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  1. martin-till

    face masks

    hi Mel, received yesterday, thank you
  2. Received an email today from NE re the complaint I made concerning the shambolic dealings with the revocation of the GL  most unsatisfactory Complaints Response - General Licence.pdf
  3. Late to this thread, I've just bottled 6 bottles of Sloe Gin, i must say the sloes i picked were the biggest & juiciest I have seen in ages.
  4. They look fine to me, throw them in a pan with a bit of garlic,Chill and some Soy Sauce then stick them in a warm pita with a bit of salad. my kids cant get enough of them like that.
  5. Hi Deny, bit late i know but are these still available
  6. perfect for shooting a lovely left and a right
  7. To be fair Seadog, the location dosent show when you're on a mobile.
  8. You can’t drain your shower into your roof drainage. Where you live is most probably not a combined sewer system & if it is it would still not be allowed without a, building control being asked/ notified, b, some kind of trapped system. Im a Civil Engineer and am currently employed by a local Authority as their Drainage Engineer.
  9. that coffee must of tasted awful through a mouth organ
  10. They look really smart, i like the way they blend seamlessly into the background,i beleive this is a project even i can managefood for thought.
  11. in that case try the Essex Shooting Ground, Fyfield Ongar. you'll find them with a quick Google search. i go there occasionally, nice relaxed atmosphere.
  12. I know you state free to collect, but could you post the face covers if i pay postage? good offer in anycase. thanks. apologies just read the last part of your post.
  13. apologies for the quality of the photos, all done on my phone! Brattonsound 3 Gun, 2 Sets of key, not been bolted to the wall as only been storing his son's plinker in it.
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