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  1. I don’t sorry, send me an email or wattsapp and I will send pics, I have a John shooter also priced at £65
  2. Gun slip for sale some small bramble nicks and a repair the the bottom, will take 32 inch barrels with 15 inch stock £50 collected or £60 posted collection from Coates Peterborough mom-fri 8-16.00 or weekends from Oxborough Norfolk message for pics
  3. I still have them PM me please
  4. 250 black gold fibre 32 gram 5 £75.00 collected with licence from evening and weekends Oxborough or weekdays 9-16.00 Coates Peterborough
  5. Sorted thanks the spring has gone awol
  6. Hi i have noticed slight movement in the barrel when holding the stock it’s about 1 mm from the action when pulled, the nut is done up tight, before I find one in a shop and have a look is this normal as I can’t remember it doing it before? dave
  7. What would you recommend wymberley?
  8. There has been a lot of criticism about DS sizing and that’s why I have asked the question as the gun is new to me thanks
  9. What size DS chokes should I use for pheasants as the DS seems a little vague, I would have used 1/4 and 1/2 in my 525 cheers Dave
  10. Lop is 14 3/4 but can be changed easily with browning inflex pads
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