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  1. Haha, I did but it wasn't mine and by the looks of the metal it had been there some time
  2. Went out Saturday morning to find one of our Aylesbury ducks had hatched 8 nice and healthy ducklings, we have one more duck still sitting so hopefully some more will hatch soon
  3. This is a picture from a little while back that I just found on my phone
  4. I was just wondering how many foxes had been shot by people this year?
  5. dolman


    Good idea! i didnt even think of that...cheers
  6. dolman


    Hi all, I have a Hatsan Arms 12G 3 shot semi auto, which I find to be a really good gun, however my cabinet(8 gun locking top) is only just big enough height wise for it to go in. I was wondering whether you can have the barrel shortened? It would only be 1-1.5" at the most Does anyone know? Cheers SD
  7. Thanks Guys! I was going to have a look at the Bettinsoli Diamond and hopefully i will be able to report back on a purshase soon!
  8. Hi All, I am looking for a Second Hand 12 Bore O/U for around £450-£550. I would mainly be doing clays with it but might use it instead of my semi-auto for pigeon etc. Any idea on what would be a good buy? Cheers SD
  9. dolman


    Good idea, thanks very much!
  10. dolman


    Hi Guys, I was wondering whether you could help me answer a question for a friend of mine... His got an old 12 bore and the stock is a bit tatty and split. His a Cabinet maker/ Wood turner and he wanted to know whether he can make a new stock for the gun? He doesnt want to fit it as he would let the local gun shop do that any thoughts on whether he would be able to (i mean in a legal sense, as he is more than capable) Cheers D
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