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  1. louisvanhovell

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    Hi, I believe the Mk7 and Mk6 are totally different guns than the Mk1-5. Mk1-5 is more or less the same gun, with slight variations. The Mk6 and 7 are probably more powerful out of the box.
  2. louisvanhovell

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    Wow that would be fantastic! Could you send me their name and/or contact details? 😃 Many thanks
  3. louisvanhovell

    Beeman C1

    Hi, I'm looking for a Beeman C1, .22 or .177. Image courtesy of the Vintage Airgun Gallery. Cheers
  4. louisvanhovell

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    A quick update: the Mk4 is now running at 10.1 ft/lbs, and very smooth. New spring, beer can piston sleeve, quad ring. The quad ring makes a great difference. It seals way better. Cheers
  5. louisvanhovell

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    Tbh I'm getting very good accuracy out of my 2 Meteors. They are a joy to shoot. The carbine one has a Lightning barrel and a red heavy duty HW breech seal. Some quad rings will arrive today, which will improve the sealing of the piston. There is no barrel wobble on the Meteors whatsoever @bruno22rf, don't get me wrong, I understand that you have experienced this, but for now this well used seventies Mk4 and eighties Mk5 are great guns for 60 and 70 pounds, plus about 40 pounds each worth of new parts (seals, springs, spring guides, top hats). Light, cheap, easy to shoot, disassembled in under 5 minutes. Pretty much my wish list for a fun springer. Cheers
  6. louisvanhovell

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    There's an easy solution to improve the barrel lock-up: I put a few steel washers in the barrel latch hole, to increase the barrel latch spring tension. It locks up very tight now. I have also managed to improve the Meteor's handling, accuracy and power considerably. I fitted a nylon spring guide and top hat from Chambers, and polished the internals (cylinder, inside of piston, outside contact points of piston, spring ends, cocking slot, cocking arm shoes). Quite easy measures. The polishing I did with 1200 wet&dry, then 2000, then Autosol, then a good rinse. There are still a few things I need to try: drill out the transfer port to 3.2 mm or more - try a quad seal (I found quad seals that should fit; they have 2 instead of 1 sealing surface, so they should improve efficiency) - take 2mm off the piston head for a longer stroke - try a shorter spring (2 or 3 coils less) - fit a bolt at the end of the cylinder to act as a scope stop (the 13 mm Sportsmatch mounts are very good, but after 50 or so shots they had moved backwards about 2 mm). I might also try to fit a Lightning trigger mechanism. Have got a spare one on a Spitfire donor gun. Not sure if this will make a difference, but it's easy enough to try out: it's a matter of drilling 2 holes in the Meteor's trigger casing (the dimensions of the trigger casing are the same in the Meteor/Lightning/Spitfire). Lastly I'd like to experiment with a piston weight. It might all sound a bit crazy, for a Meteor, but it's giving me a lot of fun and I'm determined to get it as nice as possible. I've got 3 Meteors, all bought for about 50 pounds, so not much can go wrong 🙂 Cheers
  7. louisvanhovell

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    Nice! I assume you use it with the open sights? Cheers
  8. louisvanhovell

    John Bowkett BSA Meteor

    Hi, I am fascinated by the John Bowkett tuned BSA Meteor. I've never seen one in real life, but the story of John tuning them in the eighties for 23 pounds to produce nearly 12 ft/lbs and still be (quite?) smooth - cool. Has anyone got one? Any experiences? I have 2 Meteors: a Mk1 and a Mk5. The Mk1 is nicer to shoot and better made. The Mk5 has a lot of potential for improvement, methinks. I will try to make it smoother (polishing, a nylon spring guide and top hat, new piston seal and piston buffer washer, a new spring). I know that a Meteor will never be a fantastic gun, but there's pleasure in improving things and getting the best out of something really simple and cheap. Cheers Ps. The screenshot is from JB's Facebook fanpage
  9. louisvanhovell

    Titan x Ultishot

    Very nice. Here's a photo of my JB tuned Bearcat in .20. A lovely gun. I've just bought a nice period Weaver scope for it; this Hawke Airmax is good, but doesn't look right on the gun. Cheers
  10. louisvanhovell

    Titan x Ultishot

    Thank you. I had a fn12 lighthunter as well, with the profile stock. A very special gun. They do come up for sale every now and then. I agree that it is a nicer gun than the Prairie. I've had modern pcp's too, the most modern one being a fac .25 FX Bobcat. This Titan does everything I want though; it's accurate, it handles well, lightweight, well built, easy to service. I like it a lot more than some newer guns with a "made in China" feel (even though lots of very good stuff is made in the Orient these days). The trigger is exceptionally good and can be adjusted in 3 ways: first stage, second stage, angle of the trigger blade. The only thing I find a bit worrying is the thinness of the barrel. It's also quite long; I have this fear of hitting the end of the barrel against a tree, and damaging it, or losing the zero. Not sure if I need to worry though. Thank you
  11. louisvanhovell

    Titan x Ultishot

    Hi, it was very easy to adapt to quickfill: https://www.bestfittings.co.uk/shop/fill-probes-adaptors/custom-parts/falcon-fn-quick-fill-upgrade/ It's simply a matter of screwing the male part on. Do you use a Robert Lane reg? It's a good idea. Using it in the sweet spot is possible as well, but then I can only fill to about 125 bars. Whilst I believe that these can be filled to 160 bars. What kind of gun have you got? A Titan Stalker? Have you got a photo? Many thanks, Louis
  12. louisvanhovell

    Titan x Ultishot

    Hi, yesterday I finally re-sealed and assembled some Titan parts that I had lying around. A .22 Manitou breech/barrel, I think the rest comes off a Bearcat. As the Titan range of pcp's has a modular build, as do BSA mmc airguns, everything can be mixed and matched. The stock is from an Ultishot; a short-lived airgun brand from Cornwall that produced air shotguns. Lead shot at sub 12 ft/lbs isn't very effective. Anyway, it's funny how a box of parts that I thought about selling for about a year, have come together as a useable and very accurate airgun. Most people will probably find it ugly, but I like its quirkiness. The sweet spot is between 125 and 80 bars. It has a power adjuster, but I've left it where it was; at about 10 ft/lbs with JSB Express 14.35 gr. Plinking up to 70 yards is great fun. It's quite pingy, which is a common ailment of Titans and Falcon FN's (they are a copy of the Titan design - there is some controversy here). A depinger from Robert Lane is on its way. I fitted a quick fill adapter from Best Fittings, with a nice delrin cap that doesn't look misplaced. Servicing the action was a pain btw; someone, or perhaps Titan, had used Loctite on all threads. The brass parts are round, so I needed to be inventive and ask for some advice, to unscrew them without causing damage. Once all is apart, it's very easy to service and the build quality is high. John Bowkett designed these, and many design features are used in his later BSA mmc design (Ultra/Hornet/Techstar/Lonestar/Sportsman HV). Cheers
  13. louisvanhovell

    FX Verminator Mk1 .22

    Hi, I'm looking for an FX Verminator Mk1 in .22, with the original case. Many thanks, Louis
  14. louisvanhovell

    Any thoughts?

    Hi, I have a Webley Service Mk2 and many other vintage airguns ie. BSA Improved Model D, Crosman Town & Country 108, Meteor Mk1. Personally I wouldn't hunt with them. I use the most accurate airguns for hunting because I owe it to the quarry. For me that means pcp's. But each to their own.
  15. louisvanhovell

    QB78 whole gun / parts

    Hi, I'm looking for a QB78 in .22. A whole gun or parts. A .22 barrel would be great. Cheers