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  1. Get yourself the gundog app, seems pretty good to.
  2. Go on to https://www.paulfrenchvideo.com/ loads of great cocker training dvds on there.
  3. I’m using Orijen, 96 nutritional rating, pup seems to be doing great on it. When I got her she was on skinners puppy which isn’t very high rated.
  4. That would have been perfect. Unfortunately the closest I get to north wales currently is reading, occasionally Bristol
  5. I have 8 full boxes of Hull High Pheasant for swap along with a full box of pro 20 clay cartridges. I’m looking to swap these for some 12g or 410 cartridges. preferably game cartridges.
  6. Back up for sale after being let down by a previous buyer.
  7. Ok mate, I’ve had a few messages so may not be around then. I do travel around a bit for work so could always bring it along if I’m near you.
  8. I’ve attached a picture below (I think I’ve measured it right!)
  9. It is a really nice gun. If I keep it, it will just sit in my cabinet and not get used, so selling to fund another purchase.
  10. Jody

    .270 ammo

    I have some .270 ammo for sale after changing caliber.1x box (20) RWS H-mantle 130g and another 8x from a different box.10x federal barns triple shock 130g (lead free)7x federal power shok 150g collection from Stanford SG18 9JF Bedfordshire. Could possibly meet if your not far away. £50 for it all.
  11. I have for sale a complete bow setup. This is everything you need to get in to archery and is all new 2020 kit. This all come to over £2600 originally and is only a few months old. The kit comes with 1x Hoyt RX4 Turbo 60-70# draw weight 28-30” (cam3) draw length, colour Storm, fully set up and sighted in. This also has a RX4 bow case, The bow is fast! 1x Axel ACCUTOUCH HD SIGHT WITH 5 PIN ACCUSTAT SCOPE. 1x Hamskey trinity hunter hybrid rest 1x stokerized stasis stabiliser. 11x carbon express maxima red arrows with 4x vanes. 1x truball beast 2 release aid 1x Elevation - Nerve Field Quiver Package 1x target with foam insert. £2100 for it all. I can post at buyers cost, I am happy to meet or you can come to me and try it out I’m in Stanford Beds, SG18
  12. I am selling one of my wildcat evo mods. This is in 30cal but has been used on my .270. It’s had about 30 rounds through it. 1/2UNF thread (these are changeable) comes with the original box too. I can send through RFD or meet face to face, I live in Stanford SG18.£150
  13. Perfect. I’m not far from you either so I can collect it with cash. I will pm you.
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