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  1. Thank you for all your help and advice. When I had them measured there was .002 in the right and .010 in the left so just over cylinder and 1/4. I would normally shoot 1/2 and 1/2 in my O/U and was a bit worried I might have a few gaps in the pattern with the cylinder barrel past 25 yards. I will get a few boxes of the cartridges you have all recommended and give them a go. I will try and take some photos and report back with my findings.
  2. I am hoping the PW massive might be able to help me out here. I have a lovely AYA No.2 which is choked cylinder and 1/4. Can anyone recommend a game cartridge that they have patterned in the past that threw a particularly tight pattern. Fibre only please. Its got 70mm chambers which is a bonus. I appreciate that it will pattern differently in my gun and the only way to find out is to pattern it myself, but I am looking to try and narrow down the field to maybe half a dozen. Otherwise it is going to cost a small fortune to go and by a box of every combination of make and load of cartridge on t
  3. I have just been watching this Dave Carrie video of him at the Gamebore factory. They are using a machine there, which they claim is the fastest in the world and it just loads fibre wads. Its running at 15,000 per hour.
  4. Hi Lloyd, It was me that posted the original question about the recoil pad. I had been quoted £180 to fit a Silver's recoil pad to my AYA No.2 which I thought was a bit steep. The general consensus was that I had been ripped off but when I went to pick it up, it was perfect! They had sanded the pad down to the actual wood and then re-oiled the stock. It looks the absolute dogs danglies and the stock looks way better than when I took it in. They have also shaped the pad and polished it. I went around the Game Fair stands checking the fit of all the guns with a silvers pad on at the weeke
  5. He didn't go into details but as soon as I get it back I will post some photos and a review on the finished item.
  6. Thanks for the replies folks. I thought it was a bit steep. Yes they are supplying the pad but it is a one for one replacement so nothing to come off the stock. ?
  7. Maybe I am just getting old and behind the times, or maybe I didn't realise the amount of work involved but I have just been told its going to be £180 to fit a Silvers recoil pad on my Aya No. 2. Does that sound about right and I am being a tight **** or have I been ripped off?
  8. The original pictures didn't do it justice. Thats much better.
  9. He put the same picture on FB earlier.
  10. Its not Jason's usual standard of work.
  11. If I had a bumper bag I might have considered it but I couldn't of hit a cows **** with a banjo yesterday and only had a bag of 8. I won't say how many I missed. In fact I have just had it for tea. Pan fried pigeon rolls with fried onions and a red wine sauce. Bloody lovely it was too.
  12. One of those events happened yesterday that is probably a once in a lifetime event. I had just finished a quick sessions on some laid barley and there was one bird I couldn't find despite my 3 labs looking for it for ages. I had given up trying to find it and was driving along the headland about 50 yards from the hide when I saw a pigeon going into the hedge. I jumped out of the truck and as I got about a foot away it shot off down the hedge line at a ridiculously quick speed, especially as the grass on the headland is very tall. I remember thinking bloody hell thats the quickest runner I
  13. One if the best threads I have read in a while. Well done, cracking job.
  14. I had a customer last week with a lab that was 47kg at 7 months old and both elbows had been operated on. When I told her that her dog was overweight she flipped her lid.
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