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  1. I know it's a bit more than you want to pay but I have a nice Honda 300 4 x 4 for sale, can supply pictures etc, in East Yorkshire, £1200
  2. Do they have any pulling capacity, say like a beaters trailer/ horse box conversion, on a shoot day? Forget this post just checked 350 kg unbraked
  3. I have a 2008 ford ranger, I only use it around the shoot, beating, so it's only got, 23000 on the clock, I am not very good with motors, so in another 7 years it will probably only have done 46.000, but it will be 14 years old, will the other components other than the engine hold on or do I need to be doing something
  4. I dog in morning and night on our shoot, I started pushing all the birds back to the pens, now as the first day gets nearer, I dog in the boundaries pushing them into the drives, I would have thought by now you are feeding the drives not the pens, unless the pens are a drive, but the position of the birds change daily, for instance last night saw very few birds, this morning hundreds in the same spot and vice versa, On shoot day you want them in the drives
  5. If anybody wants a beater for Saturday 3rd or Saturday 17th October, I am available, live in East Yorkshire, got 3 trained cockers. Looking to fill my diary, booked up otherwise
  6. If taking him out this season, and I know it's difficult, try taking him out on small days first and then progress to bigger days, if in beating line, have you had him hunting will your using, carrying a flag
  7. Age that age I wouldn't be walking the dog anyway, play with it, start conditioning it at that age I would have already introduction the dog to retrieving , recall whistle, turn whistle, and noise using metal feeding bowls, banging them together, garden or small space only stuff
  8. Because it's bones, joints are still developing, normal they say initial 5 mins for every month of its life, long walks are total different to playing in the garden,
  9. If it was me I would forget and going shooting and the dummy launcher, and start with a starter pistol, get somebody with you, throw a dummy and send the dog at the same time at a distance away get somebody to fire the starter pistol, if all OK, keep closing the distance until you are going both jobs, then move on to, the launcher, hopefully with his keenness the noise will not be noticed, and like the others said he will then associate noise as a good thing, also remember to train the same way with a cracking flag, as this might be a problem, this might unsteady him as well, I always
  10. What do you do if it's ******* down for a couple of days, just carry on spinning? Just wondered as birds don't seem to bother with damp pellets/grain
  11. some of you must spend a long time counting the birds in the pen to know you have them all in lol How many of you feed outside pen straight away, or just inside pen only
  12. Is there a version of any of the above with a separate boot area seal off from car, like Ranger, Hills, L200 etc,
  13. Not looking brilliant this week for bird delivery? . Which day to choose
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