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    lamping,decoying,the wonderful elusive woodpidgeon,all country related sports,pretty women,my motorcycle,good whiskey,england rugby.
  1. Hiya les, Yes mate great deal...pleasure to do business with....good luck with you nxt purchase...
  2. Hi les, Can you tell if it's box mag or floor plate and also is it 1- 12 twist rate....interested as local to you....
  3. took a trip down the farm yesterdayto zero and play with my tiika t3 syn 25.06 h/barrel..really impressed,set the target out at 180yds..all grouping in a 1and half inch circle!! using my own home loads,that will do for me and charlie
  4. wigoh


    to answer a couple of questions asked,i never posted before for simple reason ive been on sites before where the antis have completly cocked them up,as for shooting the marshes ill leave that for the wildfowling boys!,my trade is double glazing! but dont panic i dont sell it,for anything else just ask away
  5. wigoh


    hi.just thought it was time i put my details on the site,..49 yrs young,been shooting since i was a mere boy,married,1,teenage son who shows no interest in shooting at all,i own and use,miruko grade 3,sako 222 75,with mod,anshutz thumbhole 22 rimmy with mod,i load my own rounds for the 222,love decoying and lamping part of a small syndicate in north kent,brilliant site brilliant posts watch out for the antis .....wigoh
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