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  1. I understand what you mean Dibble and to a point i agree. I use my 05 Nissan Xtrail for shooting. I use road tyres in our so called summer months. And very off road biased tyres in the autumn and winter. Which cope very well to be fair.... And i won't be using the RAV4 for shooting unless it is summertime, or it's a very dry spell! ☺️ It's mainly "almost" about tyres in my experience. Not that full locking diffs isn't a HUGE bonus over just tyres!!.... But my Xtrail and it's very off-road bias tyres have never got me stuck. As yet.........
  2. OOPS.... Mistake. Mods please delete. Correct post below....
  3. Second that, having had one on a .223. That's a lovely bit of kit Dekers. I see the scope's Optisan. What's the rifle details? Cheers.Forget that Dekers i've found the details.
  4. Took delivery of my new 69 plate RAV 4 a couple of weeks ago. It's the Hybrid model. Best car of bought to date. Although if you go for an overtake, the engine kicks in as well as the NiMh batteries, and the engine sounds ****! Really revvy, and sounds like the clutch is going. But bar the, i love it. Reasonably high spec, and still not used to all the toys!! 😀
  5. I've seen a very similar, set-up, but made by Lincoln, and a lot higher quality. Similar nice box, but leather outside lined, leather buckles, and green velvet inlaid. A 12 gauge and a 20 gauge barrels and forends. Very nice set-up. Single selective. The guns were very well made. I was very ****** as he got it for about £200, as the owner was losing his certificate.....😠
  6. Payment received. Bullets now sold. Thanks.
  7. Sorry for your loss Hodge911. Jamie.
  8. I've decided to go with a different bullet in my 6.5 Creedmoor, so i have 2 new sealed boxes, of the same lot number. £85 posted, signed for. Also advertised elsewhere.
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