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  1. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    Yeah i agree it does look a nice compact setup fair play
  2. What Really and here,s me thinking that daystate was the dogs bxxxxxks you surprised me there with the price of their products and all oh well you live and learn lol
  3. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    It take a bit of getting used to the swaging game but once you get everything come together and your equipment dialed in you can get very good results it took me ages to get right but when it finally all come together i got to enjoy swaging the.224 dia jacketed 55 grain pills foxes didn't like em at all
  4. on your certificate It states your name and address and it states this person is a fit person to acquire and posecess firearms and ammunition relating this certificate nothing in the conditions about saying you can sell ammunition If you really want to be doubly sure read the home office firearms guidance notes its about 400 pages long should be something there just be sure mate before you possibly do something you could later regret that's all I'm saying I'm no lawyer just be cautious that's all I'm saying.
  5. In short No in the eyes of the law your FAC enables you to aquire and possess specific calibres of firearms and the ammunition for them it does not allow you to sell that ammunition to another certificate holder In these days of legal action and the compensation culture I wouldn't even attempt to sell them pull the bullets and recycle the components job done no comebacks on you then
  6. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    Mountain and sowden now there's a blast from the past lol I got quite sufficient at swaging the 22 jacketed bullets once I got everything dialled in shot as good as anything I bought
  7. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    Ahh your in the US are you now if thats the case that's a different kettle of fish I would say if you can get that set up for that kind of money I'd say go for it For us across the pond the import duties and VAT kills it for us Yeah I've watched quite a bit on YouTube there are some beautiful looking slugs being made by a lot of people that shoot very well indeed I'm a farmer so when I get a bit of time now in the dark nights i,ll see what i can come up with there are some people swaging some lovely looking slugs with some very basic equipment I might even give up my rim fire 22 and have a slot on my fac for a high powered 22 air rifle instead
  8. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    I'm wondering now if I could make up a die that would screw into a lee classic cast press and the punches clip into the ram i reload for 22 centrefire rifles you know utilise the kit that i already have the lee classic cast press is a beast of a press that I used to swage 22 calibre jacketed bullets on so it should be man enough for the job
  9. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    So i think at those prices I think I,'ll buy some tool steel and retire to the workshop and see what I can turn on the lathe and mill myself I've bought a few samples of slugs from different manufacturers to get some measurements from when I get some time a project for the autumn nights lol You might find your way out on the price of the Corbin kit its an excellent piece of workmanship but more for the comercial swager TBH its a very expensive and Corbin have a very long waiting list that is months long
  10. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    I've had a reply from GMI engineering today everything the press , the dies , and 2 punches the whole shooting match is $1.480 .80 us or £1.140 10 Stirling with free shipping only down side is they ship from either Taiwan or India so I,d get whacked with the import duties and VAT I thought I read they were a UK engineering firm TBH they have a UK agent who is based in Aberdeen my communication with GMI was very positive very helpfull people the gent told me its possible to swage any weight from 20 to 40 grain slugs In 22 calibre He said that they shipped the same kit to a UK based customer 2 weeks ago and even offered to contact him on my behalf to find out what the import duties and VAT were fair play So I,'ll weight and see if they will come back to me its just the kind of kit I want but the import duties and VAT will put it beyond my price range sadly The presslug and the Corbin setup is nice but the prices of them plus the import duties and VAT kills that idea as well lol
  11. hafod

    Swaging slugs

    hi lads anyone here swaging their own 22 hollow point slugs I,m interested in rolling my own slugs been watching a lot of vids on YouTube liked the look of the slugs produced with the dies made by GMI engineering anyone know what price range these dies are running at
  12. So apparently its my claim to fame that i,m the first in the UK to send a faulty brand new guardian back to SMK for repair obviously i managed to buy a friday afternoon or monday morning assembled gun by the seem of things lol
  13. Just an update Took the guardian back to to shop I bought it from steve the owner managed to talk to a guy called Ross at SMK he explained the problems with the gun depressurizing at 100 bar and the lack of FPE with him and sure enough he said it sounded as if it was a valve problem somewhere in the system So SMK said they would a arrange to collect it on Monday ( tomorrow ) and repair or send a replacement all very professional so far So watch this space lol l
  14. Yeah there's something wrong somewhere it will have to go back its a pity really because its a nice handy little rifle its surprising because it sounds as though it's really whacking the steel plate with authority
  15. Another thing with this particular guardian its supposed to be full power but according to my chronograph its only averaging between 8 and 8 1/2 foot pounds very strange indeed
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