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  1. On the camper I built I put an extinguisher system in that ran around the top of the engine bay that any fire burnt through the pipe and sprayed foam into that area. Such a shame to see a nice split up in flames
  2. I wear Percussion Marley trousers for picking up, dog walking and syndicate shooting. Very comfy, warm and I’ve been bone dry in some major downpours. 39.95 on eBay
  3. If your after some cheaper waterproof trousers take a look on eBay for percussion Marley trousers. Had mine for two seasons, walk dog in them etc and they’re spot on in thick cover and have never leaked. Just ordered another pair, 40 quid delivered.
  4. I find it a bit out of order when people expect to stand constantly on a walk and stand shoot, if you cant walk you shouldnt be on the shoot Im afraid. Dig deep and pay for a driven syndicate or at very least pay a beater or two. Not that I think the older boys shouldnt be out of course they should be fair is fair and syndicate members all pay the same
  5. Love my sealskins. Warm, Dry and easy to shoot with!
  6. If your after one I have a nice 2011 x-tech that will be going up for sale shortly. Lots of extras and toys. Pm me
  7. Good fun little cars. Don't for a second think there a 'hot hatch' more a luck warm hatch. The biggest let down is the lack of power but with that comes great handling and decent mpg. Can't in any way compete with the proper hot hatches but a good reliable fun little car that's super cheap for what you get....coming from experience
  8. I used to only shoot 32g 5 high pheasant extremes until I decided to try some hull superfast pigeon loads. There a 29g 6, I shoot a mixture of days from walked up to driven to a few high let days and I'm really taken by them but you'll have to buy them in summer as they stop production during the season so people buy the more expensive imperials.
  9. Yeah the 'lifeshine' they do in dealerships is a waste of time. I'm fairly into my dealing, do a few nice cars a year etc and my own. The Mrs collected her new Audi yesterday and it had been 'fully prepared' for collection, got it home and did it properly and the difference is laughable. For 300 or so speak to a proper detailer that will prep the paint and seal it properly not with cheap auto glym or **** like that! Cars are an investment so look after it properly
  10. I have one, in lime green, near as damn it immaculate. Can send pics if you want? Pm me
  11. thanks for the advice, i stayed at one of coopermines last time i was there, found a little place in grasmere this time now that the mrs likes the look of. Yeah there will be plenty of passes and green lanes taken in i hope
  12. Just wondering if anyone can recommend anywhere nice in the lakes thats dog friendly for a few days away. Don't mind if its a hotel or a pub etc just somewhere nice and clean and friendly. Any advice or tips please?
  13. I struggle to find places to pigeon shoot, i shoot a lot of game during the season but really find it difficult to gain permissions due to working so many hours and everywhere already having people on their land. And i've also found people arent interested in helping out if you dobt post a lot on the forum, problem being I dont really write a lot but i'm on here every day
  14. Holy moses and that road really get the people racing along it too, thats one lucky driver
  15. I've got one, done 25k in a year, 4 years old now and only had general servicing and preventative maintanance. Been a crack car, you know what your getting when you buy one but never had any issues, been remapped by twisted so it sees around 30-32mpg with 160bhp and 440torques. Worth doing if you get one
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