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  1. I have a Darne, and it is very well engineered and beautifully made, but inconvenient and slow to operate.
  2. There was a thing like that called a "Baby Bretton" that was French and was very very light (also cheap and I suspect poorly made). Never became popular and I only saw one.
  3. 'We' will all be 'concentrated' into cities. The country homes will be allocated to "party members" and trades union officials, with the bigger stately home type estates used as rest and recreation establishments for the "party elite" and those who have supported "the party". This (and similar) forums will be monitored by "the thought police" and we will have our lentil and yoghurt rations reduced if we make bad press about "the party". In time, a new replacement for Concorde can be made to enable the senior party officials to travel around the world with speed and comfort spreading the conservation message to the gret unwashed.
  4. I think the vast majority of the country would agree with that.
  5. No surprises there; if you want anything Labour promises, don't vote Labour. Even on employment (something one might expect to be a priority for the 'workers' party), "No Labour government has ever left office with unemployment lower than when it started, despite the name of the party." (Source : The Times, 7th April 2014) At present the Tories are only very slightly better on 'promises', but much better on employment, the economy, inflation.
  6. Completely misleading - and in fact quite wrong. The 'problem' is global. As a developed country we have high consumption per head, but this has been recognised and measures are being taken to reduce things like carbon emissions, fossil fuel usage etc. But we are a small country, and though densely populated, our overall population is a fraction of that of India, China, the USA etc. Our contribution to the global problem is small, but could be smaller. India, China etc. have a very high population and are much less developed than us. Whilst their carbon footprint and fossil fuel usage are lower than ours 'per head', it is still very large - and more seriously increasing rapidly with no real sign of that increase slowing much. China had the highest ever emissions in 2017 - emitted even more in 2018 but China is making attempts to lower this (which is mainly due to HUGE coal usage). "Between 2017 and 2018, CO2 emissions climbed by 6.3 percent in India (a rate three times higher than last year’s) and by 4.7 percent in China (compared with last year’s rate of increase of 3.5 percent)." Other countries are also making some progress, but it is slow - and the claimed figures seem to involve much 'carbon capture' by tree planting - which hasn't yet had much effect. We are a small country, with a dense, but still low in global terms population (less than 1% - whereas China and India have about 18% each), and we are making significant progress on carbon targets: We are part of the problem, but a small - and becoming smaller part.
  7. Pretty much with you on all of that. Sort out lines 2 and 3, and that will help CO2 levels drop. But I do encourage sensible use of fossil fuel resources ....... as they are finite.
  8. More? It is already full of the half witted (though only some are racist and fruit loops). Seriously ........ PR would give far more minority governments ....... resulting in the need to pander to them to pass anything through parliament. An example is Israel where extreme religious parties have to be accommodated. The present governments big problem is that they can't get anything through parliament because they have no majority. That would be more common under PR. Clegg tried to get it here, but failed.
  9. It is alleged https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6936451/Eco-warriors-plan-shut-London-Heathrow-Airport.html that they will be trying to close Heathrow tomorrow. Since it is the Easter getaway, I hope for the sake of all trying to get a short break that the police take a hard line and keep the airport open. No one wants a repeat of the chaos caused by the drone at Gatwick.
  10. I cannot comprehend how if you are not prepared to do it willingly, you would like to have some one force you to do it? I have done many things willingly (eco wise) - and would/will do more as and when they either become economic, practical, or I am allowed by the local authority - but if I have chosen not to do something, the last thing I want is to be made to do it.
  11. When I was 42 - it wasn't so hard (I think I was 30 the first time I went), but I'm now 62 and of my regular Scotland sporting friends I am the youngest ........ so you should have at least 20 years yet.
  12. Having been out walking today, which takes me by the railway, a busy main line from Bristol to Birmingham, I was thinking about rail transport. Whilst when the trains are full - no doubt you get a lot of passenger miles per gallon of diesel. However, looking at the trains today around 11:00 - I doubt they were 10% occupied - so probably no more efficient than the despised car. Plus you still need a car to get to the station (there are no buses where I live). Correct: Do as I want or I will do my best to make your normal daily life as difficult as possible (and very probably doing so whilst living on benefits paid for by you). Lovely people.
  13. That's a good one to take, but for use 'back at base' not out on the hill.
  14. I have also never been convinced that the energy expended in recycling is actually 'economic' - both in costs and overall carbon usage - for many (mainly non metallic) materials (by which I mean that the handling, processing and re-manufacturing may use more energy than making from 'new'.)
  15. It isn't about population density for a country (UK, US, Greenland, China to quote a few extreme examples) - it is about world issues - both of carbon usage - leading (probably) to global warming, resource usage globally, and carbon capture, currently best done by rain forests, jungles, peat bogs etc. It isn't helpful looking at in on a Little Britain 'country' basis. Britain has it's part to play, but realistically as a small country, the part we can play is also limited - though we can show a lead - and we are very good historically at technical improvements and innovations. Similarly - we can all (in an industrialised world) play our own parts - but that needs to be done in a sensible and considered way. The ideas put forward by these Extinction Rebellion people (getting back on topic) need to be sensible and considered. What they are doing now is not sensible. It is simply making people loathe their actions, cause and wholly counter-productive. Long term - we need to reduce overall 'consumption' - part of that must come from reducing 'consumption per head' - but 'head count' must also be controlled and reduced.
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