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  1. PM sent i'll have them please if still available.
  2. How did you get on with the Blacknecks? We're trying a few this season for the first time.
  3. Thanks to everyone who organised the day really enjoyed it already looking forward to next year. ?
  4. Cheers Crumpler, nice to meet you and really pleased with the car.
  5. You always deliver a good day out Fenny great mixed bag well done.
  6. Can somebody tell me if its best to wait until there has been a frost before you pick sloes, or just pick them when you find them as I have found quite a good crop of them.
  7. https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/15246-Fabarm-H368-Lion-m-c-for-sale This is on gun watch £400.
  8. Was a butcher for 7 years, then tyre fitter for 2 years now hgv driver for the past 22 years.
  9. With comments like that I'm not surprised, he's asking a genuine question.
  10. Thanks Teal, received earlier in the week sorry for late follow up.
  11. swathed rape near me on the 8th July.
  12. Received this morning thanks very much Teal.
  13. Hi Teal, just ordered a badge.
  14. Pinewood do a lightweight one with thin arms very good but a bit expensive.
  15. A pleasure to deal with very pleased with the trail cam it's like brand new . Thank you.
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