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  1. Probably given a vegan meal at the taxpayers expense and driven home in a police car! Oh, and an apology from Cressida for spoiling their fun.
  2. To make sure non one interrupted them I suppose.
  3. It was a bit like Sergeant Wilson; "Would you please kindly step this way - if you don't mind that is"
  4. https://metro.co.uk/video/animal-rebellion-turn-trafalgar-square-fountains-red-2208930/ They should be made to pay every penny of the clean up costs.
  5. I think you will find that the 'in cars' would be questionable. I have also seem complaints that black people are more likely to be stopped walking down the street. The police stop people because they have a reason. If you look at the figures (official Gov.uk site) here https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/crime-justice-and-the-law/policing/number-of-arrests/latest it shows the arrests. Police can only arrest when there are reasonable grounds. I'm not going to go through all of the figures - but draw your own conclusions.
  6. Just had a fellow from Microsoft phone me about computer problems. Perhaps he was after you to fix it? Didn't get his number, but he spoke with an Indian accent ......
  7. In fact it can only give the registered 'keeper' who may be neither the driver, nor the possibly the 'owner' - if it is a business car.
  8. This /\ There was another issue a few months ago (can't now remember the details, but was a "stop and search" type complaint), but someone interviewed (local councillor or similar?) on the radio actually said - if everyone complains formally about every time they are stopped - then the system will get swamped and they will have to cease stopping people. It didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now - but there are those out there who are determined to stop the system - regardless if it results in a rise in real offences.
  9. I suspect it may be a 'non stick' type of plastic (as nylon is). Glue isn't very good with those types of plastic ........
  10. That makes sense as the above seems to have come in from early 2020. I have also had bad experiences in the past with the India call centre.
  11. Interesting as I have recently had contact and it was UK and it is claimed they are now (2020) in the UK https://contact-centres.com/bt-answers-100-of-calls-with-uk-based-contact-centres/ https://newsroom.bt.com/bt-completes-100-onshoring-of-customer-service-calls-to-the-uk-and-ireland-to-deliver-personal-and-local-customer-service/ I have to say my recent experience with them (May 2020) was very good, but it was mainly a renewal issue where I wanted to tailor the package (which includes land line, mobile and broadband) to better suit my individual needs (and reduce costs).
  12. I am with BT who use the EE infrastructure for mobile. As far as I can tell, works very well, good coverage and I've had no problems. As has been said above - key for many people including me is how good they are locally - i.e. where you are most likely to be. EE are pretty good for me (though no network I know of is 100% inside an old thick walled house with foil clad insulation in some parts) - and have also been good where I regularly travel (in the UK). For the BT detractors, I have been content with BT and had good service in recent times. The days of overseas call centres seem to be over as you get a UK centre now who seem quite switched on.
  13. Denton & Kennel used several Spanish makers to supply a range of s/s guns from fairly basic boxlocks to fairly 'fancy' sidelocks. All tended to be very keenly priced, and what you got reflected that. From recollection, they were always cheaper than equivalent AyA models, but didn't meet AyA's levels of quality either. At the time (1980s), the importers advertised them very widely.
  14. JohnfromUK

    Pubs now open

    I think that PhilR and the Heron's experiences seem to be typical of what I have heard round here. Not been out myself, but I understand the vast majority of places have operated smoothly and with sensible distancing. In my view there is a (not easy) duty on landlords to ensure it does run smoothly and safely - and that any who won't respect that are not served (and if necessary removed). I know that is hard to do, but it is in the whole 'trade's' interests that this lockdown easing is a success. It may be much easier in a rural location such as around me where miost pubs etc have large gardens than in urban sites. Where either landlords cannot, (or will not) cooperate with that - then I think there is a case for license being suspended.
  15. JohnfromUK

    Pubs now open

    She is a very competent and skilled media performer.
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