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  1. Are you giving up or got a new setup?! and do we have a new member of the frat or did an existing member buy it?
  2. The website content can still be found here if anyone is still interested. https://sites.google.com/site/puntgunning/home The punt had an irritating seal encounter lol bet Christmas. It appears it was looking for a hammock and made do with the punt cover. During its mounting and dismounting, it managed to rip the washboard off and bend a load of the stainless brackets so my eldest son and I had to go down at high tide and bail the punt out and recover it!
  3. Good luck to him! My punt got vandalised by a seal looking for a hammock over Christmas 😡 Got to repair the washboards so we can get afloat again for the last part of the season!
  4. We had our first trip afloat at the weekend. A few about but either not sitting well for a shot or full of waders… nice to get afloat though https://www.instagram.com/p/CXakwRDMiyO/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. I watched it and it’s pretty funny. I like most of his stuff but he does come across as a bit of a D on that one
  6. I have now purchased one. thanks for the replies
  7. Thanks for the links...
  8. I’m looking for an Argocat, preferably an avenger but conquest considered. I’d rather one in good tidy condition and have the cash to cover that (I’m not a dreamer, I know what they cost), however, I don’t mind a bit of a project, just not something completely ********! Please let me know if you have one available, or know of one that is available now or in the near future. I’m happy to collect from anywhere in the UK as I travel a lot for stalking. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, what length action will it fit? Thanks
  10. Clay trap and clays. £15 collection from CO11 need gone ASAP as having a ruthless clear out!
  11. Kids Seeland Wooscock trousers Age 10 Like new £35 + £3 postage
  12. I’ve had Cens for a long while, when they were working properly they were great. My wife managed to wash them, which they obviously didn’t like. The cost to send them to be looked at was close to the cost of just buying new digital inserts so I never bothered! And like others have said, they certainly weren't very helpful, nothing like the big brand optics manufacturers etc. I think cens enjoyed a monopoly on that market for too long and now take it for granted. mine have since come back to life and are generally fault free, but when they do give up, I’ll be looking at one of the other manufacturers!
  13. I certainly wouldn’t say embarrassed, simply sensible! Game shooting, pigeon shooting and now ‘trophy hunters’ have put themselves in the firing line for pictures of their “bags”. Why on earth would we want to invite criticism, whether a big or small shot! I’d also be interested to see any photos and especially videos of shots that you have found ‘out there’, particularly ones taken recently that show big shots are still taken!
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