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    Ferreting, shooting rabbits, making shotgun cartridges and collecting old shooting memorabilia, making walking sticks and sgian dubhs.
  1. Vermin Dropper, have sent PM
  2. gairlochbaldman

    the law

    You might not believe it but we actually get charged MORE in postage for items being sent up to Scotland. Certainly in the further north it goes. It might just be that technoligy and information has not reached that far!!!!!!!!! As for the moped, I can't see where the safety issue would be. It's securly fastened so that's it. Just looks more unusual but that's what folks complain about. They never complain of the unseen (like wee chickens getting there heads chopped of but they moan about furry wee bunnies being shot)
  3. Even if the net had a mirrored finish the only thing that would reflect from the darkness of the hole is.....darkness. If the net was white then on the outside it would appear white but on the inside it would appear black as no light would be reflecting off of it. (That's a definate maybe!!!)
  4. TC do you do the same at the starting end. I start of with 10 stitches, then next row 12, then 14, then 16. Complete the bulk of the net then decrease to finish with 10. Sounds more complicated though doesn't it.
  5. The real big problem here that everyone has missed is..........that the poor teachers are now going to have to take a large amount of time to explain to the kids where MEAT comes from. When a were a lad me mam used to say "Beef doesn't just grow on trees you know!!!!" Maybe we should start advertising it in supermarkets as COW MEAT or would that offend. Pork could even be called pig meat. It's all a natural process and I'm sure a very well paid professional teacher (they keep reminding us) could reinforce this with positive messages but.......... pork...well pigs might fly.
  6. Rabbit Hunter. I've also tried the heavy duty green spun nylon and got twisted nets. Tried hanging them up and twisting the other way but not too much joy. I got some purple/maroon coloured spun nylon for purse nets from a game fair and its great. The finished net sits well and just hangs straight. I make more nets than I need because I just enjoy making things. Even decided to make a bone net needle. Too small for a whole purse net, but great to use all the same. :yp:
  7. Well............it all depends on what you want. I got some really nice nylon, spun nylon, call it what you want. It's as near a damn it to hemp. Make a double strand purse net and it is straight, not twisted like others. Sits woderfully over the hole. Rabbits never come out complaining that its nylon and not hemp!!!! I have made a nice long net in the spun nylon (Brinded supplied) but...........it's still in the making. It's about 22 yards if I use it doubled up. That's taken about 2 years, on and off, to make. Could have made it faster but I slowed down a bittowards the end
  8. Here's me sitting reading it thinking the guy was some kind of anti..... Is there a section for gundog training on this forum? I think he spat the dummy out.
  9. There's a chap called Brian (Brin) Brinded. He goes round the game fair and does a wonderful demonstartion. He sometimes is featured in the Countrymans weekly. If you can get his details I'm sure he could help. Worth a try.
  10. Tiercel, I can't figure out the right hand problem (which doesn't mean a lot) I take it you're refering to a left hand drive vehicle!!! I drive and my son shoots from the passenger side. the last time I looked he was right handed. He managed the first 25 rabbits without missing. (because he was getting 60 pence each towards his new shotgun)
  11. Have you tried any of the local zoo's. My friend is getting 50p a rabbit, rifle shot anywhere, guts IN. They are going the the local council run zoo. Its worth a try.
  12. The 8bore would be good for skeet!!!!!!! A bit more expensive though. I take it you're reloading brass shells. How do you finish them off. Anything in the 'old' department that you're not using. Don't have an old 8 bore cartridge.
  13. Just inherited a Pacific 366 reloader in 12 bore. Its working away fine and makes a nice cartridge. 24g 9's are great at skeet. Even managed to do some 24 g in 67mm with a roll turn over for my hammer gun. Now that was hard going as the turnover machine is hand operated and a blister soon developes. Shells are down to about half price so I can now shoot twice as much!!! Anyone else reload out there? Cheers
  14. My 11 year old son is collecting shotgun cartridges. I foolishly got him into shooting, reading shooting mags etc. He loves anything old (that's how I met his mother!!!) Looking to purchase old paper roll turn over cartridges. email skeetshooter@blueyonder.co.uk
  15. Thanks guys for the enquiries. The gun is now sold and new one purchased. Cheers
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