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  1. robbiep

    the law

    Tow ropes are legal - under certain circumstances. In other circumstances, use of one would be illegal. As always, the devil is in the detail
  2. No, what I mean is that you start saying "I'm looking for a permission'. It then becomes "We will pick up litter". Going from one person to multiple people. Singular to plural.
  3. Just a point You say "I'm looking for new permission". Then you say "We always pick up litter". To me, that would ring an alarm bell
  4. So, I was having a browse through my Lee reloading manual (as you do), and I noticed the 223Rem table goes all the way down to a 35gr bullet for my powder, which is then pushed out a a very nice 3500fps (base load) up to 3900fps at max. I've had a look on McAvoys, and you can get V-Max bullets in that weight. My current load is a 53gr V-Max, MV of 3000fps. I'm looking at this load purely on the basis of it giving me a far straighter shot on longer foxes, with far less holdover out to 300m or so. Anyone got any experience of the above (or similar light bullets) ?
  5. The biggest things are 25mpg (100 mile round trip and that's quite a chunk on fuel every day), a distinct lack of visibility when driving, a lack of comfort if you're spending that long driving it every day, high road tax, you putting 20k+ miles a year on it meaning quite a bit of depreciation, and a general lack of reliability. If you're commuting 100 miles a day, buy a 2016-ish diesel hatchback, get 50mpg, and save the thick end of £60 per week on the fuel bills.
  6. robbiep

    Bearded tits.

    Just noticed this thread, sorry for the delayed post ! The only time I've seen crested tits was up in the Highlands too, in the large forest East of Aviemore, by Nethy Bridge / Boat of Garten. We stayed in a remote little cottage, and regularly got them on the bird feeders, along with plenty of red squirrels, and even deer in the garden one evening. My wife was fortunate enough to see a proper Scottish wildcat one morning too !
  7. Story of my (game shooting) life right there ! As you can see from the picture, the box is full, have never fired any of them - was given them a few years ago. Might have to get a plastic milk carton and see what it can do ...
  8. In case anyone is wondering what these actually look like
  9. robbiep

    Night vision

    I agree with you - I've got them on (non-FAC) air and on 22LR, and they do a great job. The 'TV' type are great if you're static or shooting from a truck. If you're walking any real distance they're a pain in the backside though
  10. Just think of the good you could do. Myself, I'd start a trust, accommodation, training, skills, help with psychological and medical issues for ex-service people, enable them to get back into the 'normal' world whilst they have a stable base and the support that is desperately required. That's just the start. As for me - well, I'd not be running it or anything, I'd employ people who know what they're doing for that. I'd want to just carry on in my job, as normal. Maybe take an extra few days of holidays a year, but I enjoy what I do, so I'd carry on doing it.
  11. Technically, the rifle only requires re-proofing when you sell it - the gun is no longer in proof, and thus if you sold it there could be some potential liability. In practice, I've never known anyone ask to see 'proof' of re-proofing on a gun once it's been screw cut
  12. 1. North Wales has a number of council areas. 2. What ban ? I've not heard of this at all, am still carrying out pest control on council-owned land that is leased out to farmers
  13. I'll just say this : You (notably, to my point of view) don't say what the criminal offence was, that got you a prison sentence, only that it was NOT for various offences. So ... it might be for fraud. Burglary. Supporting terrorism. Child porn. Or one of ... well, hundreds of other offences. As you can imagine from that short list, depending on what it is might make a huge difference to your getting a SGC or not. But without that information, nobody is in any place to even be able to start to reckon what your chances are.
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