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  1. What's the matter ? you love to dish it out, put **** out there and you're gonna be challenged and get some back.
  2. I'm guessing that you regard anyone who doesn't share your point of view is a traitor .But hey while name calling seems to be ok I'll stoop to your level and say get a life you gammon faced little Englander.
  3. Lots of people out there with issues, luckily none of them get to post on this forum !!
  4. Fair play, this fairy doesn't always check his spelling!
  5. Thanks Rewulf, look forward to hearing more political insites the fairies at the bottom of your garden give you.
  6. Unlike yourself I wouldn't pretend to know how many US congressmen or women care enough about Ireland to block a trade deal. I obviously don't move in the same high circles as you. Perhaps the Nottingham Branch of the CIA have got a mole who is leaking this sort of secret information to local PW members. It would be rude to keep you waiting too long for an answer so I'll just take a leaf out your book mate and make it up the answer is 152.
  7. Rewulf as ever an expert on everything . How many US Congress people share their secret thoughts one the subject of Irish ancestry with you ? Full of **** as ever.
  8. Spot on, all the Politicians have gone into election mode. Field sport knocking is a vote winner as I don't think that the majority of the general public approve, Bojo is banging on about getting tough on crime today another attempt to win over voters. Quite frankly none of it will happen. If you're a toff or a criminal don't think anything will change.
  9. Erm I guess he's not been sacked because he's doing what he's paid to do. As far as fiscal policy is concerned who are people to supposed to get their information from? Mr Carney or some armchair governor of the Bank of England on PW? JRDS I think you need to go get your banking and economics qualifications and just admit that maybe there are more level headed qualified and sensible people than you to speak on such matters. If you get banned again it's cos you talk utter poo.
  10. Well I agree with you about David Cameron' s lack of balls and getting scared of his party losing a few votes to the blue rinse brigade in the backward muddy swamps of the south east and capitulating to the likes of Farage & Johnson. Being weak, devious, dishonest and having no moral compass must be compulsory at Eton and the Bullington Club. Just looking at the names on this one page in front of me Rewulf, GordonR, Pinfireman & Henry d, between you you've racked up over 40 thousand posts of right wing drivel suspect you must be trolls at the Conservative Party HQ or perhaps you
  11. Same old party with the same old values. Just a new gob****e heading it up." agree only time will tell"
  12. Who know's we'll just have to wait and see won't we?
  13. Boris's bunch have been in charge through the whole Brexit process, from calling the referendum in the first place to dealing with the negotiation to get us out. It has been a fiasco from start to finish, the government is not fit for purpose it's time for a change the tories just aren't up to the job. If I had a mortgage I would bet against Boris being PM in 12 months time. Why keep slamming your **** in the door when you already know it hurts? time for change.
  14. He's not sorted anything or anyone yet the man is just full of ****, another public school boy who's just got the keys to the tuck shop. Looking forward to see what happens.
  15. For gods sake what planet are you on ? You'll be rolling out the "we'll fight them on the beaches" speech next get a bloody grip and take your medication.
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