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  1. Evening thanks for your replies I’ve got a test drive at Telford Mitsubishi this weekend
  2. Anyone bought or driven the latest l200 Thinking of upgrading my pickup soon I understand they are leaving the uk market at the end of this year but dealers are still offering the 5yr warranty plus 3 yrs servicing, looks a better deal to buy new than a 2 or 3 year old vehicle.
  3. Does anyone know if they are safe to be used in a old sxs 2 3/4 chamber choked 1/4 and 3/4 dont want to go to the expense of opening the choke on a gun with little value . when the time comes to shoot steel only I may up grade to something steel proof .
  4. Eley Grand Prix 30grm 7 👍 woodcock partridge or walked up phesant always try something new 👍
  5. Does anyone know who Is the uk dealer for Falco shotguns looking for a new folding .410 or any recommendations on another make . thanks
  6. Thanks for your replies think I will take a closer look at a bsa or air arms any scope recommendations for low light situations thanks
  7. How many full power shots can you have with a airarms or bsa ? 177 or 22 thanks
  8. Could anyone recommend a lightweight pcp , I’m about to buy a springer for pest control, rats and the odd squirrel. how many full power shots do you achieve from a full reservoir, would like something close to 12lbs , 177 or 22 . have several shotguns all 12g been also looking at a silenced.410 but they look a bit clumbsy and off balance any advice would be appreciated thanks
  9. Can anyone recommend a lightweight spring powered air rifle max power 12lb , 177 or 22 for vermin control about the farm, open sight or telescopic thank you
  10. Did you find one cartridge that preformed any better than others, is your gun back bored, thanks
  11. Has anyone found a brand of fibre cartridge that preformed better than others. Would a tighter choke help achieve a better pattern in back bored barrels . I’m using a 525 for mainly sporting clays
  12. Can anyone recommend a pond liner for a small pond can we use building dpc membrane sheet covered in netting or old carpets needs to be about 15m x 20m thankyou
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