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  1. mikesy

    air gun

    what price range?
  2. mikesy

    Bolt action .22 rimfire

    Hi, I'm looking for a rimfire, bolt action, screw cut for mod and preferably around 16" barrel. Now sorted
  3. mikesy

    Anschutz 1417 .22 magazine

    Now sold.
  4. mikesy

    Anschutz 1417 .22 magazine

    Ok, thanks for that.
  5. mikesy

    Anschutz 1417 .22 magazine

    Just found a 5 shot anschutz mag for a 1417 .22 rifle which I sold a while back. Was bought as a spare but never used. Forgot I had bought it Duh! £35 posted (uk)
  6. mikesy

    Sako finnfire Mag

    Hi, is it £30 inc postage?
  7. mikesy

    armed m/c .410

    Really good bloke to deal with, guaranteed to be as advertised.
  8. mikesy

    boyds hunter stock for cz452

    Try Parmoor gunstocks. The bloke does a good deal on an unfinished laminated 452 thumbholes, just needs sanded and oiled. I bought one a few years ago and it still looks good. Think I paid £130 .
  9. mikesy

    rws .22

    Only ones that my CZ452 likes. Top ammo, very consistent.
  10. Hi, do you still have the CZ? Thanks Mike
  11. mikesy

    Anschutz  1417 .22 LR

    Still available.
  12. mikesy

    Anschutz  1417 .22 LR

    Thanks. I agree on both points.
  13. mikesy

    Anschutz  1417 .22 LR

    Price dropped to £375.
  14. mikesy

    brno cz stock .22lr

    Oops, just saw the model Number for an E425. sorry