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  1. I added the key safe as an extra barrier to work alongside keeping keys hidden. It is all do to do with piece of mind as I can be away for months!.👍
  2. Brain fade moment, yes Magnet onto the inside of Guns safe....teach me trying to pack and organise ķit for work. while fitting safe!. 😂 😰😰
  3. Cheers Skully. ..😂😂 if it was just myself and my wife, I probably would. But I've got my Daughters and their respective partners still living at home!. So an extra bit of security and piece of mind while I'm offshore is what's needed.👍
  4. Morning All, Need a bit of advice just fitted a GMK Ammunition safe(Keys are very long) and my current Master combination key safes won't take 3 mortice lock type Keys, what are you all using to secure your safe keys?. Cheers Sat Rat.
  5. Sat Rat

    vets and teeth

    I have the same problem with my 3 WCS, and I use the chicken flavoured enzyme dog toothpaste. And then use my thumb nail to remove the harder looking stuff a long the gum line, and have great success with this method. And also the odd raw bone as well.
  6. Many thanks Mice , I'm not fussed about the ask for me to do my dsc1, I look at it to be a learning and development of the sport that I enjoy and the more time I can spend doing it the better. ?
  7. Sorry to bump an old post, but had my Firearms licence interview this morning and have had my requested calibres and mods granted, had a little delay due to work commitments, but all in all not to bad. License should be with me in about 2 weeks. I have one condition and that's to be able to use my .243 for deer I need to complete a DSC1, ( I belong to a local rifle club), which I plan to do in November.
  8. Sat Rat

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Nope spent the day putting the rearing field shelters and fencing. .??
  9. Sat Rat

    Working Away

    ???Seadog, I did both 3C's 648 and 750 mostly then filled in with Crazies 22 24 and the rinfan (spelling not sure) 97 through to 04 when bit the built and got my gas ticket.?. As for Halcyon days.. I'd have said character building..?
  10. Sat Rat

    Working Away

    When I started out in my job in the 90s we would be offshore in the Middle East for 90 days + at a time, so I do feel your pain, we spent our time either running around the heli deck or in the gym or sleeping?, once in awhile the barge might be towed back to Abu Dhabi for a re-mob and then we would have a run ashore?, this was all before WIFI and any laptop/tablets had come into being!!. Best of luck with the next 7 weeks and 4 days....??
  11. Sat Rat

    Worst movie you have ever watched.

    The Mummy staring Tom Cruise.....#dire....
  12. Sat Rat

    Arxus boots

    Well I've bought a pair while visiting the shooting show the same as Johnny mention above (full zip one is for proper Arctic conditions -40 odd so not really suitable for the Kent countryside??), and must say very impressed with the fit they all go up in half sizes and to get a full size you remove the insole for fit, quite a heavy boot but certainly appears to be well made nice touch with a leather heel rub on the inside and a leather stitched bead around the top. Let's just see how they hold up to the coming season.....
  13. Morning I've just put in for my Firearms licence and am wondering on the time it takes for a first time application for the FEO call?. I already hold a SGC. So after some advice from anyone who has recently applied since our new PCC came into power? Regards SR
  14. Sat Rat

    Arxus boots

    Morning all, Has anyone taken the plunge and bought a pair of arxus wellies?. I'm looking for a full zipped boot to replace my Aigle Parcours (wear & tear holes!). My 1st choice is another pair of Aigle, but after a bit of a Google search Arxus a Swedish boot company popped up.with a zipped boot running down the back of the calf, so anybody have any user input would be appreciated. Cheers.?
  15. This was sent to me by a work colleague today interesting article, here is the link if you wish brush up on your Swedish https://svenskjakt.se/ License requirements for silencers are discontinued The requirement for the hunters to have a special license for silencers is eliminated. The proposal for implementation of the EU Weapons Directive, which was handed over to the government today, proposes that silencers and removable magazines be treated in the same way as ammunition. A comprehensive memorandum of nearly 300 pages on the implementation of the EU's new arms directive was handed over to Justice Minister Morgan Johansson, investigator Kazimir Åberg today. A change that is positive to the hunters is that there will no longer be any special license to hold mufflers. Like ammunition The new legal text means that silencers will be considered and regulated in the same way as ammunition today, that is, the buyer and the proprietor must have a license on the weapon for which the silencer is intended. If there are simplifications about silencers, it will be more difficult and more bureaucracy in terms of magazine. The proposed legal text regulates that removable magazines may only be held by the licensor for the weapon the magazine is adapted to. The same applies as described in the text as "firing mechanisms". Long-term question "The abolition of license requirements for silencers is a matter that the Swedish Hunters Association has been driving for many years, so that part of today's proposal is very positive," says the Hunters Association Communications Manager Magnus Rydholm in a comment. A hope of the change is that in many cases, the police will be extremely short handling times for license applications, by avoiding coping with a variety of applications for silencers. Swedish Hunting returns with further reporting on what the changes mean to the Swedish hunters, as well as the Swedish Hunters Association's