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  1. I’ve got some hanwag trapper gtx and I have to say they are incredibly comfy, Lakeland hill walking, shooting and picking up and general dog walking. Superb for the money
  2. I don’t know if it would help you but if that’s broken you could look on Cleanyourcar.co.uk and buy yourself a snow foam canon. Basically you use is as per what you would use your shampoo attachment but it covers the car in a really thick blanket of foam that you can use either to loosen the dirt then wash as normal or as an added lubricant for when you wash the car. I moved away from the standard shampoo attachments when mine did what yours has and I’ll never go back 👍
  3. Almost new Hanwag Trapper boots in size 9.5. These are about 2 months old but only worn on three dogs walks because they’re far too big for me so my little feet flop about in them. tried to exchange them but seen as they’ve been worn it’s a no so up for sale. really well made I’m gutted they don’t fit me, will not disappoint the buyer! £285 delivered
  4. I’ve had a pair of pro hunters for about 7/8 years. Never ever let a drop of water in, extremely comfortable and have been fantastic. Used numerous times a week for shooting and picking up, fell walking and general use but they’ve started to look tatty so I’ve just replaced them with Hanwag trapper gtx. Absolutely fantastic boots I would very much recommend them
  5. If you have one of them outlet shopping places locally it’s always worth a look I got a musto highland jacket for 175 down from 400. If not a good walking jacket with a vest over the top never fails you seen as them things are designed to take a real beating in the hills and out walking all day. Berghaus or craghoppers I’ve always favoured. Also just bought myself a cheap percussion sologne jacket for 80 for picking up in and syndicate days. Been out in some real downpours in it and it’s great for the money I’m just intrigued to see what the longevity is at that price.
  6. I’m a member on a small syndicate that shoots over land just outside thirsk. Basically we are looking for a few people that want a nice walk out with their dogs on a Saturday running fortnightly starting on sat 17th October. We’re a small friendly group that meet up for a bit of walk and stand shooting, all woodland drives in forestry land, not large bags but a good enjoyable day out. With it being a small syndicate sadly we won’t be able to pay but a couple of brace of birds and some fitness for you and your dogs is what we can offer. If anyone is interested please PM me directly
  7. I bought these boots about 2 years ago and have never really got round to needing them. Worn about 3/4 times on short and dry dogs walks so very very nearly brand new. Still in the box and just wanting the space so I thought I would sell them on. They are size 9 mountain hunter gtx boots with Gore-Tex liners. As I say almost new so no marking scuffs etc on them. If you have any questions or would like more images please be in touch. looking for £125 posted
  8. On the camper I built I put an extinguisher system in that ran around the top of the engine bay that any fire burnt through the pipe and sprayed foam into that area. Such a shame to see a nice split up in flames
  9. I wear Percussion Marley trousers for picking up, dog walking and syndicate shooting. Very comfy, warm and I’ve been bone dry in some major downpours. 39.95 on eBay
  10. If your after some cheaper waterproof trousers take a look on eBay for percussion Marley trousers. Had mine for two seasons, walk dog in them etc and they’re spot on in thick cover and have never leaked. Just ordered another pair, 40 quid delivered.
  11. I find it a bit out of order when people expect to stand constantly on a walk and stand shoot, if you cant walk you shouldnt be on the shoot Im afraid. Dig deep and pay for a driven syndicate or at very least pay a beater or two. Not that I think the older boys shouldnt be out of course they should be fair is fair and syndicate members all pay the same
  12. Love my sealskins. Warm, Dry and easy to shoot with!
  13. If your after one I have a nice 2011 x-tech that will be going up for sale shortly. Lots of extras and toys. Pm me
  14. Good fun little cars. Don't for a second think there a 'hot hatch' more a luck warm hatch. The biggest let down is the lack of power but with that comes great handling and decent mpg. Can't in any way compete with the proper hot hatches but a good reliable fun little car that's super cheap for what you get....coming from experience
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