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  1. High precision target rifles ltd by what I was told on the phone they are the sole uk importer for the murom primers had a delivery last Monday of 1/2 a million primers apparently
  2. Steve I just called hps about primers they said they could supply what I asked for So pm me and perhaps we can sort something out between us if you want ok
  3. This lockdown ain't helping steve I bought the last 1000 cci 400 my local shop had 3 weeks ago Ive had A lot of feedback now about the murom primer the past couple of days so i might see if I can arrange something with my local rfd even after paying the hazmat on them they are way cheaper than the cci murom.£29 .00 a thousand compared to cci @ 49.00 a thousand no comparison really
  4. Yeah i,ve read there are a good primer Would they ship to my local RFD i wonder at that price I'd get 10.000 small rifle as there is a couple of the boys i shoot with that reload for 222 and 223 and we.re all complaining atm about primers so that would make me and them a happy band of brothers so to speak lol
  5. I have had a look at murom primers they are Russian I believe I was reading a thread on uk varmiter I think it was they gave them a good name plus they were even cheaper 30 quid a 1000 i haven't phoned about those yet to see if they would send them to my local RFD at that price I'd get a couple of 1000 of them as primers are going the same here as America atm
  6. I bought the last 1000 cci primers my local shop had a fortnight ago cost 49 quid and they said they didnt know if they could get anymore in the near future so at 42 quid a 1000 was wondering if they were worth a punt really
  7. I guess not then Well i just got off the phone to kranks they said they are like the ppu s/r primers apparently Well so my next question is has anyone used ppu small rifle primers if so how did you find them how did they perform good bad or ugly .
  8. Has anyone tried henry kranks small rifle primers at 42 quid a 1000 I'd like to stock up if there any good
  9. Saying that i can never remember any of us ever being ill to be honest you never heard of food allergies , food poisoning , attention deficits , ebola , bubonic plague , covid 19 etc etc make you think mankind is on the way to hell in a handbasket dont it
  10. From what I remember it was in a brown bottle like what hactos cough medicine used to come in it was pure cod liver oil cant remeber any malt in it oily vicious smelling stuff my mother would say right open wide and pinch your nose to make us swallow it urg yuk Well you know the drill god I shudder just thinking about it now to be honest used to feel a sick as a pig after swallowing it after a bath on Sunday nights But then again saying that we never did have the usual coughs and colds or whatever lurgey was doing the rounds at the time in the early seventies so there could hav
  11. hafod

    Beech Mast

    wow fair play well done
  12. Havent had that since I was a kid our mam would give a big spoonful after bathing on a Sunday night god I don't miss it either lol
  13. Have got an angram hand pulled beer engine and the tim taylor clone I brew is lovely out of it fair play and like you said looks real sexy on the bar all shiny and bright lol
  14. hafod

    Beech Mast

    no problem hope they sprout good luck with them if you don't mind me asking what do you do with them steve just plant them out and and about is it
  15. There's been one of those in a local second hand shop window for months now Our local one is junk compared to that one god it must have been dragged by the camel after its owner got shot at omdurman lol
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