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  1. I.ll second that once you start rolling your own you won't want to go back to shooting store bought ammo that's for sure I load for a 222 and 223 and won't shoot anything else when you drop that fox at 300 plus yards with what you've loaded it gives you a sense of pride in your ability you.ll see in many cases your own loads will match or exceed anything loaded in a factory its a Labour of love and pride when you find that particular load that hits the sweet spot and ticks all the boxes MOA, velocity, recoil and pressure signs etc its time well spent in my humble opinion and then when you gain in experience you can work up new loads and even swage your own 224 bullets lol but that's a whole new ball game not for the faint hearted you.ve got to be willing to listen and learn and take advise from people who know what their talking about it can make you pull your hair out on occasions but it can be addictive and expensive as already mentioned as well rant over good luck
  2. Same as drying your brass after placing it in the sonic cleaner have you seen the price rcbs are asking for one of those round food dehydrators dressed up as a brass dryer An Andrew James dehydrator on evilbay will cost you about 25 quid And rcbs are charging about about 90 quid for basically the same thing any thing to do with shooting goods or pharmacy grade stuff commands a premium price
  3. Check online for bags of crushed walnut shell and crushed corn cob used for pet bedding Seriously pet bedding its the same stuff whaay cheaper than any gun shop just repackaged and sold by the likes of lyman ,rcbs ,hornady ,frankford arsenal .etc and over priced accordingly
  4. Officer greg wot a leg end now that guys got balls of steel especially firing down the tube what he does when i watch him I think to myself *** he's never gonna fire that but fair play he does and seems to get away with it somehow 😳😳😳😳
  5. I would say the 4th one down in the picture looks as though it's been stuck in the charge bar and has been pushed out at some time in its life. ask me how I know that one lol
  6. Yes 22 rim fire I did know someone who bought the kit he said it could be done but it was very tedious and fiddly but once you got started it was ok. the bullet mould that came with the kit was **** and needed work to get it to cast properly ideal I suppose in a shtf scenario
  7. Definitely used my friend The second one down in the picture has wear on top of the bushing this is where.it has shuttled through the charge bar
  8. I will say though i.m not a big fan of the lee powder measure that came with it though I think I.ll save my pennies and by me a nice shiny red hornady one I think
  9. The Lead flowed pretty good with the unknown metal i can't remember for the life of me how much antimony now I put in it but it cast beautiful bullets anyhow
  10. I.ve had a bit of a run in with these paid through paypal and are claiming they never received my payment so beware gents that's all I.ll say
  11. Sportsmans in Newport are advertising them for 561 quid I think it was so I might go and look at one when y variation comes through
  12. Yeah it's half the battle ennit when you get someone sensible and who is approachable and half decent and will listen to common sense steve I agree .
  13. I always have my bible to hand when they visit the current home office firearms guidance notes just in case but to be fair i dont have many problems most of the FLO i have had dealings with are pretty good fair play
  14. yeah of course but i think it all depends which side of the bed your FLO got out of that morning in question when he or she visits they like to have their on interpretation of the law untill you point out and enlighten them on the actual law well you know how it is lol
  15. I.ve got the hatsan escort 12 bore in 3inch mag and the armsan 620 in 20 bore 3 inch mag don't be put off by what people tell you about them being poor quality **** excellent workmanship mine both shoot and eject empties with no problems whatever I feed them heavy or light loads Put over 6000 cartridges through them over the last 2 years and never had a problem with them
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