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  1. Depends on the lease length, agreed mileage, car price, and a myriad of other factors. Could be anywhere from 3p per mile on a Dacia to £1 or more for something ridiculously high end
  2. Hope the dog is doing better, and glad to have been able to give you a location for the fox earth !
  3. I fid myself in general agreement with what's already been posted. In your position, I'd probably go for a PCP air rifle for rabbits, and a Section 2 (SGC, not FAC) 12 bore shotgun for fox. You could quite feasibly get an O/U shotgun rather than a semi-auto - if you miss with the first shot then the fox is going to be out of range for the second, never mind the fourth or fifth shot ! A 12 bore firing a 3 inch Eley Alphamax BB cartridge will drop a fox at 30-40 yards every single time. The biggest trick is letting the fox come in - if you're quiet and still then they'll get with
  4. I've tried voice release once at a clay ground in Northumberland, and found it to be horribly inconsistent. I did use a foot pedal release at a ground in Lancs a few years ago that was quite nice
  5. A 9V square battery and wire wool is even better
  6. I make my own feather sticks for BBQ lighting, they're surprisingly effective. All you need is kindling and a good knife - or even a small hatchet
  7. You can normally get the Stihl stuff on a 250m reel from most tool hire places. Far better quality than the cheapo DIY brands
  8. BASC's privacy policy is pretty clear, and pretty obvious to find from their home page : https://basc.org.uk/basc-privacy-policy/ If you want your information, or it to be deleted by them, why not just ask them to do it, instead of imagining some monster conspiracy theory about obstacles they might put in your way ?
  9. People tend to use banter a bit strongly. But in all practicality, that is something that people have been caught out over - a gun cabinet in the loft is a classic example. Get in from a day out, tired and cold. Put gun (in slip) somewhere out of the way while you have dinner and a bath to warm up, and before you know it you're dozing off on the sofa, gone to bed and the next morning the gun is still where it was the evening before. It's got to be out of sight of a casual visitor to the house, but still accessible. So in a cupboard or wardrobe is fine. You don't need to go the whole
  10. I would disagree. Good quality antigue furniture in particular seems to be highly popular right now - especially anything small and practical. Miniature dressers, good quality cricket tables, oak chairs, spice racks, have made a huge comeback, to name but a few. My dad is in the trade (sort-of, he's 84 and has retired 3 times already !), I'd be happy to ask his opinion on anything you wanted a pic of, or even give my opinion of it if you wanted, you pick things up through just being around that stuff for so long. I'm not in the trade, I work in the NHS
  11. As someone has already said, your contract (and thus any warranty claim) are against the shop you bought the gun from. The shop may wish to claim from the importer, but that's their problem, not yours. I'd suggest you speak to the shop and tell them you expect them to sort it out
  12. I've got a Webley + Scott bolt action 410, which I think cost me the princely sum of £50. On the end of that I've got the hushpower detachable moderator (currently £120, when I got mine I seem to recall they were £90) from these guys : http://hushpower.co.uk/Gunroom/SG_Hushpower.htm Remove the foresight bead, fit the moderator, and you're good to go. Whilst it's not as quiet as the full-length shrouded guns, if you shoot it from 50 yards away then most people don't notice it. Thing with these is you don't need to download cartridges to take advantage of the gun - yes, if you put
  13. My initial post was in response to the post from 'lakeside1000', where he mentioned about other predators taking poults, etc. I can't see it being anything to do with the filming - everyone local just avoided the area, and the chick that died was found to have been struck by a wind turbine !
  14. Oh, I agree. but the perception of risk can be greater than the reality of said risk. But, as I said, speculation on my part. I hope they catch the culprit (there are cameras all over the place up there, both overt and covert), and they get their day in the harsh glare of publicity in a courtroom
  15. Agreed, here's hoping that the birds establish in the new nest and can rear a brood I live about 15 miles from the Brenig, and spent 5 years there and at the Alwen working as a ranger. I'm mystified as to what (if any) shoot would view the ospreys as a danger. The birds have got a massive lake literally on the edge of the nest. The Alwen (2 miles away) is also stocked from the Brenig fish farm, and a number of other lakes and reservoirs on the top of the moors. I'm a member of a shoot on the edge of the moors (about 5 miles as the osprey flies from the Brenig, and have never seen, no
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