@##'y mess! Put barley in the margins and leave the pellets for dry ground. QS
  9. Depends on the type of tenancy agreement, as to whether the sporting rights are included. If they are not, then your permission from the landowner should suffice, however notifying the tenant is always a good option. If they are included, then your permission means nothing, as even though the land owner has given you permission to shoot on it, she hasn't got the right any more to give you permission. Have a chat with the landowner, and then if that goes alright, arrange a meeting with landowner and tenant. QS
  10. Any Mole Country Stores or similar sell various types... Their own brand, made by one of the big manufacturers but branded as Mole Valley, cheaper than branded versions. Rutland, very good, but very pricey. Gallagher, not had much experience with them, but most reports i've heard are good, average price. Hotline, good, reasonably priced, and some models can do dual power, so can either be plugged into a mains supply for grazing in the winter, and then can be used on a pen with a battery in the summer. All Depends on whether you want a small unit which can take D cell type batteries or whether you want to use a leisure battery unit which can give a bigger punch when charlie sticks his nose on it. Either will do the job, its just whether you have any other uses for it when you finish with it next to the pens. ATB QS
  11. Of course, but its not as simple as that. Prices will fall, cost are rising. a farmer wont grow a crop that costs him more that he can sell it for. The fact he is getting part of his subsidy which has been related to this is not relevant as the crop will not pay for itself if everyone grows it as the market will flood. it is more beneficial and efficient for a farmer to take field corners and turn them into EFA areas as they don't have to fiddle around in the small corners with their big machinery then. These areas are likely to then be managed by wildlife minded people, like You and I. Some people call us shooting enthusiasts. But our focus, although it is primarily on our sport, is conservation which we take very seriously and throughout the UK and the wider countryside we have an enormous involvement in. You must realise that 5% of a farm's area is a large proportion to be designated to be EFA's. This is a large productive area to be taken away. If you have a farm of 1000 acres, that 50 of them gone. 50 acres growing 3t/ac of wheat is 150t, at £160/t thats £24000 of income they are losing. Yes i realise there are costs to come out of that, but the fact is there is at least £10,000 of profit there, which the farmer would lose when he gives up the 50 acre field to greening. There has to be compromise. Europe has imposed this upon us, and so DEFRA has done its best to be reasonable. In a country which is only 60% self sufficient in food production it is hugely important that we continue to optimise the production of such. QS
  12. Morning all, I was recently lent some of these as the guy wasnt using them and i was discussing drinkers with him. I have had to disassemble them and thoroughly clean and disinfect them as they were full of mud and other rubbish but have now put them all back together. My problem being that the floats are not shutting off the supply and hence the drinkers are overflowing. Has anybody had any experience of these and have you any clues as to the solution to my problem? All helpful comments welcomed! Thanks, QS
  13. So because the BBC word it like thats the only thing the grants will be used for, its instantly bad? In reality, its a very small part of it all, and really its not a good thing for farmers as the prices of pulses will fall as more people choose to grow them. Actually, greening is good for wildlife, and shooting. Other options for EFA's include buffer strips, hedges and includes areas previously in ELS/HLS schemes. Please read into it yourselves and not just believe what the numptys at the BBC write. Rant over. QS
  14. Looking for a bit of help/guidance here please Gents. I am thinking of setting up the above system, but only on a small scale. Has anyone got any pictures or knowledge of their own systems to give me a few ideas as to where to start on the project? I know i will need a header tank, various fittings, taps, ballcocks and then the drinkers, but has anyone found problems with their system and then found better ways to do things? Also, best bits of kit available from best suppliers etc? All advice is much appreciated, but please don't just post about how bad you think they are. Thanks in advance, QS
  15. Shot there on Good Friday, Its very good, but remember a light load as you can soon do your shoulder in. I was shooting 100 per drive whilst there. The birds are good, but they are not overly high, apart from the "Grand Stand" at the end for which anything you shoot will still struggle - they are a long way away! Have fun! QS
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