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  1. That bloody chopper circling round and round bloody magnet worked tho lol was a great day.
  2. Super day dog did great felt like id done 12 rounds wi Tyson after lol. Can't bloody walk proper aching muscles after getting up and down off seat.
  3. Great write up pal didn't feel normal going to bed in the light sober lol. Was top night
  4. Hi mate I shoot a sako 85 in 243 varmint barrel iv shot prob most bullets from light 55 too 100 grain iv finally settled on 70 grain blitzkings with 42 grains of imr 4320 large fed match primer in lapua brass iv shot .2 groups at 100 yards great fox round at the minute I'm shooting at longer ranges so I'm using 87 grain vmax with 40 grains of ramshot big game in lapua brass with fed primer will shoot under half inch at 200 yards always remember work up your loads be safe and have fun I seated both loads 5 thou off lands atb ady
  5. Hi guys I'm after a 1000 yard plus range finder preferably Leica , Swarovski or ziess cheers guys
  6. Hi mate wat range do they range out to cheers
  7. Hi mate i have just got a sako varmint laminate in 243 really good gun just working on loads for it getting half inch groups 100 yards.
  8. Great write up simon. Was a top night.
  9. thanks for the reply kent. Iv got some good land to try thwm ranges so will have a range day cheers ady
  10. cheers pal wat powder are u using and wat groups u getting at 100 yard cheers ady.
  11. cheers kent iv been working up some loads using viht n140 43 grains seems to be the 1 bur gunna try some other powders plus differrent weight bullets cheers ady.
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