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  1. JohnfromUK

    CENS vs Custom Fit Guards

    I have Emtec passives. Very pleased with them and had them many years. Personally, though a little hard of hearing (mostly age related probably), I find I have no problem at all with ordinary conversation with passives. My inclination would be to buy upgradable passives .......... see how you get on - you may not wish to spend the extra to go active. This would save you a lot of money - and keep your options open for the future. I'm pretty sure CENs do upgradeables - not sure if any other makes do.
  2. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

  3. JohnfromUK

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    Actually I suspect much game isn't 'organic' unless the shoot specifically buys organic certified food/grain and follows an organic compatible veterinary compliance, but that is an aside. I think the biggest problem is that people are in general lazy and like to buy their poultry (the most similar 'mainstream' equivalent) in a form ready for the pan/oven. The days of getting chickens, goose, turkey 'whole' from the local butcher have largely gone. I am lazy myself and usually only 'breast out' game. I'm not aware of any mainstream outlets selling 'oven ready' pheasant/game. I'm sure some smaller deli/butchers do, but certainly the supermarkets I use don't. Part of the problem here is cost and labour - especially in a supply chain where the met is only 'in season' for a part of the year. There may also be concerns over claims from broken teeth where people bite on shot? Game is also 'a matter of preference' in that some like it near fresh, others like it to have been hung for some time to 'develop'. I think there is opportunity there, but suspect that there are a lot of pitfalls and problems that have put potential businesses off. Notably, although we do see Gressingham duck, it doesn't seem particularly popular.
  4. JohnfromUK

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    When I used to run a (medium sized) shoot (over 20 years ago now) several shoots locally made arrangements with a major game dealer (in eastern England) well in advance of the season starting. That way the game dealer could arrange the pick up days to visit (at least 3) medium to large shoots within a few miles of each other with their refrigerated lorry. If I remember right there was a weekly 'pick-up' in a particular day that had a route visited many shoots in the day's travel. It had no relation to ordering the birds, and had no contracted price (which was changed per week and was minimal after Christmas). In those days I believe most went to the continent.
  5. JohnfromUK

    Beretta S56E

    I have a (similar date and similar basic gun, different trim) S57EL. It is 70mm.
  6. JohnfromUK

    Grounds for divorce?

    That's why I use Taylors http://taylors-products.co.uk/
  7. JohnfromUK

    Back To Weekly refuse Collections!

    Old boy I know localy who likes a bottle or two of cider was very concerned when the moved the recycling to once a fortnight. He said it would only be OK if they gave him a skip instead of a small bin for the bottles!
  8. JohnfromUK

    Grounds for divorce?

    and put twice as much mustard on the plate as the need or eat.
  9. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    If I'm not mistaken, the EU has just (1st Feb 2019) granted Japan zero tariff status after years of tariffs and negotiations. (since 2013).
  10. JohnfromUK

    My favorite time of year

    I like Autumn; mainly the colours, and fruit & veg, but also look forward to my bit of shooting, and cooler weather. I dislike it too hot, and temperate days when you can walk and do things without getting hot, as well as cosy evenings by the fire.
  11. JohnfromUK

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Having seen her on TV tonight, that was exactly what I felt. I suspect her lawyer (see other posts) who seems a Britain hating immigrant has coached her.
  12. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I used to be a big Honda supporter. I had a 2nd hand USA built Accord Aerodeck for many years - virtually fault free and eventually changed (aged 12 I think) due to many worn parts inc. carburettor which were expensive to replace and making passing emissions test an issue. Great car and did quite a high mileage. I next had a (again USA built) Civic 2 door coupé. Again - a very good car, but traded in due to needing a 4 door hatchback due to ageing parents and dog! Finally a (new) Civic 5 door hatchback - built in Swindon; no end of troubles - and a poor ride. Several recalls (mainly suspension related). After 2 years with repeated dealer visits and multiple replaced parts, gave up aas nione of the faults were corrected and traded in - moving to (2nd hand) BMW (which I still have after 11 years). My (late) father had a Japan built Civic - and that was also excellent. Sadly, in my view, Swindon didn't ever match the quality of USA or Japan built cars.
  13. JohnfromUK

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    This is my concern. If the overall shots to birds is poor (for simple example worse than 4 to 1) - either there are an awful lot of 'clean misses', or there are a lot of birds hit, but not picked. I appreciate that with very high testing birds, there WILL be a lot of clean misses, but my guess is that there will also be a lot of birds with insufficient shot/striking energy to cleanly kill. It wouldn't be for me. I don't like thinking I have pricked a bird and it isn't going to be picked - which does of course happen. But if I was getting a ratio of wildly worse than say 4:1, I wopuld not want to be firing at those birds. Appreciate this is a personal view.
  14. JohnfromUK

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    She seems to have a very nasty piece of work for a lawyer as well https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6716669/How-ISIS-brides-lawyer-blamed-Britain-Lee-Rigby-killer.html
  15. JohnfromUK

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    I don't manage 2:1 very often (i.e. probably never). Typical day for me I fire about 20 - 40 cartridges - sometimes none on a drive, other times maybe 8 or 10. I have taken part in big days in the past (and simulated days). I find I have had plenty (even on simulated days) after maybe 100-150 shots.