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  1. Used once found too tight good stud gripping for river fishing £35 delivered etc post UK mainland
  2. I would be interested in making up the party, have fun dog used to working on the moor, as long as the day is in August. Gun not fun dog!
  3. Snowbee Koma salmon fly reel c/w 10 weight floater with case as new. Vision magnum 200D salmon fly feel c/w 10 weight sinking line with bag as new. Shakespeare basis F trout fly reel c/a 7 weight floated with case as new. Shakespeare premier spin master spinning feel excellent condition. Job lot for sale 110 pounds including postage UK. PayPal as gift accepted. Thanks for looking
  4. Hi paypall ok? If so I will take them
  5. Try stable coat I use it on mine and sheds, repels water and is easy to apply using a roller a gallon goes a long way takes little time and coat it every year on a warm day . A.
  6. http://Hi if still up for grabs I would like to take it off your hands, paypal ok?
  7. Hi can I have the badge? Also do you do pay pal? Thnx
  8. Mine started to rust after 3 years, off road good an bags room in the rear. B
  9. Check out Barrio fly lines. Mike will give you good advise.
  10. Hedgehogs can't go wrong with them on the bob
  11. Aye cracking pictures, seems to be a lot of roe in the Aberdeen area, when I visit my daughter who is just outside the city on the south side of the Dee, always plenty to see when I walk the dogs. Must get out soon myself. B.
  12. I have a pair of the Oak ones, now in 4th season, no issues from walking up grouse through heater to walked up day at pheasants, will get another pair when they wear out. I bought mine from Amazon might be worth a look. B. heather not heater doh!
  13. Mine are Crispi from Italy from Amazon 4th season this year and I walk up grouse about 10 times a year and mine are still going strong, half price of most other boots. B.
  14. Got my willies delivered yesterday to the highlands with no extra charge. Fare chuffed thanks for the heads up. B.
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