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    In My free time you will find me doing the following
    Rough shooting
    Clay Shooting
    Game shooting
    Looking at 4x4s i cant afford lol
  1. Has anyone ever done a sim day im thinking of going to one but are they as good as they say?
  2. Eastaff still has them!! When i heard they were being discontinued i just switched brands overnight i never thought about them again until today
  3. In 2009 i think it was i heard the shocking news that the German cartridge Rotweil were going to discontinue there 12g HV cartridge. This surprised me as they were a favourite brand of the guns where i go beating and i also used them as well they were a fast hard hitting cartridge so i couldn't understand why discontinue something that was in such popular demand but after speaking to my local gunsmith he told me that they are coming back in production and will be here in the UK for the 2014/15 season. Good times ahead 👍
  4. Im glad i started this topic now! I didn't think i would get much response but i am amazed at all the comments and advice! Top bunch of people
  5. Hello to all PW members just wondering if theres any shooting available in or around bedfordshire? Only been decoying a few times so ive had the equipment usually provided hides Rotary, decoys etc. so if theres any shooting going give me a shout Many thanks Enzo
  6. I broke up with My girlfriend in december after 5 years at the time it seemed like it was the end of the world but i soon realised it was anything but! it started out fine saturdays and sundays were for me beating and shooting days. But as time went by i was replacing my gun and flask for her shopping bags and clothes on shopping trips to london and milton keynes. i thought to myself if i was ever going to get out in the field again! so i thought enough was enough i was not going to give up something i love so after many hours of arguing it came down to the fact of if i loved her i would give up shooting so the choice was either stay with her or give up shooting... can't wait for my next shooting outing hahaha Women ey who needs them!
  7. i was out for a days rough shooting just before christmas and normally as i walk along the woods at sun up there has always been a healthy number of birds still up in the trees just to my amazment not a single woody was there! not only that i did not see a single pigeon all day. where the hell are these ******* hiding? i would love to know.
  8. Im selling a collection of vintage smokings tins about 12 in total looking for £25. Must collect (bedfordshire)
  9. Selling 2x vibe 6x9 speakers and amp £100 payment on collection please
  10. Can anyone tell me what the top spec model is on a freelander is it the hse model?
  11. This show on channel 4 is really interesting about the possible discovery of the lost king. The woman is abit of a nut case though lol anyone else watching?
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