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  1. Join the Findhorn bay Wildfowlers group on Facebook. They are a helpful bunch. I was looking to shoot up there earlier on this year, but after all the stories I heard, I gave it a miss.
  2. stuart21

    mud mat

    I use my old fishing unhooking mat. Pretty lite and comfortable
  3. Brand new with tags, Hoggs of Fife moleskin breeks. Never been worn. £25 +postage.
  4. Has anyone shot the Ouse washes recently? I know it’s early, but just thought I would check. Cheers Stury
  5. Thanks chaps! I bought the Zabala. Lovely gun with a bit of weight to it. Will be taking it out this weekend.
  6. Unfortunately we didn’t get a shot, but it was brilliant to be out! Only fell over about 6 times 😜 Saw lots of greys, but we weren’t lucky enough to get close. There was a full moon and not even breeze. Motty was a great host and taught us loads. Can’t wait till the next time! I made a rookie mistake on the way home though. Forgot to wipe the new gun down, so the barrels were covered in surface rust. Any recommendations on how to sort it out and how do you avoid it happening to you? It was only in the slip for a few hours.
  7. Thanks everyone! Motty - I’ll bring the Nespresso machine, cappuccino or late? 😜
  8. Thanks all! waders arrive on Thursday, so I hope they fit too!
  9. Evening all! I’m pretty new to wildfowling and this weekend I’ll be going out on the marsh, with an experienced club member. As it’s quite a high tide and a full moon, any tips? Thanks!
  10. Some of them are 3” magnums, so, that should be okay, shouldn’t it?
  11. Thanks chaps. I’ll take a look at the Zabala and AYA3 as well.
  12. Thanks, but, I’m looking for an SxS, and hopefully a bit cheaper than those on guntrader. Just looking for a SxS capable of shooting magnum loads.
  13. Thanks chaps, but I’m looking for the SxS. Not too fussed whether it’s 3” or 3.5”. Are there other reasonably priced SxS ‘s that can shoot steel?
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