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  1. Subsonic have a little less oomph so might be less likely to adequately cycle the action. Semis are a bit noisier anyway which might make you decide that subs don't give you any extra value. Personally I'll never buy any CCI product again after buying a batch with a load of duds.
  2. The seller return policy is just that. Their policy. It doesn't trump the buyers statutory rights under law.
  3. We're listed with TPS but it hardly seems to make a difference. People you have dealings with still call, I've just about got British Gas not to call me every five minutes for example. Recorded messages, regardless of origin, aren't covered by TPS nor are foreign call centres as mentioned above. If it were down to me I would take the 'phone off the wall but the missus doesn't seem to agree.
  4. Cracking morning's work. Southern Fried Squirrel anyone?
  5. Lurch

    Oakley Glasses

    Cheeky mare, I've got a pair of them. C-wires.
  6. I'm utterly amazed by this. I'm always knickered if I can get anyone to help me whenever I'm in these stores. Presume I look like I've got no money.
  7. Agree. Don't put your own wants and desires above a dog's needs.
  8. Blimey Charlie there are a few vile individuals commenting on here. Shocking. If farmers are so horrible, do feel free to never go shooting on their land ever again.
  9. I'm on the lookout for a shooting related ID lanyard for work. Something like this: Or a Browning version would be ideal but I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  10. Is it? News to me as I seem to be married and no religion involved at all. Perhaps that means it isn't valid? One can only hope.
  11. Lurch

    Mel Sykes

    Given half a chance!
  12. I don't think it explains anything at all? Clearly a posed shot featuring someone who isn't terribly comfortable with a shotgun.
  13. Lurch

    Which Hoover?!?

    Dyson carped on about how we had to join the Euro or he would throw his toys out of the pram. Subsequently moved production to Malaysia, that well known Euro-zone nation. Vile individual.
  14. Lurch

    Which Hoover?!?

    Dyson's are unbelievably awful. Finally managed to get the missus to stop buying them and get a Miele which makes the Dysons look like the gimmicky overpriced rubbish they are.
  15. I doubt that very much. Countrybile is never worth watching.
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