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  1. I'll take this please
  2. I've done it, was easy enough. Done it using an ipad and took a photo of myself with a white wall behind me. Worked dead on
  3. dukeboy

    mobile phone

    yea they seem to be pretty good from what i've read. i'm fed up with the signal and storage issues on the iphone!!
  4. dukeboy

    mobile phone

    just thought i'd try here first, in need of a phone as my iphone 5s is on its way out! looking for maybe same again or a samsung a3, s5 etc. nothin too expensive. either unlocked or on ee. thanks 👍🏼
  5. dukeboy

    CZ 452 stock

    i'd be interested in this. pm'd you
  6. They're great, love my cbc .410, was my first gun and wouldn't part with it
  7. tried these tonight, didn't see anything special about them. not worth the extra money. will stick to eley subs, definatley the most accurate and cosistent
  8. Michelle viscusi, appeared on top shot ?
  9. I just ordered another wtc from America, definitely a good scope for the money
  10. thanks underdog, highly unlikely something they would have used then. I have an uncle into war memorabilia so propably something he had picked up somewhere
  11. it is yes, found it in an out building at my grandparents house bout 25yrs ago. was always curious what was used to fire them
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