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  1. Hi lads/lassis can somebody please tell me what’s causing this I have been reloading since the late sixties never had this happen when the press is set right I am using new cases and a mec 600 junior press with brass crimp start changed to a plastic one and the problem is still there. Thanks for looking and all help will be appreciated.tony
  2. If blue eyes does not have it I will gladly pay postage
  3. Mel I was down bridge north to day had to go to Nissan Shrewsbury so the missis and myself went to b/n for half hour. I would love to shoot with you but the distance is my problem hope all goes well have a nice day mate. Tony
  4. Bishop I still got a box of them Russian cartridges god when you let go with them in the dark couldn’t see ****** all for five minutes.
  5. I have had my Nissan NP300 remapped I could not notice any difference to be honest I have fitted a Evc control all it does is takes out the peddle lag so more responsive to pulling away as for saving fuel it will take a long time for me to get my money back all I can say the choice is yours
  6. Thanks lads he as got it sorted know thanks again for your help
  7. Hi lads can you please tell me who does my mate get in touch with for them to fill medical notes for him because dr want sign form
  8. Sold a William Powell s/s I seen it i a display cabinet the other week nearly twice what I payed for it brand new what a plonker
  9. Hi can you please tell me what the law is about over hanging tree branches we don’t really get on with the twxxxx next door so no point asking him can I legally cut branches that are over hanging our property ie two sheds and raised veg beds. Thanks for looking tony
  10. What’s the make of gun is
  11. Wrestley very true I totally agree with you on this
  12. I load 20 grain v-max heads with 11.2 grains with hogden’s 4198 powder and I have a 20 thou jump to lands did try different lengths but found out 20 thou suited rifle Whitester if you don’t reload can I have first bids on empty case’s please
  13. Cz all the way mate very accurate. I would home load as well cost me 42 pence a round
  14. Me nether it’s of the phone it’s handy for telling you what flowers you are looking at wonder if it would work on mushrooms will have to give it a try next time in supermarket
  15. In that case he is going to get a job finding some mounts
  16. Morgan there is one pair of cz mounts and a pair of adjustable mounts they are 25mm don’t think you want get any 26mm mount as scopes are 25mm or 30mm dia
  17. Two in mag and one up barrel makes it a three shoot all my semi auto are the same . if it took anymore it would be classed as a fac
  18. Ok will sort them out tomorrow morning
  19. Hi I have a load of Cz rings if you can wait till tomorrow morning I will send you some photos and picatinny rails for Cz
  20. A cording to my phone it’s a white mustard plant
  21. Clay game and Folkestone eng are about the same price it’s the delivery that’s the problem mate
  22. I have a F1 red chronograph for sale it is missing one white defuser and couple of wire and some of them are bent as you can see in photos it’s in full working order as I have just checked it before offering it for sale. Asking £75 plus postage payment by bank transfer
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