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  1. I'm currently working on just such an event for later in the summer. Watch this space.
  2. richg

    Remington 1100

    Is it 30"?
  3. richg

    Remington 1100

    Remington 1100 wanted for spares so any condition as long as it is complete. Will pay £100.00
  4. If you want to shoot registered competitions / shoot in championships or shoot for your county or country then you have to be a CPSA member. If you don't want to do any of these things then don't join, simple.
  5. Opens Tuesday 15th at 3pm. 50 sporting over 8 stands. £15.00. no wad restrictions at present but we only sell fibre and will be going fibre only in the future. Open Saturdays 10 till 3pm. There will be a sign out on the road. Refreshments and cartridges available. See you there.
  6. Brandon Wood Clay Shooting, formerly known as Gorse Lodge near Stubton in Lincolnshire is re-opening soon under new management. New owner Mark Crane with the assistance of former County and England Shooting Team member Richard Gray are working hard to have the ground ready to receive visitors at the end of July. The ground will be open for practice, tuition and corporate entertainment. The emphasis will be on enjoyment in a relaxed atmosphere with killable targets in a game shooting setting. with driven birds from both the famous Brandon Grouse Butts and the renowned 90ft tower, shooters can be assured of a regular variety of targets in and around this wonderful woodland setting. Look for "Brandon Wood Clay Shooting" on Facebook.
  7. We did'nt count the shots but it was windy so quite a few, but we had a fantastic day. As regards the comment about not getting a 410 because you might not use it, i can assure once you had shot it you would be using it every chance you got, it's addictive.
  8. Are you sure it holds 100 cartridges? it doesnt look wide enough or deep enough. Not a critism just a question, i need two that will hold 100 each.
  9. THE LITTLE GUN WITH ATTITUDE. Well we had our last 410 driven day of the season as planned, a full team of nine guns arrived for breakfast at a local pub prior to arriving at Scrivelsby Court in Lincolnshire. With breakfast over and pegs drawn we set off with rain threatening and a stiff wind blowing as we walked out for the first drive, a small wood with a cover strip down the side, this being January and only a 120 bird day we were not overly optimistic as to there being too many birds left, BOY WERE WE WRONG, we hadn't been on the pegs two minutes when partridges started bursting out in ones and twos all over the place, climbing into the wind and powering over the line, guns were popping everywhere as birds were falling to the little guns, these were soon joined by dozens of Pheasants, all strong January birds, all eager to climb over the line of guns. With that the whistle went to end the drive, as the guns gathered broad smiles were on everyone's faces as talk of birds shot, chokes, shot sizes and barrel lengths were eagerly discussed, topics not normally talked about when using 12 gauges. Two of the team were shooting 410s for the first time and it was clear they were smitten. With 35 birds off the first drive this set the pattern for the rest of the day, with a few stops for drinks and snacks we concluded our day with five drives for a total 132. what a fantastic day in great company, the 410 is hugely underrated but has proved that it is well able to hold its own on any low ground game shoot, in good hands and at sensible ranges the 410 kills anything in the pattern. Our thanks to headkeeper Jon Lee and his team for a great day. THE 410 ROCKS.
  10. Happy days, all great sportsman and gentleman, I remember them well.
  11. 25 years ago when i was somewhat younger and a bit competative on the clays i shot everything with one gun, a Remington 1100, 28" barrel, 1/2 choke. It got me into the England DTL team. I won the English open single barrel with 100 straight and 25 straight in a shoot off. I was a regular in our Lincolnshire county teams in DTL, ABT, Sporting, (winner 1993) Skeet, FITASC (winner, I cant remember the year) East midlands all round, (winner twice) North of England ZZ doubles, (winner) Over a number of years I won in excess of 200 local and regional competitions, ALL WITH THE ONE GUN. It never occurred to me that I needed anything else. I still have an 1187 and it is still my gun of choice. I never once entered a competition feeling I might have the wrong gun/choke/cartridge, it always out performed me and did the business as long as I did mine. I sometimes think we just put too much importance into our guns, chokes ect, and not enough into technique and learning concentration. I still pick up my Remi and give it a cuddle from time to time and remember. Happy days.
  12. I too can remember when the Eley dairy was given away free by gun shops, it was absolutely full of interesting info and the great thing was it went in your pocket. At 7"x 4" it's nearly an I pad, too big to go in your pocket I think.
  13. 410 driven day. See in "Shooting opportunities".
  14. ​​410 driven day on mid-Lincolnshire estate on Monday the 9th of January, 5 pegs available for 120 bird mixed day of Pheasants and Partridges, standing 9 guns @ £395 per gun plus tip. Usual hospitality. Strictly 410s only. Fantastic sport with other 410 enthusiasts. It's our last one of the season, don't miss it.
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