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  1. Well said mark, those who have never taught have no idea of the kind of pressure teachers are under. I have been teaching now for 30 years and look forward to my retirement.
  2. Oh come on thats not deep you can still open the doors!
  3. Brilliant sunny day up here
  4. I was there last week and ran out of ammo! must take more next time.
  5. Brilliant photos. What was the miscellaneous?
  6. Come on guys 50 reads and not one reply! I cant believe that you all have so much money that you dont know where the best deals are. Or perhaps I smell :blink:
  7. I am comming down to scotland next week via Aberdeen then to Glasgow. Can anyone tell me where the best deals on 12 gauge cartridges (Needed for rabit control) are to be found please.
  8. Hi Guys I am comming down to aberdeen soon and thought i would get some cartridges. Have you any suggestions for gun shops in the area?
  9. Allan

    divers bottle

    Only get a 300 bar bottle if you can get it charged locally. Where I live there are many comercial divers and only one company (60 miles away) is prepared to turn up their compressor from there normall 232 bar just to charge my bottle. Having said that I charge two guns regularly, the S200 three times every trip and I only get my bottle filled twice a year, Shooting 2 or 3 times a week.
  10. My BSA is now for sale. Pigeon watch link: http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...topic=15571&hl= Recent photos: I will also include the wooden transport box. If you need any inf please pm me. I am open to offers-the first sensible one wins.
  11. SICKENING SHAME ON YOU :o :yp: :yp: :yp: :yp:
  12. I have found these very effective and they are only £29.99 http://www.screwfix.com/app/sfd/cat/pro.js...=09094&id=10790
  13. We are getting 20 p a tail for them up here. The locals dont seem to eat them!
  14. I have an extrema in wetlands camo its a great gun. :thumbs: I would not recommend you getting a 3.5 inch unless you really want to fire cartridges over 42 grams, as a 3 inch chamber copes well with these. The cost of heavy loads is extortionate. I use the Mirage SUPERMAGNUM 89 - TURKEY LOAD 66 gr. you will really feel it if you fire three in quick succession. link to mirage site http://www.clevervr.com/home2.htm
  15. I use these guys they are often the cheapest and the stuff is good. :thumbs: http://www.paddockspares.com/
  16. My son wants to sell his quad to get yet another gun, can anyone give use an idea of its value. we think its about eight years old.
  17. The gun was purchased with two bottles the one thats on it (aluminium) and a much smaller steel one. I had the gun serviced by BSA about 18 months ago and they advised that I dispose of the steel one.
  18. I am thinking of selling my BSA Superten Mk1 and getting a rimfire. Can anyone tell me what its worth please, It has a large air bottle giving approx 400 shots, two mags and a silencer. There is a small hole where a sling was fitted on the heel of the stock. The scope and mounts will not be sold as I will need them for my new gun.
  19. This happened to my sons S200 after about 8000 shots. looking at the left side of the action when cocking the gun, the thin cocking lever was not always returning when the bolt was pushed forwards. this prevents the hammer from imparting full force to the air valve. I found a burr on this and its removal cured the fault. During my inspection of the gun i also found a sticky residue from oil on the hammer, I cleaned the whole action thouroughly and used a dry PTFE lube on the hammer. this cured it and using a chrono i was able to set the power to 11.8 ft pounds. This is an excellent little gun and when you do need spares go to air arms directly i found them really helpfull and fast.
  20. OK the Walther is ruled out, but would the mechanism of a semi auto be loud enough to be heard over the sound of my land rover engine? We have a lot of bunnies to shoot and they often are in large groups at 80 to 100 yards.
  21. :< :< IF YOU DONT ASK HOW THE F___K DO YOU FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :< :< :<
  22. Thousands of them up here at the moment but I cant find any info on their protection status. I thought it would be easy to out about this but am not having much luck at the moment. By the way the sound of a large flock taking off is awesome. Must try and get some photos to post.
  23. Has anyone got any experience of these. Thinking of getting one for lamping from my land rover. Dont like the height of the scope or its mountings what do you think? Would i be better off with a Ruger 10/22? B)
  24. Allan


    The S200 is a great little gun for lamping from a vehicle ours has the 10 shot conversion, works brill and is very accurate
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