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  1. evening Teal full lamb if you have any left paypal details please
  2. Evening Teal if you have a whole one spare please contact me with paypal payment details many thanks redlew1

  3. Morning if I get this wrong please bear with me, I would like to buy one of your leather wallets and the wife and myself would appreciate a mask each if that would be possible. How do I pay you for the wallet I have a paypal account or I could send you a cheque, many thanks Les and Janet.
  4. HI if you are going anywhere near Castleford west yorks I will weld it for you
  5. the reason there has been no mass shootings with handguns legally held is as you rightly said they were banned from public ownership.
  6. Wanting to start shooting field target, money waiting for the right rifle. Do not mind if it needs a bit of work as it will be fully overhauled before use.
  7. Hi Whitester I have a 26 inch MK60 which I bought a pair of 30 barrels and had them fitted your hardest job will be finding some barrels the fitting is relatively easy. I have a gun slip which has a pocket on the side for barrels, so have the choice when at the peg of quick acting or smooth moving for the longer crosses.

  8. HI 20bjames practice at rufforth on a Wednesday more than happy to spend a couple of hours getting you used to things,do you know what discipline you would like to try.
  9. redlew1

    Hornady Display

    Has anybody got a Hornady 300 grain jacketed bullit head in 375 cal. A friend was given a display board but when he unpacked it the 300 grain head was missing looked through all the packing but it wasn't there,so if anyone can help it would be apprieciated.
  10. If the driven partridge day is still available I would like to join you
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