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  1. mark a


    We come here every new year it’s good if you have little ones
  2. mark a


    Hi all happy new year from Butlins Bognor Mark
  3. Whoop whoop finally been given a flight home Arrive at Gatwick 7.00 Monday can’t come quick enough Mark
  4. Hi we still don’t have a flight and ppl are still here that should of gone home Sunday. We were due to fly home on the 6th but have been told it will be around The 6th.The communication here is very poor. Mark
  5. Hi all I’m currently stuck in Cuba we were flown out the same day they went bust. The cabin crew were staying at the same hotel and they were in bits and the reps in the hotel have all gone. The hotel were trying to charge ppl for their stay they were charging some ppl 3k. The first flight out to Manchester went via Jamaica then Heathrow then Manchester. We are waiting for our flight to go on the website but it’s taking ages I think we will be the last out.The hotel staff have been told they will be laid off when we are gone Mark
  6. Hi Mark


    is the ATA still available?



    1. Aaron



      yes still forsale, I’m his son in law if you want to know anything just let me know 😁



  7. Hi wishy No not yet I’m still looking Mark
  8. Hi all I've been clay shooting for a while now and my scores have flat lined. Could anyone recommend a instructor/ coach in or around south essex Mark
  9. Hi i also had a hatstand which drove me bonkers chopped it in for a maxus and never looked back. Mark
  10. Thanks for the replies chaps. I had my eyes checked a few months back and they are all good and I don’t have diabetes,I watched a **** vid last night and he mentioned about the other eye trying to take over and he said it is a age thing. So now I’ve got a rouge left eye and I’m old anything else lol mark
  11. Hi all I am a right handed shooter and right eye dominant, all well and good I hear you say. Just recently I’ve noticed my left eye tries to take over just for a second then my right eye takes over again by which time the bird or clay has disappeared into the distance.This has been happening for a few months now and can’t think why now, my gun fit is good as I’ve this checked.Has anyone else have this happen to them? Mark
  12. mark a


    Hi i thought 110 was safer that’s why it’s used in industry for power tools mark
  13. Hi love kebabs but I also love a cheese and onion crisp sarny for a quick munch Mark
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