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  1. Similar to me Magman. Tikka T3 1 in 8 twist, 25.1 grains of Viht N135 with a Hornady 55 V-Max. Around 3200 fps and very accurate. Although recently I have been messing about with the 53 V-Max and Vhit N133, BL-C 2. BL-C 2 seems to be the better but its a pain to measure out compared to Vhit..
  2. Due to poor health, I am giving up decoy shooting and selling my decoy set up. 8 extendable poles with foot bar. Pole bag. (The odd hole in the bottom, but still usable. (Never got around to sorting the holes...) 10 full bodied flocked crows with feet and plastic securing stakes. (One with a couple of rimfire holes. Boredom.....) 6 flocked pigeon shells. 12 non flocked pigeon shells. (Decent useable condition, but paint worn a bit on the edges of some) Sprung stakes for above. A motorized dead bird flapper. Random time and duration. I think it's either from A1 or AA Decoy?. A sealed led acid 12 volt battery. (May be ok, but not charged for a while so may be no good?) 2 floater extendable poles with wing spreaders, but no floater birds. 1. 2 layer 5 metre X 1.5 metre net. 1. 2 layer 3 metre x 1.5 metre net. 1. 3 metre x 2 metre army surplus net. I'll try and up load the pictures, but bear with me....... £160 the lot. Will need to be picked up from Evesham in Worcestershire. Advertised elsewhere.
  3. Hi folks, With all things being equal, regarding reloading any calibre..... .223 and 6.5mm Creedmoor in this case If I loaded up 10 rounds of .223 Rem, and 6.5 CM, and all was completely equal, bar the brass case length. Would it make a lot of difference....?? As in, If the brass had varied in length by 8 thou across the board. Would that make a lot of difference to the point of impact over 200 yards?? Constructive advice appreciated.... Cheers J.
  4. I agree, I had a similar issue. And BASC were great! And going on their advice I got my SGC and FAC. And things have been fine for over 10 years now. You need your Doctor to confirm the "Anti-depressants" were given to you for a sleep problem and not for Depression. Good Luck!
  5. Hi, Did you manage to sort the problems out that you had with this Photon? You said in other posts that the IR was not working, and you could not see any further than a few yards ahead of you. I'm very interested in the the Photon, but your previous posts do not inspire confidence.....?? Cheers. J.
  6. Thanks again folks. I went through my bits and bobs today that came with the rifle when I bought it used. I could of sworn the seller included the single shot slide tray, all the bits to service the filler valve and a complete O ring set. And after a fair bit of searching I found them! All neatly packed in a little jiffy bag! So I'm thankfully/hopefully I'm sorted. Thanks again folks. 👍
  7. Hi folks, I'm after a little advice. I haven't used my .25 Air Ranger fac for some time now. I've gone to have a look at it with a view to using it, and it's totally empty of air. It's leaking terrible. I can't get any air into it. It comes straight out of the breech, and also around the pellet probe. I intend to replace both seals and have a box of lots of different size O rings. Hopefully I have a couple that fit... But I'm not sure what my box of seals are made from. Do they need to be made of a special material for the job? And also, should I use a tiny bit of silicone grease when fitting them? I appreciate I could order a genuine seal kit, but it seems silly if i can use what I already have. I also nipped up the filling port just in case, but it made no difference. Some constructive advice would be appreciated. Cheers J.
  8. Not at the moment, but will keep you posted if I do. Cheers.
  9. Rob, can you PM me the scopes you are selling or considering to part ex. Cheers
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