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  1. One for the PADI divers

    Just to add to Fruity's comment.... it will also depend on whether you want to ( or have a future need) go down the Nitrox route, which is why I have now got more than one.
  2. Swallows, Swifts and Martins

    No swallows here in my part of Kent yet, a couple of house martins checking out last years nests though. Quite early to usual I thought.
  3. Any idea what this is??

    Its a tool for taking the backs off of watches.
  4. Sat nav advice please

    +1 for Navmii But.... Also got one of these - ( ebay - 181987984949) - recently to replace my in-car unit that broke and am delighted with it.
  5. Suggestions for a bacon slicer


    +1 Try this..... http://ebay.eu/1THlz6D
  7. Ham Radio

    You've got M6KWD Pete at this end. 73.
  8. Supported...... As this type of appeal should be by ALL sporting enthusiasts !!!
  9. Mobile phone and network

    Like you my previous phone was an HTC Desire which I was very happy with. However, due to the other half also liking it, I lost out (it’s now unlocked with a GiffGaff sim in it and working flawlessly). Sooo, one HTC One X later (thinking to myself HTC = good phone) here I am. Do not touch this phone with a bargepole! Same service provider, same location indoors used over several months now and the reception ability of this model is in no way comparable to the Desire. My daughter signed up for the Galaxy S3 on the same service provider as myself and the signal reception on hers is two bars greater with the phones side by side. Shame really as I highly rated HTC with the Desire but I will not be going back to them once my contract is up after the One X experience.