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  1. I always feel I want a few more flights inland in early February but also feel that on the coast by Feb 20th you know really its spring. I would be happy if both foreshore and inland shooting ended by Feb 10th. But we start messing about with the seasons at our risk. Too many bird watching organisations and antis looking to reduce our seasons. We could be opening a can of worms that will be hard to close.
  2. You maybe lucky and chance on some old stock , but as a whole they are not available in this country these days. Ask yourself why do you need them. They are great for high flying duck and geese , but overkill for most wildfowl shooting. If you shoot on the foreshore or have a high flight line on your shoot there may be a place for them , but for the average shot they are too much and will smash birds under 35 yards. I see from your posts you are a new shooter. Ask yourself can you cleanly wildfowl at 50-60 yards the ideal range for hevi shot. If not so I would stick with Bismuth or steel unt
  3. As Marsh Man says they are ok for the money, but after a season or two I would get some good GHG or Avery decoys. I bought 10 of the Amazon type decoys for a pound each. and they lasted a couple of years. They are made in 2 halves and many split in the game bag and the eye you moor the decoys with becomes very brittle in very cold weather and a number broke off the decoy.
  4. Wise words figgy. Never the less I am a great fan of after chokes in semi autos.Though they can vary a lot in their effectiveness. For what its worth I had great success with an American Turkey choke and BBB shot at pinks, but be aware the room for error in your aim is small. A Lot of people blame the choke for missing but usually is aim and skill of the shooter who is the problem.
  5. It was finished some time ago but with moving its been on the back boiler for some time. Early in 2020 I will have to see about getting it published.But thanks for asking.
  6. I think the full moon is still a few days away yet to there could be a few hours of darkness before dawn.
  7. You cant expect to shoot up ducks on there feed\resting pond in the morning and expect them to come back in the evening. They are not that daft ( usualy ). Feed the pond and shoot it once a fortnight or 3 weeks at evening flight or if its a resting pond shoot and then leave the next flight for at least a month. Do not do both.
  8. You pays your money and takes your choice. In all science books all ducks are drakes (males) and ducks (females) But in shooting books most teal are called cocks and hens.
  9. Hi Marsh Man , good to be back on line after a prolonged break moving house ( now living in te same village as you ( if you can call it a village. As for making time to shoot. I have plenty of ground , and when the wind blows or it is foggy I go wildfowling. In clalm ( nice weather ?) I go freshwater fishing. Problem solved.
  10. IN 50 years of wildfowling I have never had a decent duck flight under the moon ( best 3 ducks ) and can count the good good goose flights on one hand. Give me a dark night no moon and get the flight over and back home beside the fire and a steaming mug of tea rather than spending freezing hours out on the marsh , usualy for nothing. Some love moon shooting , but not me.
  11. Panoma I have already posted where you are lying on Sep 23. Perhaps if edit it a little you will understand better. You claim that remainers want to stop shooting. That is obviously not true. I for one am a remainer and have shot for the last 55 years.. Back into Hospital very soon to do not expect an instant reply.
  12. Simple you said, " like what the EU remainers want ". Why should remainers want to ban shooting. I am a remainer and I do not want to ban shooting, my son is and likewise, he does not want shooting banned and many of my club members are remainers and shoot, so obviously do not want shooting banned. There is no connection between Brexit and shooting. So to imply that remainders want to ban shooting is clearly a false statement.
  13. Are you really so foolish Panoma or do you just ignore the opinions of anyone who does not share your personal outlook on like. One of these days you will grow up and join the adults world , until then its best you keep your opinions to yourself. At the moment you seem to feel you are free to lie and then complain when someone challenges you. That's the sort of thing little kids do not adults. If you make a statement then be prepared to back it up.
  14. Sorry Clem that is not true. N E own many reserves such as the Ribble NNR and manage huge numbers more NNRs and SSSIs across England such as the North Norfolk Coastal NNR and my old ancient woodland reserve Swanton Novers NNR. All NNRs where shooting is allowed by wildfowlers, game shooters vermin shoot and in the case of the woodland reserve deer stalking.
  15. BASC (WAGBI) used to have a survival film " Shotgun Wedding " that they used to rent out to clubs. I saw it first on TV and then my club rented it from a social evening and i held for a week until the club night watching it many times at home. There was a great clip of a morning flight at Blakney, Norfolk. Not up to the standard of todays films , but then the equipment was a little more primitive in those days.
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