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  1. This bottle is now sold teza
  2. yes its has if you send me your email address I will send you a photo that should read yes it has teza
  3. As above I purchased this in January this year, and I have since sold my air rifle. It comes with a new carrying handle and whip this bottle is also fitted with a boot . It is also full. cost new was £175 plus £12 for carry handle, I will accept £125 teza
  4. I think all guns should be locked away, ( That's the best precaution of all )
  5. I was a fac shooter for years both rifle and hand guns, the law stated we handed all hand guns in . I kept my rifle as I had two perms for it . I gave up fac a few years ago and came back to shooting air rifles and I have 3 perms. I was gutted when we had to hand our hand guns in , all hand gun sport as gone and for what , there are more guns on the streets now and all licenced users have lost there sport,
  6. teza


    looking for a3ltr 300 bar charging bottle in test please. please pm me. teza
  7. teza

    Charging PCPs

    get her air arms 200 nice and light
  8. teza

    .177 or .22?

    I have had both hw 100s and the 177 is better for rabbits , but now use aa ultimate sporter 177 , but hw 100 177 is better I think. teza
  9. teza

    ultimate sporter

    sorted thanks teza
  10. teza

    aa charging adapter

    Hi has anyone got a spare air arms charging adapter they dont use please. teza
  11. teza

    ultimate sporter

    looking for a ultimate sporter in 177
  12. teza

    night vision add on

    don't know I have used it with my airgun twice to 50yards it goes further than that but used it laid up outside warrens hope this helps thanks teza
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