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  1. Could always give Chris Grayling a shot at it ?
  2. Baker Street had the sax riff not Stuck In The Middle With You.
  3. Doubt the “condom shortage” will effect too many pro brexit voters as most of them probably can’t get it up these days !
  4. Yep that's a valid point well made....... Just decided over the past few days it's time to go and play with the grown ups.
  5. We live in a democratic country you sometimes just have to live with the fact that some people have a different opinion to you, just live with it, shut up or do one. As for panties I'm sure that you probably spend lots of time on specialist websites that cater for your interest !
  6. It's called democracy if you don't like it go and live somewhere else
  7. Lot's going home now and not so many coming if you believe the latest stats. Immigrants sending money home have taken a big hit with the fall in the value of the pound so it makes working here less attractive.
  8. They elected Trump as President so I would imagine lots of them have mental health issues !
  9. Cheers pinfire, I've read all your numerous posts on the topic and despite you obviously knowing it all ! I'll trust my own judgement thank you.
  10. Don't stress Gordon probably just forgotten to take his medication!!
  11. Don't worry it will all be fine when we've broken free from those awful European chaps and can deal with it all ourselves.
  12. Lots of rather childish winners too, if the brexit vote had gone the other way I can't imagine many contributors on this forum accepting the result graciously. I kind of hope Labour do win the next election, It will be very interesting to see if any of the rabid right wing contributors on here would stop moaning and bitching about it.
  13. The shooting starts again sadly, and nobody in their right mind wants to see that all kick off again.
  14. Like Tory MP Ben Bradley ? Might have to get ready to put your hands in your pockets lads !!
  15. No that would make him a Brexiter material.
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