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  1. Even if the shoulder bone did stop the bullet (and I just don't see that happening at 223 velocities unless you're getting out to half a mile or so), the hydrostatic shock would be devastating. I reckon that'd be the same whether 40 or 55 gr Vmax My longest fox ever is 290m with the 223. Zero wind, it was sitting face on, bib shot, holdover aim point was between the ears (I do a fair bit of range time, so know my hold at 300m, so had absolute confidence in the holdover point). It dropped on the spot.
  2. I shoot foxes with 223 also, but use a 55gr bullet. In short, if you hit anywhere vital on a fox with that bullet and velocity, it is dead. I've hit them at high shoulder, and had the entire front of the fox torn up by the bullet. Low shoulder, similar. Spine, it nearly splits them in two. Towards the back, the round took a leg clean off. I'm not fond of headshots on foxes, it's a bit too small and mobile on the body, and I've no desire to shoot half it's jaw off and leave it to suffer.
  3. Putting location might be useful
  4. Unfortunately, they're a bit far from me, and they can't post, as they're a retailer. If it was a private seller then it'd be fine
  5. Looking to buy a chronograph - primarily for air rifle use. Not after an over barrel unit Also looking for air pistol - for dispatch around traps, so not BB.
  6. I was up at our shoot on Tuesday afternoon about 4pm, after work. Birds all dust bathing and having a great time. Like you, not a lot of food seemed to have been used in the previous 48 hours, reckon it's the heat too.
  7. Heard it on the way home from work. Such a shame, genuinely a great gold medal prospect, and a really nice person to boot.
  8. Who exactly is telling you this ? I'd never want to be in or around the pen at dusk, when the birds are trying to settle and roost for the night, it sounds like a great way of disturbing the birds. Broad daylight, move slowly and quietly, will cause the least disturbance Edit : I do my pen checks after work, usually arriving at pens about 4pm
  9. If the oil level is roughly right then the best thing to do is to run the engine for 10 minutes - oil warms up, and will drain out easily. Fill with new oil and filter, run the engine for 10 minutes, then drain and refill again. You can get additives to help with an engine flush (Holts brand name, I think ?), but I'm a bit dubious of them
  10. Most independent tool hire shops will replace seals and do the work for you.
  11. I've got one of the last of the old 5 series estates - 520d on a 17 plate. Local running to and from work (13 miles each way, mostly single carriageway roads, small amount in town) it gives 45-47mpg. A motorway run (we went up to Perthshire a couple of months ago) it returned 52mpg at a steady 75mph. Those figures are calculated from fuel put in versus miles done - NOT off the trip computer
  12. Another odd thing about the different varieties of these : The single shot ones are 2.5" chamber. The 3 shot version is 3"
  13. Magpie call bird available - will be culled this evening unless someone wants !
  14. robbiep

    Shares holdings

    I’m surprised you’re getting calls about it. I own a few shares in a couple of companies where I’ve sold most of the holdings but had misplaced a couple of certificates, they write to me once a year asking if I want to sell the remaining ones
  15. Managed to get a call bird locally - I've known the person for 20 years, and had no idea he ran larsen traps !
  16. Looking for a magpie call bird - went away for a few days so had to dispatch mine ! I'm in North Wales, can travel to Cheshire or Northern Shropshire to collect. Thanks !
  17. I would not use a degreaser to wash a car. Anything that gets into a wheel arch (for example) will be also getting to the bake and suspension components, other parts that are usually lightly greased include the bonnet latch (it's bare metal, the grease is there to protect it) boot latch, door hinges, etc. A degreaser will strip ALL of that protection away
  18. I'll have this if still available please - drop me a message and we'll arrange to meet, rather than post, if you'd prefer
  19. I generally don't shoot jays, because there doesn't seem to me to be a high population in my area, so therefore if they are causing problems for other wildlife then those problems will be less due to the small numbers of jays.
  20. Phone call this evening - just after the final whistle went in the Wales-Turkey match too : Neighbour : I've got a problem crow, it's destroyed the swift's nest in the stable. I've managed to get 2 of the chicks back into the old nest from last year, but the crow's had 2 chicks, and is still around. I've tried shooing it off, and put up a couple of CDs hanging up, but it's still after the other chicks. Can you help ? Me : (mental checklist : Conservation of wild birds, check. Other methods tried, check). I'll be over there in 10 minutes. Get out the Air Arms S410, check pressure, grab some pellets, walk up the hill. As I get there, a crow lifts up from the yard and goes and settles on a fence post between the garden and paddock, about 25 yards away. The neighbour (lovely old lady in her 70s) comes out "There it is !". Rest air rifle on the roof of her car and chamber a pellet. Gauge distance, shot lines up perfectly onto the crows chest. There's no wind. Squeeze trigger. Crow falls off fence. Walk over to fence, put another pellet through crows head to ensure death - even though it's only twitching. Chat for 5 minutes, by which time the adult swifts are happily back swooping in and out of the stable. A good job done in my book ! 1486
  21. Bear in mind that if the control module light doesn't light up with the ignition - and then go out - then it will now be an automatic MOT failure.
  22. As Seeker has said, basically. The HO guidance says they 'COULD be suitable at short range by EXPERIENCED persons'. I've dropped cubs out to 50 yards with a 22LR, but it's a last resort calibre for foxing as far as I'm concerned
  23. Depends on the lease length, agreed mileage, car price, and a myriad of other factors. Could be anywhere from 3p per mile on a Dacia to £1 or more for something ridiculously high end
  24. Hope the dog is doing better, and glad to have been able to give you a location for the fox earth !
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