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  1. Another twist https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10445007/Prince-Andrew-files-legal-papers-DENYING-Virginia-Robertss-sex-abuse-allegations.html
  2. One of the things my father used to do was to think of the 'pack mentality'. Dogs are fundamentally pack animals - and packs have a hierarchy - and it is important the dog sees you as the pack leader. Things that could be used to reinforce this were around 'manners'. For example - when at the door - you should go through first - then invite the dog through - NOT let them barge ahead. Similarly when getting into/out of a car - they can be ready - but should not get in/out until told to. It keeps them looking to you as 'pack leader'.
  3. Perhaps Sue Gray is one of the (apparently now almost extinct) civil servants who remain free from leaks and just do the job they are paid to do without allowing personal opinion/bias/publicity seeking to interfere with her job?
  4. Bear in mind the Home Office provides Guidance. These are not rules but are there to guide Chief Constables ......... who interpret the guidance to suit their individual forces - hence the variations. The official wording (from BASC website) is “The firearms and ammunition [or shotguns] to which the certificate relates must at all times (except in the circumstances set out in paragraph (b) below) be stored securely so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, access to the firearms or ammunition by an unauthorised person.” The underlined bit is what gives rise to cabinets, alarms etc. Different forces have different ideas on "so far as is reasonably practicable" leading to different requirements for physical security.
  5. The Home Office guidance (a link to which @arjimlad has kindly posted above) suggests the FEO takes into account many factors in addition to just the number held; Type of arms (and their perceived desirability to the criminal fraternity) Type of storage (one cabinet or several) Crime risk of area Risk to cabinet (i.e. location and security in property, occupancy of property (e.g. often empty?)) isolation/vulnerability of property etc.
  6. Exactly that - and it was Costa Rica
  7. Living rurally - there is a 'key question' to ask - which is; "Should the alarm trigger, how long would the Police Force take to arrive?" The reason I say this was that my FEO asked about an alarm (which I do have), but agreed that should the alarm go off - there intruders would almost certainly have gone by the time the Police arrived. The alarm is therefore a deterrent and would hopefully cause intruders to depart rapidly without breaching the cabinet. This means that the (considerable) cost of a fully monitored alarm may not be justifiable - as the monitoring centre calling the Police is unlikely to add any value. Rural attendance by Police to alarms is dependant on where they have a car and if it is 'free' to attend. If you are rural, but have neighbours who would hear the alarm and react - this may be better and much cheaper. A description of the intruders and a vehicle description by a neighbour is something that they can use.
  8. You are right - some overseas places - red lights, 'give ways' etc. and even being on the right side of the road are (or at least were were I travelled a bit 30 years ago in Central America) optional! I was advised to be very careful as any 'foreigner' driving and involved in an accident would undoubtedly be in the wrong against a 'local'. If the other party swerved onto your side of the road to avoid a pothole - you had to avoid them! It was frightening, but luckily I escaped without mishap.
  9. Both the labs I have had were made to do that. My first lab went deaf in later life - and continued to do it to hand signals. I have never been watched so attentively! Although neither were anything like 'perfectly trained' ........ both would do this bit perfectly. It shows what a powerful training aid food is with a lab!
  10. Cyclists can pretty well do as they please; they are unrecorded, un-licenced, largely unregulated, wholly un-policed, anonymous(if they choose) and uninsured. In effect outside the law if they choose.
  11. Similar here - except you had to supply the bags and double wrap and seal with tape. I did a register plate from an old fireplace (now replaced with some sort of approved replacement) and also soaked it well to prevent any dust.
  12. As I understand the new rules - in summary, if a cyclist comes even anywhere near a motorist - then the motorist immediately becomes guilty of a string of misdemeanours the cyclist cares to complain about. Clarified for you.
  13. I get the same, but always tortoiseshells.
  14. Good light hearted story .... and it has a nice ending! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10422633/Millie-Jack-Russell-rescued-teams-tried-lure-safety-pork-dangling-drones.html
  15. Some modern cars with "Stability Assist" actually use the trailer electrics to detect a trailer plugged in and modify the operation of the Stability Assist as needed. I had a BMW X5 with a full factory towbar (ordered by the first owner not me as it was a fortune). I never used it - but the dealers assured my it was the Dogs Bxxxxxs which is why it was so expensive. Initially - I thought it was marketing Bulls Poo - but it seems such things are done https://www.towbarexpress.co.uk/trailer-stability-control
  16. More here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10418441/Man-killed-injured-bridge-collapse-beaters-900-head-pheasant-shoot.html
  17. Very sad for all involved. Get well soon to those injured.
  18. That's about once a month for tea and coffee for two people (4 cups per person per day). If you use it for cooking water, you will need to replace (much) more often.
  19. Agreed; I have a small collection of 'original' Sabatiers, some of which belonged to my parents, so maybe 40+ years old. They are excellent. However, I looked at getting another and it was (as you say) carp. I did 'look into it' and there are several 'Sabatiers': M Sabatier, Maxim Sabatier, V Sabatier, K Sabatier and others. Some of the good ones have a 'Lion' trademark. One of the old ones is carbon steel, the others are stainless.
  20. I have an old carbon steel one (little used, but given to me circa 1970) and two more recent stainless and horn handled variants.
  21. I believe that is correct, though quite what the details are - I don't know. There is some information here https://www.moneysupermarket.com/credit-cards/guide-to-credit-card-protection/
  22. Received today from Amazon; Dear Mr J XXXXXThe expected change regarding the use of Visa credit cards on Amazon.co.uk will no longer take place on January 19. We are working closely with Visa on a potential solution that will enable customers to continue using their Visa credit cards on Amazon.co.uk.  Should we make any changes related to Visa credit cards, we will give you advance notice. Until then, you can continue to use Visa credit cards, debit cards, Mastercard, American Express, and Eurocard as you do today.Thank you for being an Amazon customer.
  23. I have read similar stories many times - and I don't doubt they are correct. However - other than being aware that their so called 'evidence' is unreliable (which the article does make clear that the police are aware of) - I don't see what can be done? The laws of 'trespass' are not readily enforced, and in many cases so called 'monitoring' may not involve any trespass. Similarly - false evidence is (I think) only an offence when given under oath (although wasting police time is able to be prosecuted). The article does also make clear that many of these so called monitors are already known to the police for various other offences - but that carries little or no weight until any sentence passing time (but it may make it more likely that if time has been 'wasted' before following up false allegations, then the police may not take any subsequent complaints by that person so seriously). I have personally not witnessed our local hunt (who have been through very locally here twice in the last few years) following foxes. It didn't happen here. But other people on this group do claim to have witnessed/have evidence of hunting foxes still happening ....... which does make it difficult to be quite as dismissive of the 'monitors' as it seems there may be a role for at least some properly organised and documented monitoring?
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