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  1. Hi, Thank you for your message, I appreciate it! It would be great if you could send some photos to my e-mail address when you're back home; louisvanhovell@gmail.com Safe travels and kind regards, Louis (now in Amsterdam, but I have a friend in Nottinghamshire who receives my parcels if international shipping is an issue)
  2. Hi, I am looking for vintage gun slips for my collection of vintage airguns (mostly seventies and eighties). Preferrably (faux) leather, with a zip instead of an opening at the bottom. Thank you very much for looking, Kind regards, Louis [img]https://i.imgur.com/IILCvuZ.jpg?1[/img]
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a "stubby" type silencer that was made by Titan. It would be cool to replicate this photo: [img]https://i.imgur.com/4LN5hY2.jpg?1[/img] Many thanks! Louis
  4. Thank you Baikel man! I have replied. Kind regards, Louis Thank you too Claysandgame! What a super kind offer. I have replied. Kind regards, Louis
  5. Hi, I'm looking for canvas gun slips for my old airguns (eg. BSA Improved Model D). Other types of vintage gun slips would be great too 🙂 Such as the vinyl ones from the seventies and eighties. Leather would be a bonus! Many thanks, Louis
  6. Hello David, thank you for the photos. Nice work! I am however more looking for a "classic" look, as in oiled wood. Regards, Louis
  7. Hi, It's a long shot but I'm looking for a custom stock for Sharp Innova. Preferably a DIY creation. There was one on Fleabay a few months ago but I missed it. Who knows! I am also always on the lookout for a boxed Innova... Kind regards, Louis
  8. Leave a message on 0121 745 4287 and John will return your call swiftly. I was amused by some comments in this thread about pcp's not being tuneable except for fitting a reg. As many others have said, JB will transform your gun. He has done that with many of mine. Cheers
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a Sharp Ace. Many thanks, Louis
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a Mk2 BSA Superten stock. I can swap for a Mk1 stock. It's the stock style as in the photo. I am not interested in a Mk1 or Mk3 stock. Thank you very much, Louis
  11. Hi I'm helping my friend Steve who collects air cartridges to find the following: Crown C900. Thank you very much, Louis
  12. My mmc Ultra .22 does 60 consistent shots on a 230 bar fill (220 mm cylinder).
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a Titan FN19 in .22. Preferably a project gun. Many thanks, Louis
  14. Thank you very much strimmer_13, and sorry for my late response. I was away a few days and forgot to check the thread. Sounds good. I'll buy it! Will need to see if it's still available haha. Cheers, Louis Hi TICHTCHOKE, thank you for your advice. I didn't mean to be difficult, but it's good to read your and other people's advice on this net. It sounds like an excellent choice. Cheers, Louis
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