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  1. Not sure; I must admit I thought mine were bismuth until I got them out a few minutes ago - and they are tungsten, hence the TMX. I have only ever bought one box as I don't shoot quarry that needs non toxic. I can't really disagree or comment as I haven't tried myself, but I know some people who say that they are fine, whereas others (including a friend whose shooting and knowledge I greatly respect) say that they are only OK if you stay within significantly less range than the equivalent lead and pick your shots accordingly.
  2. Agreed, but I don't think that is the case. I think they were looking for HP steel proof. The gunsmith took a view that the barrels action were up to HP proof - and sadly were wrong. I still believe that the standard proof (70mm/2 3/4") is adequate for standard steel, but advise less that 1/2 choke. I don't believe there would be any need for reproof for this, but the prospective owner wanted to be able to use HP steel - and so it was right to try for reproof. Mine were just over £30 for a box of 25 (that is 32g 2 3/4") Gamebore TMX - a couple of years ago though.
  3. My tungsten matrix ones are plastic (Gamebore TMX). I was mis-sold - for the price I thought I was getting 24 carat gold shot with silk and kidd leather wads
  4. Isn't that plastic wad? I'm not sure why reproof was needed for opening choke from 3/4 to 1/2? Most sources advise no more than 1/2 choke for steel, but that is also I think for pattern reasons.
  5. I was advised by my gunsmith that my AyA No 1 was OK for standard steel 2 3/4" loads, with plastic protective wads, but would not be suitable for HP under any circumstances (I believe too light 'overall'). In practice, as steel comes with plastic wads and our shoot (landlord) forbids plastic wads - at present I simply don't shoot wildfowl, and continue to shoot game with lead. (I don't shoot woodcock at all anyway).
  6. I tend to agree. My two barrel AyA set has a heavy duty action - proofed (in Spain) with the 28" barrels, but the 30" barrels have UK proof at 1200 KPa. The 'action' carries both Spanish and UK proof marks. Neither set is steel proof and both have 70mm chambers.
  7. AyA No 1 barrels are a different steel to No 2 (one of the relatively few differences) and are indeed slightly lighter. One of my AyAs is proofed at 1200 KPa, for the 30" 'heavy' barrels, and the 28" 'standard' barrels at 900 KPa. My No 1 is proofed at 900 KPa.
  8. They are available with double triggers ........ in theory, but that may come at a price if you order new. Many years ago I bought a new SO 6, and wanted straight hand and double triggers. Unfortunately, it would be a special order from the factory - at nominally list price with 'possible' discount when delivered at some many months in the future and a large deposit payable with order, no choice of wood or ability to select wood. Or I could have a standard single trigger pistol grip now that very day with 50% discount on list price, choice of three viewable that very day.
  9. Very sad. Condolences to family, friends and colleagues. I think we need to await full formal release of facts - as there seems to be mainly 'speculation' in the press at present.
  10. JohnfromUK

    Smart Meter

    Let me quote my own house. My supply maximum capacity is 80A, or about 16 KW. That is the 'master fuse' rating. Current typical peak demand is about half that with oven, hob, some water heating etc. No electric space heating. A current type car charger is about 7KW, which gives about 30 'miles worth of charge' per hour. So I could have a 7KW car charger and still use my present oven, kettle etc. ....... just. However - IF I had to use electricity for space heating (rather than gas, which currently has about 60 KW max capacity) - and I assume a steady state requirement of about
  11. JohnfromUK

    Smart Meter

    There is a long way to go before that is possible - because it would have to selectively turn off 'non essentials'. For example fridges and freezers can be turned off for short periods with no overall detriment, as can many car charging operations (which will be BIG power users). The present generation smart meters have the capability to turn off and on - but there are huge safety issues; Someone for whom power is critical (e,g. medical application) Power off - then user switches on a ring/heater - which doesn't come on - and leaves something flammable nearby - power comes b
  12. JohnfromUK


    Personally when I was working (retired now) it was normal for 'the office' to ring people off sick, either by their manager/supervisor, or the personnel people. It was a call to see 'how you were', but inevitably also asked about return ........ and often included a 'don't try and come back until you feel well enough' type phrase. It was generally appreciated, and was part of 'duty of care'.
  13. JohnfromUK

    Smart Meter

    There are (like so many things), both good points and bad points. I see them (for SMETS 2 - SMETS 1 is obsolete and was poor) like this; Bad Reliability of 'smart' part questionable for reasons of both radio signal variation to SMETS network and to in house display It has the capability to remotely 'switch you off' - though this is not likely to be used, it could be hacked/operated in error, or by a rogue company/employee Not all gas meters (e.g. the older large capacity U16) have smart replacements There are issues with flats etc where meters may be at a distance
  14. JohnfromUK

    Smart Meter

    SMETS 2 (the meters now being installed) do not use the mobile phone network. They have a dedicated network (that has its own different issues and so called 'not spots') that is different to mobile phones. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/smart-living/why-you-dont-need-mobile-signal/
  15. Lol ! Its a 12. Maybe one day. With present circumstances I have only shot once since February this year. I have seen it fired years ago, but not fired it. I do use my (two) hammer guns from time to time, but they are both in nitro.
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