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  1. One issue to bear in mind is the sound side. I am also a bit hard of hearing. It mean that I can hear the inbuilt satnav pretty well - because it mutes the radio/CD player, and plays the directions over the car's main speakers - and you can set the volume independently. If you are using a separate 3rd party satnav, you need to be able to connect in via bluetooth or an alternative (wired?) or hear the directions from the satnav units own speaker. My hearing really struggles with that on occasions. I tend to use the inbuilt in my main car (which has it) despite it being a bit old
  2. I think so; Charles, Andrew, William (and I think Kate), Peter Phillips all shoot - and I'm guessing Edward does as well. HM the Queen was known to enjoy picking up.
  3. Pretty sure it is the same occasion. I think he was handing over a Royal Marines post to Camilla
  4. I think it was his final public appearance - to the Royal Marines at Buckingham Palace.
  5. It is part of the long term war of who runs business; the management or the workforce/unions. It is not confined to British Gas, many companies do similar. I'm not taking sides but the issues (as I see them) are this; Over time, the business environment (competition, equipment, legislation, working practices, products supplied and fitted, services offered etc.) all change To meet this change - changes in employees contracts are likely to be needed. This may mean changes to working practices, remuneration 'packages', pensions, company cars, holiday allowances etc. In most i
  6. I see some nasty little woke stirrer is raising the issue that among the 30 allowed for the funeral - all are white. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/showbiz-tv/jeremy-vine-under-fire-viewers-20399015 Why do 'the woke' try to bring race into everything? There are 30 people - who are almost all family members. What the hell does he expect them to do? Leave out Prince Charles and Prince William and invite Diane Abbott and David Lammy instead to keep a racial balance?
  7. In 2015 the 'final' special edition 110 was £43.5K - but that was with all of the 'bells and whistles'. https://www.classicdriver.com/en/article/cars/special-editions-land-rover-defenders-final-year The new 110 is difficult to compare price wise because so much more is 'standard'.
  8. I have to admit - I cannot ever recall anyone I know sectioning part of the garden off against the dog(s) (other than where food is grown).
  9. My tulips don't get raided. They were one of these 'mixed bulb offers - 1 day only' from Thompson and Morgan a couple of years back and have done really well - though the colour is not a great favourite. Both dafs and tulips have done very well this year, I like to think because I dead headed well last year (being confined to the garden) Pheasant that visits nips all the buds from my anenomies - except red for some bizarre reason!
  10. A relative has artificial turf and dogs; bad combination - in hot dry weather, unless washed down regularly, smells of dog's pee.
  11. Woke up to a dusting of snow - seen here on my tulips.
  12. There was a 6 wheeled version by Carmichaels of Worcester as a fire tender
  13. I am familiar with the Paradox (invention of a Colonel Fosbery), but never handled let alone shot one. David Baker published a book, but I don't have a copy and it is expensive to acquire now.
  14. Some photos posted by the Speyside Moorland Group of the D of E doing what he liked and what we like.
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