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  1. Ok mate, I’ve had a few messages so may not be around then. I do travel around a bit for work so could always bring it along if I’m near you.
  2. I’ve attached a picture below (I think I’ve measured it right!)
  3. It is a really nice gun. If I keep it, it will just sit in my cabinet and not get used, so selling to fund another purchase.
  4. Jody

    .270 ammo

    I have some .270 ammo for sale after changing caliber.1x box (20) RWS H-mantle 130g and another 8x from a different box.10x federal barns triple shock 130g (lead free)7x federal power shok 150g collection from Stanford SG18 9JF Bedfordshire. Could possibly meet if your not far away. £50 for it all.
  5. I have for sale a complete bow setup. This is everything you need to get in to archery and is all new 2020 kit. This all come to over £2600 originally and is only a few months old. The kit comes with 1x Hoyt RX4 Turbo 60-70# draw weight 28-30” (cam3) draw length, colour Storm, fully set up and sighted in. This also has a RX4 bow case, The bow is fast! 1x Axel ACCUTOUCH HD SIGHT WITH 5 PIN ACCUSTAT SCOPE. 1x Hamskey trinity hunter hybrid rest 1x stokerized stasis stabiliser. 11x carbon express maxima red arrows with 4x vanes. 1x trub
  6. I am selling one of my wildcat evo mods. This is in 30cal but has been used on my .270. It’s had about 30 rounds through it. 1/2UNF thread (these are changeable) comes with the original box too. I can send through RFD or meet face to face, I live in Stanford SG18.£150
  7. Perfect. I’m not far from you either so I can collect it with cash. I will pm you.
  8. Do you have a link? It’s not coming up.
  9. They gave me a choice, a replacement or the slip. I’ll get more use out the slip, plus it will be a lot cheeper to get a case for it.
  10. I’m looking for a browning hard plastic makers case. I purchased a new B525 20g but someone had given the case to a customer! To make up for it, the shop gave me a £150 leather slip so I wasn’t to concerned. I would like to have a browning case for it at some point as I do for all my gun. If anyone has one they would like to sell, let me know how much or if you know where I can get one again please let me know.
  11. Jody

    Compound bow

    Prime Archery CT3 Compound Bow 2019.Prime logic CT3 currently at 60-70#. Currently set at 29.5”. Right handedPeep and D loop will be left on the bow, can post at buyers cost or collection available. £650
  12. Hi anyone interested in this? Retriever training Guru Style. originally £100, it’s never been used. I forgot all about it and just found it. I now have a trained cocker so no need for it. £45 posted.
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