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  1. No, never seen the need for the ratio of what I use it for and the majority of the terrain I use it on. It seems to get by at standard height on all but the most rutted tracks.
  2. I've had Insa Turbo Rangers 215/60/16's on for the last 2 years, taking it off-road - including an off-road weekend with the 4x4 Rescue group I volunteer with - and had no problems at all with anything I've asked of it. I tend to do around 9 - 10,000 miles per year on all types of road surfaces as well as the afore-mentioned off -road use.
  3. Maybe no link but where are his videos available, online somewhere or via a retailer?
  4. Last time we went to the cinema was to watch Days of Thunder. Decided then it was a waste of money paying to hear masses of people talking over the main feature or incessantly rustling sweet packets throughout.
  5. Just as a quick follow up, I'm still here and the mushrooms were delicious, just slightly more 'earthy' than the standard offering from supermarkets, so I'm hoping this was not just a one off for this year and I get to see some more next season. Thanks for your guidance one and all.
  6. martinj, Thanks for your input. I most definitely will check!
  7. Thanks for the answers gents, precautions and tests will be carried out and if all seems ok will be followed by a good 'ol fashioned fry-up with plenty of mushrooms tomorrow morning. 😁
  8. Morning all, Had a crop of these develop in my garden over the last few days and would appreciate confirmation as to whether they are field mushrooms or not. I'd hate them to go to waste if they are and as this is the first time in 20 years I've had a flush I am hopefully looking forward to a few inventive dishes cooked up by the other half. Thanks in advance.
  9. sandsie1

    Shome rebellion

    So following this bbc link today..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-49918971/extinction-rebellion-lose-control-of-fake-blood-hose Would this be a valid reason to follow the said organisations example of aggressive litigation and prosecute them for environmental damage etc? BASC, Environment agency, anyone with any clout???
  10. The war and peace show is on at paddock wood this week (was there yesterday) and the spitfire and hurricane are flying over several times throughout the day.
  11. You may also be interested in Ashford Gun Room just outside Ashford, the guys in there are very friendly and helpful. Or a bit closer to where you are staying is Kent Gunsmiths at Seasalter and although I have not had a chance to make a visit there yet reports are they are also friendly and helpful. Going the other way towards Thanet is Wilson and Wilson next to Manston airport. There are a few others dotted around that a quick trip on Google will show up as well.
  12. My son had this call a couple of weeks ago, he renewed in 2017 and was told it would cost him £17 plus the cost of the doctors paperwork as per a normal renewal.
  13. Big respect to you 2sledge, great offer to encourage the younger generation into our beloved way of life.
  14. I always have on me a skywolfeye e523, powered by a 10500 (AAA) 3.7v battery. Its a couple of quid from that auction site - item no. 282699041905 - it is about the size of half a pencil. Its nothing fancy but must be fairly impressive going by how many I've given away to admirers of its performance.
  15. Glad you reasoned it out and went with the organisation that you felt represented shooters interests in the most advantageous way.
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