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  1. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    It is all Parliament - not just the Government
  2. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    France is like the UK was, pre Thatcher. Ultimately the Unions have a strong hold that can be used to force the government's hand. Thatcher took back control here in a straight Unions v Government battle. Incidentally, Jeremy Corbyn has promised to give the unions back their power here! How stupid can you get?
  3. JohnfromUK

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    The CPS (and I know their record is pretty poor) must have thought that a retrial was worthwhile, so I assume that they feel they have a strong case for the prosecution.
  4. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    The 'gang of four' suffered several disadvantages; There were only four, Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Bill Rodgers and Shirley Williams Roy Jenkins could talk a good story, but it was all waffle David Owen was smarmy and hard to believe Bill Rodgers seemed nice enough, but was fundamentally 'dull' Shirley Williams like the sound of her own voice too much - and had lost her Labour seat, so had nothing to loose by giving it a try. With only four of them, they joined up with the Liberals who had recently ditched Jeremy Thorpe who was engaged in dodgy practices that had led to a long MI5 file and his resignation and a near miss with court proceedings. Many who might have supported the 'gang of four' wouldn't touch the liberals with a barge pole (and Thorpe wasn't the only dodgy one as Cyril Smith was a big player in the Liberals then. They were VERY pro Europe (Jenkins had held what is now Junckers job then). The intention was to be 'centre left', but the country didn't really want 'left at all then'. Many of their 'ideas' were subsequently respun by Blair, Mandleson , Campbell and Co. - and found success as new Labour policy. With
  5. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Having attended counts in the past, a spoiled paper is just that - a spoiled paper - no one even reads what is on it - let alone does anything. Correct - and to quote another post of yours "Be aware though, that is likely to hand control of the country to a frothy-mouthed, marxist government and an immediate exit of jobs, manufacturing, a deep fall in the value of the pound and decades of resulting misery." I would add high interest rates giving unaffordable mortgage repayments, inflation, unemployment and strikes. In fact a good old traditional labour government.
  6. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    The world will experience the rise of the disgruntled "ordinary citizen" and changes will ensue there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth, a few bruised heads nothing much will actually change when it all blows over.
  7. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    It will be 'gateaux' actually ....... "Laissez-les manger gateaux".
  8. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Yes - in theory, provided the new P.M. could get it past Parliament, the and EU would negotiate a new deal - and Parliament would pass the 'new deal' - all of which are likely to be a 'No'. So we will be back where we are now. And we (who as a country chose leave) should expect Parliament (who are after all our elected representatives) to carry it out - even if it means a 'no deal'. But in practice they won't. Actually since the whole referendum was triggered by the EU causing the British people to be unhappy with how it was going and the path it was taking, and failing to give Cameron anything useful to secure a 'remain' win, it is to be expected.
  9. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    You could argue that Labour is now a party of "Remain". Corbyn campaigned for "Remain" at the referendum allegedly because it protected "workers rights". However, he has in the past been anti EU, having thought it a "capitalist club". In fact he would support anything he thought would further his own aims as like all politicians - he is basically without principles. The Labour party as a whole and in the Parliamentary party would probably have a majority of "Remainers", though not in the north. He is now in the situation where he would campaign for anything he thinks will give him the keys to Downing Street. Personally, I don't see how a Labour government could ever have any outcome other than "Remain" because; The EU will not give a better 'leave deal'. He wouldn't get a 'hard brexit' past either Parliament or his own party even if he wanted to. The only way he could get anything past Parliament would be with backing of Scots Nats and probably Lib Dems - both of whom are strongly remain. I still believe that IF Corbyn was to become P.M. - Brexit would in effect be dead in the water and it would be either BRINO or Remain - plus MacDonnell's Marxist economics and Abbott's snowflake law and order ........ and Corbyn's cosying up to Russia - there would be no International trade deals forthcoming anyway - and all business investment would be scared off.
  10. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Since Tommy Robinson seems to be involved in a high profile role - I think that will put people off. He is (rightly or wrongly) seen as being racist and verging on fascist. In my view his presence is wholly counter producrtive - more so since Nigel Farage has very publicly disowned him and the current incarnation of UKIP.
  11. JohnfromUK

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    These are expensive, but were used by the Government for years and very tough. You will not open one of these with a potato. http://www.modlimited.co.uk/buy/product_info.php?cPath=150_152&products_id=16009&osCsid=jgb4epomr0jefeo7o5ls9loa93 These are reconditioned.
  12. JohnfromUK

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    More on the Osamor 'dynasty' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6473555/How-mother-disgraced-Labour-MP-peer.html
  13. JohnfromUK

    Side by Side Club

    My two AyA 12's are near enough identical to the English s/s I have (both of which are very 'conventional'). The only one formally fitted was the AyA No 1 which was fitted by a traditional fitter & gunsmith - and from memory the drop at the cheek wasn't altered (1 3/8"), but the cast and length were slightly altered (increased and decreased respectively). I have been very pleased with it. I also don't think the gun he is using to break clays at the start of the video is a No 2. The reason is that the gun he is using has a concealed 3rd bite - which I don't think a No 2 has. I think model 53 (and model 56) may have the third bite, but they also have sideclips - and it isn't the right engraving for a model 56 which is a much more expensive model. His gun mount looks low to me as well, but I am not an expert. The heel is well below the shoulder, but people do have different styles.
  14. JohnfromUK

    wifi booster

    Glad you are pleased. It works very well for me (had it about 9 months). There were some 'teething troubles' - but now cured by an update (back in the summer). I have turned off the 'steering' as this didn't work well with my MacBook ........ which prefers to steer itself. It seems only Macs that need this tweak. iOS devices, security camera etc. were all OK. I have had to do a reset/restart once since the update in August.
  15. JohnfromUK

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Because some (also very respected professional people have a quite different opinion; https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/dec/26/mervyn-king-britain-should-be-more-upbeat-about-brexit