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  1. If you only bought it a few days ago, and if you bought it from a garage, then take it back to where you bought it from for them to fix.
  2. Pretty certain it would be illegal. You are causing the bird to basically be wandering around blind, unable to defend itself or escape from any predators. Such a course of action is, by default, 'animal cruelty' and thus a criminal offence. I'm sure there is no specified criminal offence of maiming a wild creature by ripping a leg off it, but it would obviously be a blatant an act of cruelty, and thus covered by the law.
  3. It'd be illegal for any shop to actually fill that with air without a full clean out, the entire thing being repainted, serviced, inspected. the valve changed, etc, etc. Even then, I don't think it could actually be changed to a legal air-type valve, as the thread on those is completely different (precisely to stop people from using it for air by accident)
  4. I would assume the reply was (like mine) in relation to London Best's post about vegetarians who shoot being hypocrites Much like some shooters who just blat away at pigeons or other species on the GLs are hypocrites, pretending they're doing it for all the right reasons, when all they really want to do is 'test themselves' - which they could just as easily do on the clays
  5. The real question is, are you competent working on a gun. If it fires when it closes - even once in 100 times - then it is dangerous. Personally, I'd want to know that someone professionally competent had looked it over and done anything that needed to be done. And yes, I know there's going to be people piling in, saying "I wouldn't let a gunsmith touch any of my guns, in 1976 some muppet failed to fix a broken firing pin", or the suchlike.
  6. Just looked it up : https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mot-inspection-manual-for-private-passenger-and-light-commercial-vehicles/2-steering#section-2-1-5 States that power steering inoperative is a 'major' fail, inoperative and steering adversely affected is a 'dangerous' fail
  7. That is for electronic power steering. I suspect an 02 Honda will have hydraulic power steering
  8. A good friend of mine is a keen deer stalker, but is vegetarian - she's allergic to the proteins in meat
  9. Tried going down the 'gun room' argument a few years ago Unsurprisingly, I've still just got gun cabinets, and about 2500 cartridges in the garage !
  10. Basically, this : It was sold as seen, as a private sale. No warranty, as you are a private seller, not a motor trader. He has already made one deliberate attempt to defraud you by claiming that the turbo had gone, suddenly when he gets knocked back it's not the turbo, but something else instead. As such, any further attempt by him to extort money will result in you taking the matter to the police for attempted fraud. If he wishes to bring a claim against you in court, with an independent engineer's report (by a professional motor engineer from the approved panel) then he is of course welcome to do so. However he should be aware that you will produce his initial false claim in court as evidence of how dishonest he is, and that any evidence he provides should be treated bearing that in mind. In short : you either hear from the court, from his lawyer, or he gets stuffed.
  11. Trampling dog or cat food into the grass is good if you want the fox to stop in a location for more than a couple of seconds - for a rifle shot, for example. For a shotgun it's far less helpful. Good positioning, drab clothing, the fox never even realises you were there until it's too late
  12. I believe it's on all cars. But as I said, it's unlikely to ever be spotted unless the vehicle was in an accident.
  13. Foxes are largely creatures of habit, unless something disturbs them, they will travel the same routes between likely food source areas, at roughly the same times of day (daylight would be a better term, if it's a light evening then they will usually be later than a dark overcast evening. Knowing that, the biggest trick with foxing with a shotgun is knowing where they want to be - the routes they want to use, and when they like to use them - and putting yourself on that route. If you've seen them then you already know where they are, and the direction of travel, and the rough time of day. Basically, position yourself in a hedgerow, preferably with the fox coming towards you and the hedge at your back. Drab clothing, minimum movement, and wait for the fox to come to you. I've got 223, but I take far more foxes with the 12 bore, just by being where they want to be, when they want to be there. You can, with patience and experience, get them to within 10-15 yards before they figure out something isn't quite right EDIT : In terms of cartridges, I use 42g Eley Alphamax BB in one barrel (punchy but effective), and if the fox comes closer than I can select the other barrel, which usually has 28g of No 5 - which will comfortably drop a fox out to 30 yards or more.
  14. I believe having any sort of switch where the brake lights can be disabled (like @ninjaferret has done) is now illegal - because they are regularly used by the 'crash for cash' brigade to cause accidents (you disable your brake lights, someone runs into the back of you, you and passengers claim for whiplash). Whilst it's unlikely to be a problem, if you had an accident and the workshop discovered the device during repairs they'd then have to inform your insurance company, and that could open a world of pain, including your insurance being cancelled and the police being informed
  15. A 'small error' would be putting on your application that your speeding ticket was in 1998, when it was actually in 1999. The OP has knowingly falsely filled in a statutory form, where the consequences for such falsehood are very clear. Basically, his new licencing authority have turned around and said 'You can't be trusted to fill in a form honestly, therefore we don't think you can be trusted to have FAC/SGC.' It's hard to argue with their viewpoint on this. The Firearms Act does have an appeals procedure (through the courts) written into it. This would appear to be the only route open to the OP
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