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  1. As in so many things, the answer isn't simple or clearcut! First - if you are talking the same make and model type - the 'goodness' of the glass and coatings will be in effect the same - so that is not a factor. (This is where very expensive makes using very high grade glass and superior coatings can be better than cheaper types). The '42' is the objective diameter. The 8x or 10x is the magnification. The major light parameter is the 'exit pupil size', found by dividing the objective size by the magnification, so it is 4.2 (mm) for the 10x and 5.25 (mm) for the 8x. Now it is the exit pupil size that is important in low light situations; it is the size of the light circle that comes out from the eyepiece into the pupil of your eye. Under bright conditions, your pupil closes up to reduce the light input to the eye. If the actual pupil size of your eye is less than the exit pupil size of the binoculars - you will capture as much light as possible and your eye is the limiting factor. However - if the exit pupil of the binocular doesn't fully fill the pupil of the eye - then then binocular is the limiting factor. Typically - the maximum pupil size can vary a lot - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pupil So - what is the answer? IF you intend to use the binos in low light (i.e. near twilight/dawn) a lot, you should try and compare under those conditions - because IF your pupil can open to 5.25 mm - you will capture more light from the 8x - which may be an advantage. However if (and many of us older types are like this) your pupil doesn't open up as much as it once did - you may find little difference in low light. IF you rarely use them in low light - you may find the slightly greater magnification an advantage. I know this doesn't really help a lot, but I hope it does explain why it really has to be a personal choice based on trial under (especially low light) various conditions.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8162311/Jeremy-Corbyn-accused-narcissism-boasting-coronavirus-pandemic.html
  3. Just when I though he couldn't stoop any lower https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8159311/Jeremy-Corbyn-claims-coronavirus-crisis-proved-hard-Left-views-absolutely-right.html
  4. It isn't in his makeup. His support (from his Momentum and hard left support base) isn't based on 'kind words' behaviour. It is about tapping into and encouraging envy, jealousy, and a 'them and us' feeling, supporting the 'anti establishment' rabble - even if they consist of terrorists and murderers. That is what his whole politics and background consists of. He has never done a proper job, but has been a paid 'agitator' either in the Union movement or politics all his life - much of it spent agitating against his own party's leadership. Oddly - much of what he wished for (renationalisation of the railways, massive reductions is air traffic, huge loses to those with savings, people becoming dependent on state handouts) have come to pass - though not in any way by his hand. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/jeremy-corbyn-boris-johnson-pmqs-coronavirus-a9424786.html
  5. Same. I have years ago had fantastic products from Sony. I still have some after many years. The recent products have been poor - for example my 3 year old TV cannot play BBC iPlayer (catchup) due to insufficient memory - and has a dire user interface. (Fortunately I can do a workaround using the Samsung DVD). They seemed to quite lose the plot.
  6. Corbyn is a 'socialist'. You would expect negativity; it is at the heart of how left wing politicians seek to implement socialism. Hold back the 'active and able' to prevent them getting ahead Take from those who 'have' to reduce them to 'haven't' Discourage the instinct to excel or prosper individually Control and micromanage to ensure 'equality and fairness' Ensure the 'state' holds control over the voters through state dependency
  7. I have an older version of one of these http://www.lawnmowersshop.co.uk/hayter-power-trim-push-strimmer.htm Good for rough grass, weeds etc. Not up to brambles, seedlings, woody stuff.
  8. I am very 'pro' hedgehog - even if they do raid nests for eggs, you don't see many about nowadays.
  9. It is the sort of behaviour I would associate with this type of 'fanatic'. Society would be better without these people. I'm not saying any more because I will probably end up getting the thread locked!
  10. As I recall, she gave another name for the driver - who said (and I think it was proved) he wasn't even in the UK at the time. But there were a whole stack of things that just didn't add up in her story. I suspect her 'problem' was that once she had started down the path of false statements ......... she didn't have the courage to give up and admit she must have been mistaken and it was her. Instead she continued to just dig a deeper hole to fall into.
  11. JohnfromUK


    Perhaps you could let the Labour party know? This /\ - never invest in things you don't understand why they have a value. I would not do crypto for that very reason - but of those who do understand it ....... some have done very well. I think the airlines that will survive and bounce back would be those airlines with cash reserves, no major borrowings and good cargo businesses (which will keep some revenue flowing), and companies that were actually doing well before can retain a presence during - and whose business will quickly come back on resumption of 'normal business' (one example might be Greggs, but don't take that as a 'tip' as I'm no expert). I would be wary of travel businesses. Just my ideas and please don't think I'm am expert 'tipster'.
  12. The only warning I can recall ever having seen simply said "shot".
  13. and her mother is in the House of Lords (£300 odd quid a day for turning up) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martha_Osamor,_Baroness_Osamor nominated by no less a person than one Jeremy Corbyn.
  14. Another gets off free; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8131061/Labours-Kate-Osamor-let-warning-threatening-attack-journalist.html
  15. 👍 I assume you mean fibre wads!
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