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  1. Hi, I have a rcbs turret deluxe reloading kit I may sell if you've any interest? Also have .204 dies along with various other calibres
  2. dukeboy


    I have this leatherman blast for sale. In good nick but don't have a case for it. SOLD
  3. Hi, I'd like them chains please if that's ok? If you PM your details I'll get you paid Thanks
  4. dukeboy

    .22 hornet

    Thanks pm'd 👍
  5. dukeboy

    .22 hornet

    Thank, lovely rifle but probably out of my budget unfortunately Yes please
  6. dukeboy

    .22 hornet

    Hi I'm after a .22 hornet. Preferably something cheap and cheerful. Condition not overly important as long as it shoots well.
  7. dukeboy

    Mares Tail

    Boiling water will kill it off almost instantly, probably won't stop regrowth though
  8. I've done it, was easy enough. Done it using an ipad and took a photo of myself with a white wall behind me. Worked dead on
  9. dukeboy

    mobile phone

    yea they seem to be pretty good from what i've read. i'm fed up with the signal and storage issues on the iphone!!
  10. dukeboy

    mobile phone

    just thought i'd try here first, in need of a phone as my iphone 5s is on its way out! looking for maybe same again or a samsung a3, s5 etc. nothin too expensive. either unlocked or on ee. thanks 👍🏼
  11. i'd be interested in this. pm'd you
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