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  1. Kids Seeland Wooscock trousers Age 10 Like new £35 + £3 postage
  2. I’ve had Cens for a long while, when they were working properly they were great. My wife managed to wash them, which they obviously didn’t like. The cost to send them to be looked at was close to the cost of just buying new digital inserts so I never bothered! And like others have said, they certainly weren't very helpful, nothing like the big brand optics manufacturers etc. I think cens enjoyed a monopoly on that market for too long and now take it for granted. mine have since come back to life and are generally fault free, but when they do give up, I’ll be looking at one of the other ma
  3. I certainly wouldn’t say embarrassed, simply sensible! Game shooting, pigeon shooting and now ‘trophy hunters’ have put themselves in the firing line for pictures of their “bags”. Why on earth would we want to invite criticism, whether a big or small shot! I’d also be interested to see any photos and especially videos of shots that you have found ‘out there’, particularly ones taken recently that show big shots are still taken!
  4. It can make it a bit lively. I did have a shot with a slightly heavier powder charge which resulted In the recoil pulling back on the breaching rope to such an extent that when it sprung forward it ripped the check rope eye clean out of the wash board and broke the gun crutch!😳 it made a cracking shot though so was worth it!🤣 since then I’ve dialled it back a bit and can’t say it’s particularly made a difference to the effectiveness of the gun but the recoil is noticeably better.
  5. I use BBB and I use the same weight of steel as I would tungsten but obviously that means you get more shot volume. I can 14oz of steel or 16oz of tungsten in a cartridge. To get 16oz steel the cartridge is part way up the forcing cone. I do push it with more powder though to get the speed and therefore kinetic energy.
  6. I only fire steel through mine. A few pattern shots were time well spent to get the balance between powder and shot, to give a good quick pattern with good penetration and blowing the centre of the pattern out. I make shot cups from plastic coke bottles and a hardboard base. No noticeable marks to the barrel and have had some good shots so seems to work!
  7. All sold apart from the quilted jacket and the unmarked woodcock trousers
  8. Average I would say... maybe slightly big as it lasted him well. He’s 12 now and they've sat in the shooting cupboard for a while Yes
  9. Adult ladies body protector size medium - £15 plus postage Kids Dublin riding boots size 13 - £10 delivered
  10. Under armour wetlands camouflage hoodie brand new with tags, size Large £30 delivered
  11. Aigle Wellies size 34 well used and muddy but plenty of life, £8 posted Hunter fleece welly socks size 2 - £5 Joules rugby polo shirt 9 to 10 - £7 Joules long sleeve rugby shirt age 7 - £6
  12. Kids clothes all in really good condition Rydale fleece with Pheasant embroidered age 7/8 - £8 posted Rebel quilted jacket age 9 - £10 posted Seeland woodcock jacket age 10 - £35 posted Seeland woodcock trousers With hole in one knee, age 10 - £10 posted seeland woodcock trousers as new, age 10 - £35 posted Seeland Eton jacket with hood, age 10 - £35 Seeland Eton trousers, age 10 - £35
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