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  1. Everything is sold. Thanks
  2. Hi, I bought one yesterday. But thank you. Regards, Louis
  3. I am sure. I was flabbergasted. With the 4x20 scope, which is very close to the barrel, I only need a bit of elevation. Less than half a beer can. Will need to do some chrony'ing...
  4. Price reduction: 270 pounds. For photos, please look on the Gun Watch website by clicking on the link. Cheers https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/20304-Beeman-C1-for-sale
  5. Hi, I'm selling a few lovely bits and pieces that spend too much time in the cupboard. - Webley catalogue, I believe it's from 1939, will check, woops. 35 pounds posted. - Webley Mk3 manual, for the later types, 15 pounds posted.- Weaver K4-1, would look lovely on an eighties gun. American quality scope, good glass, nice reticle. 70 pounds posted. - Webley 4x15 scope with 3 manuals in original box. Would 45 pounds posted sound reasonable?- I also have a spare Webley Mk3 trigger, later type. It's lightly polished. 10 pounds posted. I'll add a leather Mk3 washer for an extra 5 pounds. Many thanks, Louis
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a BSA Ultra SE .177 multishot. Many thanks, Louis
  7. Hi, I haven't received a pm? Cheers
  8. Hi, I'm selling my Weaver K4-1 scope (4x32). American quality scope from the eighties with original lens caps. 90 pounds posted.Thanks, Louis
  9. Here's my gun btw. Still looking for a front sight hood and paperwork 😆 And a rear sight.
  10. Wow that sounds cool! Even my sub 12 Mk1 Innova .177 feels like a sniper. 3 pumps - plenty for making those beer cans fly into the air at 70 meters. A fantastic gun. The only awkward thing is pumping with a scope on: I've understood that the breech needs to be held whilst pumping. With a scope, it feels like I'm putting quite a lot of force on the scope. No room for my hand under the scope. How many pumps did you need for 18 ftlbs?
  11. Hi, I'm not interested to be honest, but I'll see if a friend is. Could your friend perhaps send some info and photos to: louisvanhovell@gmail.com. Cheers
  12. Hi, I have never tried a Dragon, but the one you mention sounds very nice!
  13. I think the Sheridan Blue Streak is a better gun, even though I really like my Innova. The Streak doesn't have any plastic parts, pumps with less force and has a knock open valve design, instead of the Innova's blow off one. The high quality plastic on the Innova doesn't bother me, except the idea that it will crack/chip/be damaged sooner or later. I think the Japanese were inspired by the Crosman 140 in their design of the Innova? There is basically a cap that seals the valve, and when the trigger is pulled, this cap can blow off and the air is expelled into the barrel. The quad ring inside the cap has a hard life and will leak much faster than the seals in a Blue Streak. I've heard of Sheridans that still work fine since they were bought in the seventies. My Innova doesn't hold the first pump 100%: when I close the pump lever during the first pump, the gun makes a "pang" noise. The second pump doesn't do that. So the quad seal needs a bit of pressure to seal properly. So it needs to be replaced. Here's my nicest Blue Streaks
  14. Thank you, I saw that one, but I actually meant the hood that goes onto this front sight part.
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