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  1. These things are a nuisance. Back in May I came down one morning to water dripping through the sitting room ceiling. Directly above is the en-suite to my bedroom, and this was below the shower cubicle. Because this seemed to have happened just after the shower had been used - I initially assumed a waste water problem, but it didn't seem to dry - and I had to shut off the water to that part (which annoyingly includes the kitchen). Water stopped quite quickly. Fortunately, I have some 'as being built' photos and was able to locate the pipes and cut into the plasterboard - and find them. Clear water running down the copper pipe feeding the shower mixer valve - but hidden away behind tiling. Cut and stopped off the pipe so that I could have the water back on to the kitchen and rest of the en suite. Wind forward 6 weeks (not a major problem as I have both a separate bath in the en suite and a shower in the 'family' bathroom) to when I could get a plumber. Stripped out, and source of the leak was a pinhole in the flexible connection to the shower mixer. Now all redone with minimal plastic (sadly the shower mixer itself has some plastic parts) and I hope won't happen again - as two days work for one pinhole. I have also included isolator vales hidden behind an access panel behind the laundry basket!
  2. It seems the Counter Terrorist Command will be leading the investigation.
  3. I agree - and in the past organised several evenings of clays 'come and have a go' sessions for beginners through a local clays ground/or gun shop. Always a popular event. Not so sure live quarry would have been as popular though!
  4. Very sad. Seems to have been a popular and well liked MP and will obviously be much missed.
  5. I agree. I think it is thoroughly irresponsible for any shoot over farmland to allow plastic wads. I ran a shoot 30+ years ago and we didn't allow plastic wads - initially mainly because one of our landlords requested that. IF someone was found using plastic - they were stopped, we had a supply of fibre on hand - and they had to buy them - (or borrow from someone else). I agree it is a "relatively small minority of very loud extremists and antis who are making most of the noise" - but I think that generally most of the 'town dwelling public' are at best "not supportive" of shooting - seeing it as unnecessary, verging on cruel, and generally distasteful. As the countryside becomes more a refuge for 'ex townies', old country ways and traditions are shunned in favour of 'town influences'. If I offered my local neighbours a surplus brace of pheasants in days gone by, they were warmly welcomed, and you were thanked and often asked in for a cup or glass on something. Now - many of the 'incomers' would open the door a crack - or speak to you via an intercom and at the mention of pheasants - you are very likely to get cut off! At best you will get a tentative response - which goes stone cold ]the moment they realise they are still in the feather! They don't want the live sourced food - preferring to have fresh/frozen delivered oven ready and disassociated from anything 'alive' so they don't feel guilty.
  6. My car had a tracker fitted by the 1st owner - which I took on when I bought the car (via a main dealer). (Made a one off payment for the time I own the car). My insurer doesn't requite it - but does give me discount for having it. They told me it depends on make/model (usually more likely to be needed on cars with poor security/high 'nickability') and the area (postcode) of the owner.
  7. On a bespoke gun, Powell's would still make to order - including push up I believe all the time Peter was there anyway. I don't think they actually made any in recent times - and (guess) that the additional cost would have been considerable. It is quite handy, but I've not really tried in 'cold and wet' as (a) - a hammer gun isn't ideal anyway in cold and wet, and (b) my gun (made 1871) is very original, a bar in wood, on its Damascus barrels and I don't in fact use it much and prefer to keep it dry!
  8. Some of the drop locks were made with Scott spindle (and often a top cross bolt as is the one shown at Westley Richards now; https://www.westleyrichards.com/usedguns/view/shotguns/1528747971-westley-richards-12g-highest-quality-droplock/ The rest of that gun (single trigger, Woodward grip etc.) I don't like. I did once contemplate one with I'm sure was Scott spindle and no top extension at all, but never followed it up. I have used (and still own a hammer gun with) a Powell push up top lever. Works OK for me, but I wouldn't specify it if given free choice.
  9. It's (apparently) what the young, or at least a lot of them, want. Block the motorways to save the climate, but fly to Spain for holidays and eat imported (flown in) avocados. It's called being environmentally friendly. Now burn a bit of heather to encourage young growth that wildlife needs to eat - and you are destroying the planet - but leave it there to get long and woody - so that when it gets a fire (lightning causes them) it burns so hot that it ignites the peat is being environmentally friendly - apparently according to our BBC experts, Packham & Co., Guardian experts, Avery, Moonblot and Co. Tongue firmly in cheek I know, but common sense has gone.
  10. I am sure that I read somewhere (and it may well not have been the full story or possibly even correct at all) that the BQBL was the UK name for the No 4 deluxe. AyA did have some strange naming with the Senior as well; initially called the "Premiere" for the UK, but Senior for other markets, it later became effectively known as the Senior and the Premiere name was quietly dropped. The BQBL or No 4 delux are very nice guns however named. I almost bought one some time ago, but ended up with a No 1 (which I still have) and really the only reason was that there were far more No 1's around, so I had less far to go to find the right one. The one I was looking at was a self opener (my No 1 isn't), but I believe most were not self openers and it was quite an expensive option (so the seller told me!) One of the nicest boxlocks I know is the Westley Richards 'droplock'. I have never owned one. There is a book specially on boxlocks, https://www.amazon.co.uk/British-Boxlock-Gun-Rifle/dp/1906122415
  11. Are there any significant differences apart from name?
  12. Correct, but if you have small hands, its hard to do! My late godfather always did it with his guns (Purdey) and kept two cartridges between the knuckles of the left hand; he was VERY fast reloading. I cannot easily manage it with my Atkin spring opener, or at all on my AyA self opener. I can't move the thumb of the right hand far enough to the right with my fingers around the wrist. The AyA has a pistol grip, making it even harder. Incidentally, I have head that AyA's BQBL is the best handling of all AyA models. Self opening was a not inexpensive optional extra I believe. Very nice gun.
  13. Interesting. When I took 'early retirement', I chose not to start my pensions (old final salary ones) from a couple of previous employments early - and they are due to start on my 65th birthday - which is in 6 months time. In the last few months - both companies (they are with pension companies, not the old employer) have written to me checking on my address being up to date and advising me that I will hear from them about options for 'lump sums' and so forth during the quarter leading up to my 65th birthday. It is comforting that they are aware that I still exist!
  14. This has always been 'known' as a probable need, and I don't think will come as a great surprise to anyone. I suspect that potentially - MUCH more if this will be needed if large numbers of properties have electric cars and electric (heat pump) heating systems. From a practical view, charging an electric car is about 75 units (KWhr) of electricty, and heating a property for 24 hours in winter is maybe 100 KWhrs equivalent of electricity, so even with a good heatpump will need say 35 units. Lets say a typical 'all electric' household charges the car once a week (i.e. average 10 KWhr of electricity per day) and heats by a heatpump at about 30 KWhr per day - that household will use about 40 KWhr per day that is currently provided by gas/oil/petrol/diesel. To put that in perspective, that is about 3 times what I use now (as I use gas and diesel for heat and transport) - so my daily electricity would go from about 12 units a day to 50 Units a day. If everyone did it, the system will need much expansion of capacity and distribution capacity.
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