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  1. I'm after a metal 10 round .223 mag, the ones that take the longer rounds, are made of alloy, and fit the Tikka T3's standard magazine well. Must be in very good working order. Cheers.
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    Plus 1! 😃
  3. A nice post. And a good result from the logs/sticks carried away. Jamie
  4. As above i'm selling my Hawke sidewinder 30 6-24x56 Mil Dot. It's second focal plane, unless on x20 mag. I bought it around 12 to 18 months ago. I would descr ibe it as almost new, only due to the fact that there's a very minor scuff on the underside of the illumination part of the turret. Apart from that, you would get everything in the box, that you would get if bought it new in a shop. I'm selling it to off-set the cost of another higher end scope I've just bought. Any one is welcome to pop in and check the scope over with a view to buying it. I have lots of pictures that i could email to any interested buyers, but have also included a few on the advert. Due to it's condition i'm after £300 including including Royal Mail fully insured, signed for postage. (RMSD) Also advertised elsewhere
  5. The shotgun went to js2key's son for clay work. I couldn't be more pleased. Nice to to meet you folks. Enjoy! Cheers Jamie
  6. Sorry to be a pain folks, but my heads all over the shop with scopes. Shops being the right word too!! Paying what seems about right. To what seems more than necessary, for what i want or need to spend to "Over scope" it... I've read lots of good things about the Delta Titanium 4.5-30×50 IR SFP Riflescope, £735 new. But is it OTT for shooting 350 yards max with a .223 Rem Tikka T3? Just to point out i don't do a lot of low light shooting, and like a bit of target shooting, but tend to do that with my hefty lump of a Tikka Tac1 in 6.5CM with a great Vortex scope that's great out to my ability of 700-900 yards. (But it's not illuminated or FFP which is what i want next??) I was thinking more of the latest Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 EBR-4 SF SFP Rifle Scope. £500 new. Or a Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25×50 SFP Illuminated 30mm Riflescope for £900+ Yet more (Constructive) opinions requested??? Opinions asked elsewhere too. Cheers Jamie
  7. I met Steve today,what a great genuine friendly bloke he is. Thanks for showing me your scope. Cheers Jamie
  8. Cheers for the offer Barbel. It's out of my price range, but does it have similar spec to one or both the Strike Eagle and or Diamondback? I have Vortex Viper 6-24x50 HSLR in FFP and I love it. It's more about knowing how big the SFP is with the EBR-4SF, or similar Is yours similar and SFS then? Cheers.
  9. Mods, please could you move this to "General Shooting Matters"?? Cheers. Hi, I'ts for my Tikka T3 1in8, .223 Rem, for general pests, and some target shooting.
  10. Hi folks, I've decided to go for either a Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24×50 EBR-4 SF SFP Rifle Scope. Or the Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24×50 FFP Non Illuminated Riflescope I know one is illuminated and SFP and the other is non Illuminated but FPP I also like both rets. Given the choice i'd have the Diamondback with illumination, but that's not on offer... If I could be sure the Strike Eagle had a fine ret, i'd go for that, as i already have a higher end non illuminated FFP Vortex. Does anyone out there have both or at least the Strike Eagle, so i could have a fine ret, but also illuminated. Or maybe offer an alternative that's illuminated for a max of £550 new/used.?? Cheers.
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