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  1. Just received one. A scam. reported and binned.
  2. Would you like me to find out how much postage would be?
  3. I'm going to have to look into it a bit more. There is conflicting info from different sources. Mine is the tenka.
  4. Rear Tyres - Rims dimensions : 255/60 R18 Front Wheels Width : 7,0" Rear Wheels Width : 7,0" Curb Weight : 2038 kg OR 4493 lbs Weight-Power Output Ratio : 10.7 kg/hp Trunk / Boot capacity : - L Steering : Rack and pinion Hydraulic Front Suspension : Coil springs. Rear Suspension : Coil springs. B
  5. According to Nissan my NP300 weighs 2038kg with just creeps under the threshold According to Nissan my NP300 comes in at 2038kg with is just under the threshold
  6. Your vehicle sounds like it fits into the dual purpose category as follows. Therefore the speed limits are the same as a car. I have check my 19 plate Navara is normal car speed usage and not restricted. Dual purpose vehicles A dual purpose vehicle is a vehicle constructed or adapted for the carriage both of passengers and of goods and designed to weigh no more than 2,040 kg when unladen, and is either: constructed or adapted so that the driving power of the engine is, or can be selected to be, transmitted to all wheels of the vehicle or permanently fitted
  7. I am selling my predator shooting rest it is a few years old but in excellent condition. Near mint other than the front sticker came off. Looking for £55 ovno This is the description from the website. MTM Predator Rifle Shooting Rest ! MTM Predator Zeroing Rest The MTM Predator Shooting Rest (PSR), with its exclusive solid four-legged stance, provides the stable, rock-solid gun rest that shooters demand of expensive heavy metal rifle rests, only at a fraction of the weight(3.5 pounds). The PSR is lightweight and fully adjustable. The PSR’s butt stock support not on
  8. Could you tell what colours they are please and also are the parents big dogs?
  9. Yes i use one of those hide tables. it fits into my hide swivel bucket, just the job
  10. Saw a nesting pair at Hayfield Fishery DN9 Doncaster last week Only 50 miles from the sea. Flying back wards and forwards all day nest building on one of the islands.
  11. Got a new Navara last year through BASC (Tyson Cooper). saved an absolute fortune. Cracking service from Tyson Cooper as well. Definitely worth it.
  12. Just got all my gins on the go. Cherry, Rhubarb, gooseberry, rhubarb&gooseberry. I make mine in large Kilner jars. 1 1/2lb fruit, 1lb caster sugar, 1.5ltr cheap gin. Soften fruit in a pan with the sugar. Let it cool slightly Heat the Kilner jars in the oven to sterilise them and let them cool (or they will shatter when you put the cooler ingredients in) as I found to my cost when i first started to make flavoured gins. Put the fruit/sugar mixture in the jar top up with the cheap gin seal the lid and shake. Place in a cool dark place (cellar for me) for 3 months shaking
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